Are you worried about the discomfort your office chair is causing? Should you get a cushion for your office chair, or does it not matter?

The truth is that a cushioned seat makes sitting more comfortable and whether you are working at home or in an office, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to choose the right one and why they can help with back pain.

What Are Seat Cushions?

Seat cushions are pieces of foam, plastic, or other material that you place on top of your chair. They make sitting more comfortable by softening the surface for where you sit.

Some people find them annoying because they can slide around and be difficult to adjust- but other people find them helpful in reducing pressure on their tailbone.

If you're using a chair that doesn't have any built-in lumbar support, seat cushions can help to keep the spine and lower back from feeling too much stress for long periods of time. If your office chair is supportive enough, it may not be necessary to use a seat cushion.

What Are the Different Types of Office Chair Cushions?

There are different types of cushions that you can purchase for your office chair. Here are some:

Foam Cushions

Foam cushions are affordable and easy to use. You can buy them in any store, or even make your own! All it takes is foam sheets that you cut down to the size of your chair's seat. If you have back problems, a foam cushion can help.

Sitting on a hard surface for hours at a time will take its toll on your spine. A soft, supportive seat is just what you need to promote good posture and healthy back alignment.

Memory Foam Cushions

The difference between memory foam cushion and an ordinary foam cushion is the thickness and density. The thicker layers are more durable, but some people find it too hard to work on them for long periods of time because they make sitting uncomfortable.

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Gel-filled Cushions

Some office chairs are designed with built-in gel cushions, but most people need to buy a separate cushion. Gel foam is an excellent choice because it has the best pressure relief and durability rating on the market today.

Some companies offer discounted prices for bulk orders so that you can get one or two extra cushions in case someone else needs to use your chair.

See also: gel vs memory foam cushions.

Wool and Down-Filled Cushions

This type of cushion is one that you will find in many different homes, offices, and hospitals. This type of cushion contains a layer of wool or down which offers both firmness and airflow to the user.

This type can be very expensive because it's made from natural materials so most people buy them for their home office furniture rather than for an office chair.

This type of cushion should be washed on a regular basis so that it doesn't grow bacteria and smells which is important for the health of the user as well as their office environment.

Wool or down-filled cushions will not work with all types of chairs because they are usually designed to fit specific shapes, but there are some companies that offer universal cushions.

This type of cushion will not work well with a chair that is designed to be used for an extended period because it may get too hot and uncomfortable on the skin or cause pressure points which can lead to health issues.

Air-Filled Cushions

Air-filled cushions are usually made of foam and can be a great investment for the frequent office worker. Air-filled cushions will provide extra support in all areas, which is especially beneficial if you have back problems or suffer from chronic pain.

How to Choose the Right Type of Chair Cushion for Your Office?

When choosing the type of chair cushion to buy for your office, you'll want to consider the following:

Are Seat Cushions Worth It?

Seating cushions have been around for decades, but they are not quite as ubiquitous in the office environment. Should you get one to make your workday more comfortable?

The answer is yes if you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk or chair and working on projects that require paying attention to details or thinking deeply about an issue.

Here are some benefits of having a cushion on your office chair:

Investing in a cushioned seat will pay off over time when it comes to your health and happiness.

But there will always be cons to any purchase.



Overall, having a cushion for your office chair can be a great way to stay comfortable while working.

If you're not sure if you want one, give it some thought and make an informed decision for yourself!

We hope that this article has been helpful and that you have gained some new information.


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The most common factor that triggers sciatic pain is sitting for long periods while driving. Besides the pain, this condition causes tingling and numbness along your sciatic nerve, from the sacrum down to your butt, leg, and even toes. The sciatica pain sucks and makes your driving a nightmare. And in worst-case scenarios, sciatica may result in severe lower back health complications.

But here is the good news: you can still find comfort during the hours spent behind the wheels! This informative article outlines well-explained tips to try if you're looking into help to get rid of sciatica pain when driving. Driving will no longer be a challenge.

Read along and find out more!

Tips of Getting Rid of Sciatica

Get Extra Support

Your car seat could be the main culprit behind your sciatica. You might just need to buy a seat cushion and it will immediately provide extra back support, which gives the spine an aligned natural curvature. Nowadays, you can easily find lumbar cushions that can fit your car seats perfectly. The cushion gives the back a chance to recover and heal from sciatica. With this, your muscles will strengthen and relax on their own, helping you maintain an upright posture all day long. The lumbar support cushion helps treat sciatica and prevents future injuries.

