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1 Surprising Way to Fix Tension Headaches (Yes, It’s The Chair)

When it comes to tensions headaches, I am not a newbie. I have all sorts of headaches (including the ones you’d get from coffee withdrawal) and, at times, I get migraines too.

With time I realized that the vast majority of all those headaches are actually caused by the trigger points I have in my neck and upper back muscles.

Here is a headache map you might find very useful.

The crosses represent the areas where trigger knots tend to develop whereas dotted red areas depict the referral pain pattern.

I was surprised to learn this but…

A lot of these knots develop as a result of NOT having a good elbow support so that the elbows are “in the air”.

This is why you need to have an ergonomic chair or a desk that allows your elbows to rest on it.

Here is what a good setup looks like. 

  1. Make sure your monitor is on your eye level (the above example is NOT ideal)
  2. Elbows are supported resting on the table (another alternative is the chair’s armrests)
  3. Knees are bent at 90-110 degrees
  4. Feet are flat on the floor

As you start having your elbows on a comfortable surface, your upper back muscles will stop overworking and create unnecessary strain.

And this is how you get less tension headaches!


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