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10 US Cities With the Fastest Median Mobile Internet Download Speed

Blazing-fast internet speeds are possibly a basic need for most people who spend most of their time online, including gamers and remote workers.

The speed tests don’t lie, and there’s always someone whose internet speed eclipses yours.

After crunching the numbers for download and upload throughput, we have compiled a breakdown of cities with the fastest internet speeds.

How’s Our Research Different?

In vacuum, Internet speeds don’t mean much so…

We decided to illustrate our findings by translating them into something that many of us can relate to and that is…(legally) downloading a typical 2-hour movie in Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels).

A typical file size of such a movie is 8 GB (or 8,000 MB).

Based on that, the table below shows the following two columns:

  • 2hr Movie Download. The amount of time it would take to download an 8GB file using the internet speed from column “Download (Mbps)”
  • 2hr Movie Upload. The amount of time it would take to upload an 8GB file using the internet speed from column “Upload (Mbps)”

Results Summary


Cities With Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

CityStateDownload (Mbps)2hr Movie DownloadUpload (Mbps)2hr Movie UploadProvider
Jersey CityNJ107.209 min 57 sec22.5350 min 50 secT-Mobile
TampaFL106.5010 min19.1859 min 42 secAT&T
WashingtonDC103.4910 min 18 sec15.4074 min 22 secT-Mobile
BaltimoreMD99.4810 min 43 sec16.8567 min 58 secT-Mobile
St. PaulMN95.6311 min 9 sec13.6583 min 54 secT-Mobile
St. LouisMO93.6111 min 23 sec13.0387 min 53 secT-Mobile
PittsburgPA92.3211 min 33 sec14.7177 min 51 secT-Mobile
ChicagoIL90.6711 min 45 sec15.4674 min 4 secT-Mobile
New YorkNY90.4211 min 47 sec19.3759 min 7 secT-Mobile
MinneapolisMN90.0011 min 51 sec14.1381 min 3 secT-Mobile

It was a close call between the top 10 cities, and each one had quite impressive stats, according to Ookla speed test results for Q4 2021.

Indeed, the time difference between downloading an 8GB file in Jersey City and Minneapolis was only 1 minute 54 seconds!

However, the upload speed differences were more dramatic with more than 30-minute difference between the two cities!

The results are based on an average of mobile internet performance data observed from millions of consumer-initiated tests taken on Speedtest platform.


To obtain the download and upload time required to process an 8GB file, Posturion obtained the latest median mobile Internet speed data from

It was established that an average 2-hour movie in Full HD quality would use approximately 8GB and, therefore, this file size should be used to demonstrate the absolute difference in Internet speed between the top cities.

The time it would require to download/upload a file of that size was established by using online calculators provided by DownloadTimeCalculator.


1. Jersey City, New Jersey

Takes the top spot with the fastest median mobile download speed. It boasts a whopping 107.20Mbps download, 22.53Mbps median upload speed, and a latency of 28ms during Q4 2021.

2. Tampa, Florida

106.50Mbps download and 19.18Mbps upload speeds with 27ms latency.

3. Washington, DC

Third with 103.49Mbps download and 15.40Mbps upload speeds and 28ms latency. These three cities were the only cities to achieve median mobile download speeds above 100Mbps.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

Fourth with 99.48Mbps download, 16.85Mbps upload speeds and 28ms latency.

5. St. Paul, Minnesota

Rounds off the top 5 cities with 95.63Mbps download, 13.65Mbps upload speed and 28ms latency.

6. St. Louis, Missouri

93.61Mbps download, 13.03Mbps upload speeds and 28ms latency

7. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

With 92.32Mbps download, 14.71Mbps upload speed and 28ms latency.

8. Chicago, Illinois

With download speeds of 90.67Mbps, 15.46Mbps upload speed and 27ms latency.

9. New York, NY

With 90.42Mbps download, 19.37mbps upload speed and a 27ms latency.

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

With 90.00Mbps download, 14.13Mbps upload speed and 28ms latency.


While compiling the results, we found that the average speeds and results will differ based on who is doing the research and their methodology.

The median internet speeds reflect typical speeds users can expect to achieve in the area, although the actual speeds may vary.


  • Ookla
  • Broadband Now

To Conclude

Each of these tests shows that there’s a lot more to internet speed than just raw figures.

You have to consider equipment type, the provider, geographical factors and sometimes, the traffic and bandwidth.

Either way, some cities have incredible internet speeds.

How does yours stack up?

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