Beyond these lumbar support cushions, orthopedics advice to drivers is to choose a specialist cushion specifically designed for car seats. The cushion offers extra support and alleviates the pressure that builds up on your sciatic nerve while driving with sciatica. Buying the special cushion is a wise investment that will offer you to forget about sciatica while driving.

You can learn more about these in our guide for best seat cushions for long drives.

Maintain a Correct Driving Position

Having the correct sitting position while driving with sciatica helps to combat sciatica pain. But the question is, "Which is this correct driving position?" Always ensure that your bottom is as high as your knees. Give your foot room to hover and ensure you can wobble, move, or shuffle comfortably when you sit. If you are using a back support cushion, place it at an angle of approximately 110° to the seat surface. Be sure that your but occupies the central part of the seat instead of slightly twisted.

Slide your coccyx closer to the seat. This position makes it possible to sit comfortably while reaching the pedals with your feet and steering with your hands. Check if the headrest is between the top of your head and ears; it should touch the back of your head to reduce whiplash injuries in cases of rear-end collision. The headrest helps in blood circulation and also relieves sciatica, and neck and back pain.

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Medications and Home-Based Treatments will Help

The first line of treatment includes self-care tips that may not need assistance from a medical professional. However, before deciding on the suitable medications to ease your nerve pain, be sure to see your doctor for advice. The professional will diagnose your condition and recommend the best treatment option, which may include non-narcotic medications or over-the-counter drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen. To get the full benefits of the medications, it is advisable to take have the complete the sciatica dosage. These medications are safe and will help to reduce any inflammation in your lower back.

Just so you know, you can also apply ice or a cold pack to the painful region several times a day. The cold ice helps to reduce the inflammation that may occur after an injury. Alternatively, you can apply heat on your spine's bottom to relieve the muscle tension that accompanies the sciatica pain. Some common heat sources are chemical heat packs, hot water bottles, hot baths, and long-lasting adhesive heat strips. To know the appropriate home-based method for your condition, you will still need medical advice.

Regular Stretching

Regular stretching is a simple yet effective way of getting rid of sciatica pain. It is a light exercise that helps in relieving the tension on your sciatic nerve. When stretching, avoid bouncing but take a deep breath. If you are at home, perform the simple stretch that involves lying on your back with the knees bent and feet positioned flat on the floor. Be sure to place the right ankle at your left thigh's base then, place your hands behind your left thigh. Pull up towards your chest until you feel a full stretch. Hold the position for around three minutes.

If you can feel pain in your sciatica and spine, stop stretching and take a deep breath then continue. You can perform this simple exercise perfectly by watching an online video.

You can reap the full benefits of this exercise by making it a regular practice. If you are not a routine person, make it a habit to stretch before getting in your car and reaching your destination. You can also have the stretches as you alight to refuel your car or buy some snacks. The stretch will help in alleviating the symptoms of sciatica and making relieve pain in the legs.

Make the Ride Smooth

Having bumpy rides when driving for long periods affects your blood circulation and creates pressure on the sciatic. It will also jar the body spine and increase your nerve pain. To achieve a smoother ride, you can consider replacing the worn tires and shocks of the car to reduce vibration and limit bouncing, respectively. Instead of riding in pickups, you can choose to go for a passenger car.

And as we've mentioned before, you should always have a coccyx cushion on your car seat for better padding between your body and the rough road. With this, you can forget about the pain in your back and legs, even when behind the wheel. A smooth ride alleviates sciatica and back pain symptoms.

Drink Sufficient Amounts of Water

The spinal discs will lose water when you feel dehydrated, which results in sciatica. The consequence of this is experiencing shock while sitting or moving, which is very painful. When driving with sciatica, orthopedics advise carrying a full bottle of water. This practice is not common among drivers who are trying to get rid of sciatica pain. That is why most of them still experience legs and knee pain while driving.

Water hydrates the body, which in turn, reduces muscle spasms, sciatic pain, and other nerve-related symptoms. Furthermore, it rids the lower back pain by offering enormous benefits to the spine. The benefits include keeping your spinal discs fluid full for proper cushioning during movement. It also protects the surrounding muscles from developing lactic acid which often causes nerve compression and inflammation. Make it your rule of thumb to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

Take A Break

If you are driving with sciatica for long periods, be sure to take a break after some specified intervals. During the breaks, do whatever will help in pain relief. Stop the car and try stretching your leg, walking around, and massaging your knee before hitting back on the road. It is a cheap and simple-to-do activity that will cost you nothing. Plan the breaks beforehand, a break after every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes will do the trick. If you have a core-driver, you can plan with your fellow to exchange the driving seat.

