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Types of Hemorrhoids

There are certain professions that make people susceptible to this common condition.

There are four main types of hemorrhoids:

  • internal
  • prolapsed
  • external
  • thrombosed hemorrhoids

Let’s go into a little more details about every one of them…

Internal Hemorrhoids

These types are found inside the rectum and could be painless.

The hemorrhoids lie deep in the anus and tend to be visible.

While they aren’t painful, they do cause internal bleeding, for which you ought to consult your physician immediately.

The common symptoms include pain, discomfort, burning, itching, and noticeable lumps near the anus.

To soothe symptoms you can use hemorrhoids seat cushions…especially when you are sitting for long hours!

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Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

A more severe form of internal hemorrhoid.

They occur when internal hemorrhoids stick out of the anus and appear like swollen red bumps. You can see the swellings in your mirror.

The hemorrhoid does not have any other symptom than protrusion, pain, discomfort, burning, or itchiness.

You still need to see your orthopedic doctor on this, and he/she will recommend a diagnosis to check how far it has stuck out.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are very painful and also occur on the anus, just where the bowel movements come out.

They’re also not very visible but can be seen as lumps on the anal surface.

Like internal hemorrhoids, these aren’t usually serious medical issues, but you’ll still need to see an orthopedic if they interrupt the quality of your daily life.

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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

They contain blood clots within the hemorrhoid tissue and appear as swellings around the anus.

This condition mainly occurs with the formation of a blood clot.

The main symptoms are excessive swelling and redness, intense itchiness and pain, and bluish colour around the hemorrhoid.

The hemorrhoids need immediate medical attention to prevent further complications to the rectal or anal tissues and muscles.

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Remedies of Hemorrhoids

If you’re already a patient of hemorrhoids, the following are the most common remedies:

  • Use the ideal seat cushion for hemorrhoids – Using a hemorrhoid pillow offers the simplest yet effective way to relieve pain and heal hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoid cushions provide additional support and comfort to the low extremities, significantly reducing hemorrhoid pain. The cushions are made to serve users almost anywhere: car, truck, plane, office, home, and even wheelchair.
  • Use topical treatments – It’s advisable to first seek medical attention before taking any medications. Your doctor will diagnose the extent of the condition and advise on the most appropriate drugs. You can also apply a doctor-recommended over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream on the painful area. Doctors also recommend the use of suppositories containing hydrocortisone or witch hazel pads.
  • Eat high-fibre veggies, foods, and fruits – Add fibre-rich meals to your daily diet, and with time, the pain will reduce significantly.

Note: Using hemorrhoid cushions is the most common treatment of the condition. Whether you have the condition or not, the cushions will help distribute your body weight evenly and rid the anal area from pressure accumulation.

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