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What Should I Sit On If My Tailbone Hurts?

While an aching tailbone will heal on its own, it can make you feel uncomfortable while performing your daily tasks.

An injured tailbone can cause persistent pain, especially if your work involves more sitting throughout the day.

If you wonder how to prevent or relieve tailbone pain, continue reading to find out what you should sit on when your tailbone hurts.


Donut-Shaped Pillow for Tailbone Pain

If you have a project that requires much sitting, you may become reluctant to work on it, fearing that your tailbone won’t stand the experience.

But the good news is that we have a perfect solution for you. A hurting tailbone can benefit from a donut-shaped seat cushion as it prevents pressure build-up on the spine.

Also known as a ring cushion, a donut pillow is circular with a gap in the center. This provides reliable support for your tailbone and the rest of the spine as you sit.

Doctors recommend it to patients with hemorrhoid issues, tailbone injury, and lower back pain.

They can aid in injury recovery and prevent pain when sitting on different chairs, from outdoor to office seats.

Most donut-shaped seat cushions come with a machine-washable removable cover that keeps the pillow clean for a long time.

You can use your donut seat cushion at home on various seats or when driving. It also makes a supportive office chair pillow that will let you focus on your work for more hours.

Donut-shaped pillows come in a wide selection of sizes and materials. The best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

If you are looking for an affordable option, a tailbone seat cushion like the Posturion Donut Pillow is a great choice.

It’s a lightweight and portable pillow that will make your hurting tailbone feel a lot better.

This pillow is durable and can be a good option if your primary concern is a seat cushion quality and service for a long time.

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Wedge Cushions

Did you know that sitting on hard surfaces for long periods is a significant cause of tailbone pain?

Well, if you have to sit for long hours, you might want to use an adequate shock-absorbent chair cushion.

If the pain has already started, a wedge cushion is an effective cushion that will thwart the pain in a few days.

This cushion will work by taking pressure off your lower back, thus keeping the tailbone at ease. It will also help in aligning your spine, leaving you with an improved posture.

Coccyx injuries and childbirth pain can be pretty stressful as you may want to rest, but the pain won’t let you sit on a chair.

This is where a wedge cushion comes into play. A wedge cushion increases comfort by supporting the pelvis, allowing the tailbone to heal quickly.

With a wedge cushion for your seat, medical treatment won’t be necessary as it will lessen the pain and keep you more comfortable.

Its cutout gives you a little bit of forwarding flexion when sitting to ensure that you don’t lean on your back.

The best thing about investing in a wedge cushion is that you get to enjoy portable comfort.

Some even come with a handle to increase your comfort on any chair.

Wedge cushions also work great when paired with relevant exercises to ease the pressure that causes tailbone pain. In this case, yoga poses and stretching are the best workouts.

When buying a wedge cushion to sit on, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, including the fabric used and odor resistance, and weight.

You don’t want to buy a cheaply-made cushion that will shrink after a few days or require cleaning every other day.

A lightweight wedge cushion is a suitable option as it will be more portable, allowing you to move around with it to enjoy the comfort of any seat.

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High Back Ergonomic Chair with a Coccyx Seat Cushion 

Poor sitting habits like slouching, hunching shoulders, and sitting on hard chairs are the greatest enemy to the health of your tailbone.

It’s easy to engage in these bad sitting habits even without your knowledge, especially when the chair is poorly designed.

Monitoring your sitting habits and choosing the right chair are the basic solutions to tailbone issues.

Ideally, all the weight and pressure while sitting should be directed towards the sit bones and thighs.

However, some habits, like slouching, shape your back into an unnatural curvature, diverting the pressure towards the tailbone.

This is the problem that an ergonomic chair is meant to deal with. It encourages you to sit upright in a natural curvature and to reduce pressure on the tailbone.

Besides weight distribution and sitting upright, an ergonomic chair comes with adjustable armrests for placing your hands where they should be.

With your hands in a good position, you will give your wrists a lighter weight. They will be more efficient even with a lot of work.

Remember, we use the same muscles and bones every day for sitting. With most people sitting every day, the weight and pressure can be very destructive when not well managed.

If you can’t afford an excellent ergonomic chair, you can combine the one you already have with a coccyx pillow, and you will be okay.

Even if you are feeling well today, you have a reason to think about your health in the future.

Grab that economic chair, cushion, or any other product that will help you maintain a good posture.

It is wise to prevent a problem beforehand instead of waiting for the pain to start acting.


Tailbone pain can be very uncomfortable, but it usually goes away after a few weeks or months when you take the proper precautions.

One of the most effective ways to relieve coccidia is to avoid pressure or injury to the tailbone. You can modify the activities that may stress the tailbone or sit on supportive pillows.

If the pain doesn’t improve after sitting on any of the cushioning discussed above, consult your doctor.


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