Check How you Get in and out of your Car

Besides having the right sitting posture, how you get in and out of your car matters. You need to be extra careful while doing so by taking your time. Avoid aggravating, twisting, or bending your lower back as much as possible. These unnecessary movements may increase sciatic pain and cause further discomfort. The same applies when getting out of the car.

Doctors also advise drivers to avoid using the strength of the arms or upper body to take the load from the car's boot. Excess load results in pressure on the back and tailbone region, leading to sciatica. Though this practice seems easy and simple to do, you'll be shocked with the number of times you've failed to follow it, especially when you're in a hurry to hit the road. You can try planning beforehand how you'll enter and get out of the car. That way, you can rest assured of successful back pain relief.

Consider Therapy

Massage, acupuncture,  laser therapy, biofeedback therapy, and electrical nerve stimulation are some of the common non-surgical spine treatments that will help in sciatic pain relief. Seek advice from your spine specialist and let them recommend the best therapy choice that could offer enormous health benefits in sciatica relief.

A physical therapist will teach you some specific exercises that could help to alleviate the symptoms of sciatic pain. After focusing on sciatica, he/she will also know how best to improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Not all these pain relief practices will be done in the hospital. Instead, he/she will recommend some DIY exercises that you can perform at work or home.


Driving with sciatica can be a pain in the ass! However, muscle weakness, leg pain, sciatica pain, tingling, and body numbness can adversely affect your ability to drive. Besides experiencing the pain while driving, the discomfort could also put a damper on other home and work-related activities making it difficult to move around. Everybody is looking for tips to have comfortable driving hours without experiencing sciatic pain.

You can now try the above tips and make them your must-do driving needs. That way, you will enjoy the drive behind the wheel, even when making long-hour trips. No more pain while driving! Whether pleasure or work, these simple tips will help in contending with the sciatic symptoms in your sciatic nerve.

Enjoy the drive! Forget about sciatica, back pain, and leg pain!


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Do you have hemorrhoids and are looking for a natural way to treat them?

The hemorrhoid area can become swollen or inflamed for a number of reasons (and in different areas).

It is often easier to resort to the easy fixes in a pinch.

Hemorrhoids seat cushion is a common tool that people use to help them deal with hemorrhoid problems. If you have hemorrhoids, sitting down can be difficult.

These are pillows with a hole in the center that can prevent you from placing your weight directly on the anal area when sitting down.

Yet, the ring-shaped foam-stuffed or plastic inflatable pillows can do more harm than good.

They are designed to reduce pressure on the affected area, but their shape of the pillow can exacerbate hemorrhoid pain.

Hemorrhoid pillows that come in the shape of a doughnut are cost-effective, and you can easily buy them in shops. Many people can use them to cure their inflamed hemorrhoids.

Is Using the Donut Pillows a Good Idea?

Many people who have not used these pillows wonder if they hurt or help hemorrhoids.

These pillows relieve pain and itching temporarily, but they are not exactly a great idea for a majority of individuals.

Due to their shape, they do not offer enough support and can actually worsen the hemorrhoids.

If you decide to use one, it is vital to sit and lean back on a supportive but soft cushioned surface like a couch or bed.

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How Hemorrhoid Seat Cushions Work

The hemorrhoid seat cushions are designed like the letter O or a doughnut. At times, these cushions are referred to as ring pillows due to the way they are shaped.

The theory about them is that people who suffer from hemorrhoids can sit on the cushion to release pressure on swollen tissues.

Due to their shape, the cushions do not press against the affected tissues. Yet, the pillows fail to support the area fully.

Better Alternatives...But Still

Other firms create hemorrhoid cushions in different shapes that appear more like a normal pillow. These kinds of pillows provide the anal area with gentle support.

This, in general, is a better option compared to doughnut-shaped cushions. Yet, they do not offer any advantages on couches, beds, or other soft or supportive surfaces.

A majority of individuals who use ring-shaped pillows experience some temporary relief from itching and pain. This makes them believe that a cushion is helping.

People who struggle from hemorrhoids can do anything that offers them instant relief, even if it is for several minutes.

Some of these pillows are also inflatable, and this allows users to take them anywhere they go. You can fold it into your bag or coat pocket.

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Standard Doughnut Cushions Can Worsen the Condition

According to experts, these basic cushions can worsen the condition. They can provide temporal, superficial relief, which is not worth it if you experience the pain for the long term.

This is especially the case if you have prolapsed hemorrhoids. You need more thorough treatment, or your hemorrhoids may not heal fast enough.

The shape of a toilet is also similar to that of sitting on a doughnut cushion.

This means that the same problem can arise if you spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet. While working to prevent constipation, it is essential not to sit on a toilet longer than usual.

Apart from causing the pain to increase, doughnut pillows can also keep your hemorrhoids from healing.

Many people looking to use them from hemorrhoid treatment have found that their veins, which have already enlarged, protrude and swell further by using the pillows.

They may need thorough treatment, or the hemorrhoids will take longer to heal. Avoid anything that does not offer enough support and improve healing.

Quality Donut Seat Cushion That Works

A properly designed donut seat cushion will have the following benefits:

Besides that, it would be comfortable and nice to sit on.

Alternative Options for Addressing Hemorrhoids

Prolonged sitting makes hemorrhoids worse and may increase pain.

When sitting, your posture and body weight presses on the anal area and the hemorrhoids swell. The hemorrhoids swell more the longer you sit.

Doctors recommend that patients stand up and move around as much as they can.

Taking a few minutes to walk can help the blood to flow to the inflamed tissues and minimize swelling.

For some individuals, this is not what they wish to hear. Truck drivers and office workers may not have time to get up and take a walk several times an hour. Instead of sitting on a hemorrhoid cushion, you can also use the following alternative treatments:

Some manufacturers of donut pillows have gotten wise to the issue with these cushions, and they begin creating foam pillows to sit on that offer all-around support.

Should I see a doctor?

If you have enough discomfort and pain that makes it difficult for you to settle down, you need to make an appointment with a competent doctor to discuss treatment options. You might need medical attention like an in-office surgery to help your body heal.

Final Verdict

Prolonged sitting can cause issues if you have prolapsed or inflamed hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid pillows come in various sizes and designs, and they only provide temporary relief from negligible hemorrhoid issues. They do not need hemorrhoids to heal, and they can make them even worse.

Having said that, there is a high quality donut seat that can provide you with the relief.


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The pain, itchiness, tenderness, and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids can be unbearable at times.

Despite the major advances in the management of this condition, conservative treatment is still dominant and yields appreciable results.

But will using a hemorrhoids donut pillow help to reduce the symptoms or make them worse?

What is an orthopedic donut?

As the name suggests, a donut cushion is a special type of pillow with a hole at the center. Usually made from foam, the pillow adjusts to the contour of the body when you sit on it. You can use it virtually in all types of seats including car seats, couches, office chairs, and wheelchairs.

Donut cushion pillows may differ in the material of manufacture with some being made from inflatable plastic while a majority consists of foam.

If you have hemorrhoids, a typical pillow alleviates the discomfort of sitting down by reducing the pressure exerted on the affected area. However, this temporary relief may not be the experience of every user. So the big question remains:

Is it good practice to use a donut cushion for treating hemorrhoids?

Many people use ring-shaped hemorrhoid cushions as a natural way of treating their hemorrhoids. But the outcome may not be the same for every individual.

A donut pillow will alleviate the pain and tenderness associated with sitting down temporarily especially when you have inflamed hemorrhoids. These results may soon wane off following the non-ergonomic shape of donut pillows.

The round shape with a hollow center limits the support these pillows offer in bearing the body weight while sitting. Consequently, they may worsen the hemorrhoids. It is therefore advisable that you use a donut cushion while leaning on a soft surface such as a couch.

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids by these pillows makes them an unwelcomed solution by some. However there are other benefits of donut seat cushions.

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How does a donut pillow work?

The mechanism by which donut cushions treat hemorrhoids is based on their shape and material. Round with hollow centers, they resemble donuts and are commonly referred to as ring pillows as well.

Generally, sitting on the cushion releases pressure from the tender hemorrhoids, as there is no direct contact between the affected area and the surface.

With this design, however, the cushion does not offer adequate support to the perineum and tailbone. Similar to a toilet, sitting on the donut hemorrhoid pillow for a prolonged duration will negate the temporary pain and pruritus relief it offers. If you have prolapsed hemorrhoids, a ring pillow is a red zone you should not explore.

Learn more about how donut seat cushion helps hemorrhoids.

Other types of hemorrhoid pillow

While donut cushions are the most popular, there are other designs of hemorrhoid seat cushions that may be more effective or offer similar results. Available in different shapes with some looking like ordinary pillows, these cushions offer more gentle support to the anal region.

Although they may be more effective than the cheaply available donut pillows in curing hemorrhoids, these cushions are no different from the soft, supportive surfaces such as beds and couches available in homes and offices except for portability.

Both donut cushions and the atypical hemorrhoid pillows have an inflatable design making them more convenient to carry anywhere. It is for this reason and the instant temporary relief they offer that hemorrhoid pillows have gained popularity despite their limited long-term benefits.

Are all donut cushions the same?

No. There are standard ring pillows that offer superficial pain relief for a limited time while predisposing you to greater hemorrhoid agony. This is especially true for individuals with prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. Instead of going for the temporal symptom alleviation of a standard cushion, a patient with such a complicated condition should seek thorough treatment in a specialized facility.

Nevertheless, there are quality donut pillows that will be very helpful in treating uncomplicated hemorrhoids.

Benefits of a premium-quality donut seat cushion

Unlike the standard cushion, an ergonomically designed donut pillow will provide optimal weight relief by raising the back of the buttocks and improve posture to ensure adequate blood flow for faster healing.

It also provides perfect balance thereby preventing tilting that would cause more pain while rotating around or reaching for something from the sitting position.

Additionally, a good quality pillow reduces not only reduces pressure in the anal area but also releases pressure points in the legs, thighs, and lower back.

How does a standard donut cushion worsen hemorrhoids?

With instant relief donut cushions offer, individuals with hemorrhoids may overlook the long-term effects of using this treatment option.

As alluded to earlier, the shape of the ring cushions confer effects similar to those of sitting on a toilet. Using these pillows therefore may exacerbate pain, reduce the speed of healing or even cause bleeding as the posture promotes protrusion and swelling of veins in the anal area.

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids should therefore avoid any process that does not provide proper support to the perineal area and enhance healing. These include prolonged sitting on the toilet.

What are the other alternatives to treating hemorrhoids?

Sitting is unavoidable and that is why pillows have been designed to help you alleviate the symptoms at such times. However, prolonged sitting will exacerbate the condition. Experts, therefore, recommend remaining mobile as much as possible in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Besides the donut cushions, some of the treatment options to consider include applying ice packs or cold compresses, using laxatives and stool softeners to prevent constipation, taking warm sitz baths daily, and undertaking Kegel exercises. With the approval of your doctor, you can also use over-the-counter medications such as witch hazel pads that you apply to external hemorrhoids.

Notably, there are more effective solutions that you can get in a hospital setting.

When should I see a doctor?

Hemorrhoids may get complicated and even become fatal. If the symptoms of pain and itching continue despite using the conservative treatment options or bleeding occurs, it may be time to consult your physician. A simple surgery may be all you need for your condition to resolve.


Donut cushions offer temporary relief of hemorrhoids symptoms including tenderness and pruritus. However, prolonged use of these pillows is likely to worsen the condition and complicate the hemorrhoids further.

The majority of people spend many hours in front of the computer screen at work or in cars.

But, unfortunately, it leads to developing lower back pain and other conditions.

A donut cushion can prevent this because they are designed to provide comfort and relieve pressure on your spine and coccyx region.

Below are the top benefits of donut seat cushions.

1. Relieve Hemorrhoid Symptoms

The most common use of donut cushions is relief from hemorrhoid pain. Hemorrhoids cause the skin and veins surrounding the rectal area and anus to become inflamed. The regular sitting position puts pressure on the tailbone, causing severe pain to hemorrhoid sufferers.

Donut cushion helps because of the unique ergonomic shape that helps relieve pressure from the affected area. It works by distributing weight evenly across the buttocks instead of focusing on the tailbone directly. They act as an excellent preventative measure.

However, there is no conclusive evidence that sitting on the donut cushion can prevent hemorrhoids. The cushions only help speed up the recovery process by relieving pain and other symptoms related to hemorrhoids.

See the other uses of donut seat cushions.

2. Reduces Pressure and Increases Blood Flow

Almost all activities we do in our daily lives involve seating. When sitting is prolonged for a long time, it increases the risk of damage to the soft tissue. The weight of the body obstructs blood flow. Compression combined with minimal movement may lead to pressure damage to an individual's sacrum and buttocks.

Donut cushion is helpful, especially to those who are recovering from an injury. The cushion has a hole in the middle. It helps relieve and reduce pressure on the injured area, increasing blood flow for faster recovery.

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3. Provides Relief from Sciatica

Sciatica is pain from an irritated sciatic nerve. The pain is felt from the lower back down to the knee or thigh. It is a complex condition that is difficult to treat. Research confirms that cushions on the patient's chair can make sitting more comfortable.

A donut cushion helps relieve pain, but it is not a magical cure. The cushions provide good seating comfort for users and offer relief to sciatica sufferers. Combined with other treatments, a donut cushion is worth trying to relieve the pain caused by this ailment.

4. Provides Support During and After Pregnancy

A donut pillow offers additional support during and after pregnancy. When sitting down, you will feel comfortable, especially with the weight associated with carrying a pregnancy. The pillow is designed to provide support exactly where it's needed.

After giving birth, perineal tearing is a common issue that the majority of women deal with. No matter the size and the extent of the tears, it may result in excessive pain, which worsens when sitting in a normal position. Perineal tearing and hemorrhoids may occur together because it is common for most women to develop hemorrhoids before and after giving birth.

A donut cushion provides relief from pain for women during pregnancy and after childbirth because it relieves pressure around the anal/vulvar area. You can use this cushion together with other treatments such as sitz baths, witch hazel, and ice packs to make sitting more comfortable and speed up the recovery process.

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5. Healthy Posture

Good posture is vital to ensure your spine is healthy. It takes mindfulness and practice to maintain the correct posture for appropriate back support. It is vital when you spend most of the hours sitting.

If you have a problem with your posture, you can use a donut cushion to help with proper alignment and muscle support. You will also notice improved blood flow, which helps keep your blood vessels and nerves healthy.

In fact, donut cushions can also be used for back surgery recovery!

6. Multi-use/Practicality

Donut cushions provide additional support and can be used just about anywhere, such as on a plane, home, office, car, and many other areas. There is no need to purchase many cushions. One is just enough.

The pillows also provide practicality because instead of relying solely on costly medical treatments, they are affordable and help speed up recovery. All the different types of donut cushions are self-inflatable. You can deflate it, carry it in your travel bag, and inflate it once you reach your destination.

Donut cushions cannot accomplish much in curing the pain or dealing with the underlying causes. However, they act as a comfortable sitting aid for most people. The pillows are beneficial because they give you more ventilation, a better posture, and greater comfort when sitting at home, work, or traveling.

7. Provides Additional Support

Donut cushions are designed in a circular shape. They are ergonomically fit to offer additional support for those who desire comfort. They are made using the best properties and memory form material used makes them ideal for every person.

The pillows provide a favorable tailbone and back support when you sit. You can adjust the cushions to fit your size, shape, and requirements. For additional support, you need to position the donut cushion in the middle of the seat.

8. Contours to Your Shape

Donut cushions are designed for everybody and can quickly adapt to your body shape. Some have extra raised lumbar support layers beneath for good support. Anyone can buy the pillow and be guaranteed to get the comfort and support you want. They are available in different styles and sizes, making it easy to choose one that fits your shape and needs.

9. Easy to Clean

Donut cushions come with a removable and washable cover. When the cover gets dirty, you can easily remove it, wash it, and put it back. There are spare covers available in the market which you can purchase for changing when needed.

10. Reduce Herniated Disc Pain

Excessive rotation of the spine can cause pressure on your spinal nerve, eventually leading to pain. A comfortable sitting position helps minimize spine rotation. A donut cushion helps relieve such discomfort because it is ergonomically designed. It reduces pressure in the area affected, providing much relief and comfort.


There are many benefits of using donut cushions, as you can see. Even though they help to alleviate pain caused by several conditions and provide comfort, they should not be treated as a magical cure for the said conditions. If you are experiencing pain, especially in your lower body, talk to your primary doctor so that they can come up with the most effective treatment plan.


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The majority of office setting chairs only come with an adjustable height and don't provide customized back support.

This results in the chair sprawling backward or slouching forward, which is not suitable for your back.

Luckily, you can rely on memory foam seat cushions to enhance lumbar support.

The cushions work by distributing pressure evenly to help maintain a better posture and provide comfort.

Are Seat Cushions Bad?

Seat cushions provide comfort for a variety of settings, especially for individuals who sit for prolonged periods.

Ergonomic seat cushions make it easy for individuals to develop a natural posture, and maintaining it makes you less prone to chronic pain.

Seat cushions are not bad because they keep you from slumping.

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Is memory foam good for a seat cushion?

Memory foam is a combination of polyurethane substances and an assortment of various chemicals.

It is ideal for a seat cushion because the material changes shape and stretches when pressure is applied, providing comfort to users.

The pillow naturally contours to fit the shape of your body when you sit and returns to its original form after standing. You can also wash memory foam pillows and seat cushions.

So, why do most people prefer memory foam seat cushions today?

Keep reading to know more.

1. It gives more energy

Sitting all day requires regular exercise. However, the majority of people cannot afford to maintain a consistent regular exercise routine. Sitting for many hours causes slowing down of your body's metabolism resulting in a lack of energy.

A memory foam seat cushion helps to improve your energy levels and provides comfort. You will not experience a metabolism slump, but instead, you will feel motivated and energized. Your body will not get tired quickly when working, and in turn, you will experience increased productivity.

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2. Improves posture

Sitting for extended periods every day can lead to back problems from the cervical region up to the lumbar area of your spine. Proper spine alignment helps prevent chronic health conditions. Memory foam seat cushions can help you maintain a healthy posture.

The cushion has non-slip rubber bottom and adjustable straps for helping users avoid readjusting the pillow. This makes it easy for you to sit and maintain a good posture. You can work comfortably throughout the day without experiencing any back problems or discomfort.

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3. Helps improve circulation

Decreased circulation is among the many adverse effects of sitting down for too long. The weight puts a strain on the blood flow to the thighs and buttocks. Remaining stationary for long also can slow down your heart rate and make the blood flow slower. Impacted circulation can cause constipation, nerve pain, varicose veins, blood clots, and swollen legs.

It is not always possible to take regular breaks, primarily if you work in an office that requires you to do most of the tasks in a sitting position. A memory foam seat cushion can help to distribute pressure evenly and decrease blood vessel compression.

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4. Increases comfort levels

Memory foam cushions make the best office ergonomics because they are comfortable. When you sit on an uncomfortable office chair, you may experience stiffness in your hips, neck, and back. The materials inside the seat cushion are made of a mixture of soft materials for ultimate support.

When you sit, the cushion molds to fit the shape of your body, providing proper support by distributing weight equally across the entire seat. As a result, the pillow is well designed for comfort regardless of your body shape and weight.

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5. Can reduce pain

Sitting can result in pain because it puts a strain on your discs. Straining your vertebrae can eventually cause herniated discs. It can also result in back pain and soreness in your shoulder and neck muscles. In addition, prolonged sitting causes pain and sensitivity to the tailbone (but you can always relieve coccyx pain with tailbone pillow).

A memory foam cushion may provide some relief by taking off pressure from the inflamed areas. You will become more comfortable when seated and identify the underlying cause of the discomfort and pain.

6. Supports digestive health

The majority of people who sit for many hours tend to have constipation, heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome problems. There are other conditions that people who sit for 8 hours a day experience, such as abdominal cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.

To avoid developing digestive health problems, you need to sit on an ergonomic memory foam seat cushion. It will relieve stress and compression put on your body by providing support for your body weight.

7. Hypoallergenic

Individuals who have allergen sensitivities should consider purchasing a memory foam seat cushion. The pillow is hypoallergenic and made of material that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and dust termites. Memory foam pillows don't release micro fluff into the air for you to inhale.

It is very different from other regular pillows filled with feathers, wool, and cotton commonly found in most stores. It is ideal for traveling because it provides comfort and will not bother your allergies.

8. Has temperature regulating capabilities

Sitting at your desk while working for many hours can make you cold. A memory foam cushion can help turn the heat up. It has an insulating and dense structure to absorb and store body heat. If you tend to feel cold at work, you need to invest in the cushion for warmth on your back and legs.

On the other hand, if you struggle with heat, there are memory foam cushions with gel infusion technology. They do not contain heat-storing properties to ensure you stay cool all day long.

9. Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

A memory foam cushion provides support for the spine, encouraging easier breathing. The cushions are made of a material that contours to the shape of your neck and head. It means they provide an extra layer of support for your head and neck, unlike regular pillows.

The cushion eliminates pressure points on the neck, providing the necessary support for a peaceful night's sleep. Even though it will not cure snoring or sleep apnea, it helps many people who struggle with the problem.


Memory foam seat cushion is the right option for comfort at work, relaxing at home, or traveling.

They are more comfortable and durable compared to other options available in the market.

What's more, they offer many unique health benefits to your digestive health, spinal health, and back pain relief, so get some today.


See also:

Are you struggling with pain at the base of your spine after work?

If this is the case, you may be experiencing tailbone pain.

You can highly benefit by using coccyx pillows to prevent and relieve you of the pain.

Causes of Tailbone Pain and Possible Treatment

Tailbone pain occurs around the coccyx located at the base of your spine.

It may be caused by sitting on a hard surface, poor sitting posture, vaginal birth, or joint changes.

In most cases, tailbone pain will be mild, always experienced when sitting down, standing for long hours, or even after visiting the washroom.

It can also cause discomfort to women during their menstrual periods.

The good news is that a mild tailbone will go away on its own after a few weeks, even without taking any medication.

But two weeks of even the mildest tailbone pain is a long time, and you need to find a way to reduce it if not healing it completely.

The first way to relieve tailbone pain is making the coccyx pillow your friend. Pillows will ease the pressure off the coccyx relieving pain and allowing it to heal quickly.

If you experience pain while sitting, you can lean forward a little to ease the pain.

Also, apply ice (not directly) on the affected area for at least 20 minutes or take Over-the-counter pain-relieving medications.

For chronic tailbone pain that does not seem to go away quickly, consult your doctor for examination.

Chronic tailbone pain is treated using one or a combination of the following;

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How Coccyx Pillow Relieve and Prevent Tailbone Pain

The following are ways in which coccyx pillow will treat and heal tailbone pain;

Supports your lower back

The natural curve around the lumbar region should be maintained most of the time. This is not possible due to the sitting positions and support most chairs offer.

A coccyx pillow is meant to solve this problem. It relieves pressure from the tailbone, nicely aligning the spine in its original position.

This reduces pressure from the lower back.

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Enhances your Posture

A good posture is very vital for spine and back health. A bad sitting posture done several times can cause many problems to your tailbone and your entire body systems like digestion.

A coccyx pillow will slightly pulley your hips forward automatically, encouraging a good posture.

If you have tried a coccyx pillow, you will realize that it's never easy to assume a bad sitting habit like slouching and hunching.

Using such a pillow for a long time will train your body to maintain good posture even without the pillow.

Better Circulation

When sitting for long hours a day, coccyx pillows can be an excellent way to improve circulation.

The memory foam gives your buttock weight without collapsing.

This relieves pressure from blood vessels, especially around the hips.

Blood will flow easily, and the blood vessels around the hip will not be pinched; thus, no blood clots will form.

Allows Injuries to Heal

A coccyx injury will never heal with ease, especially when exposed to pressure from time to time.

The coccyx pillow reduces pressure and allows even a sore tailbone to heal.

Moreover, coccyx pillows will improve circulation, allowing delivery of essential nutrients to affected areas for faster healing.

Comfort and Health

Besides the incredible health benefits that come with the coccyx pillow, you will also be very comfortable while sitting on them.

Therefore, you will be able to work for long hours without the fear of a tailbone pain.

If you are looking for a good quality pillow, Posturion comfy donut pillow will solve your problems. It’s light but very durable.


What kind of Pillow is Good for Tailbone?

For people with hemorrhoids or for relieving postnatal pain, a donut-shaped pillow is a good option.

It’s round with an opening in the center for easing weight from pressure points.

Nevertheless, the U-shaped Coccyx pillow is the most common option for relieving tailbone pain.

It provides excellent support for the spine, back, and the rest of the body while allowing your tailbone to heal.

How Do You Sit on a coccyx Pillow?

Sitting on a coccyx pillow is never complicated. Simply place it on your chair and sit on top.

However, there are a few things to observe to ensure its effectiveness.

Consistency is essential. Whenever you start using it, use it always.

Use it in the car, in your house, and at work.

Remember, coccyx cushions work best when placed directly on the chair. Never put it over other pillows or materials.

Also, cushions will improve your posture, but you will need a chair with proper back support.

If the cushions increase your height, use a footstool or raise the seat height if used in a car.

What is the Quickest Way to Relieve Pain from a Sore Tailbone?

The more you rest, the faster your pain will go away. Thus, avoid any vigorous activity that causes you pain.

Get a good quality coccyx cushion for your tailbone and Sit on it on almost all occasions.

Avoid straining your coccyx by sitting and sleeping on your back. If possible, always sleep on your belly.

If the tailbone is still sore, ice it for up to 20 minutes every hour for two days while awake.

How to Know if My Tailbone Needs Immediate Medical Attention

In most cases, tailbone pain will be mild and can be treated easily at home using over-the-counter drugs.

However, if the tailbone pain is very intense, then it should be a cause for concern.

It can occur when sitting down, standing up, or leaning back on a chair.

Also, if you feel sore whenever using the bathroom, after sex, or during your periods, you should see the doctor.


A coccyx pillow is essential in preventing and healing tailbone pain.

However, you must get a good quality pillow and use it correctly for the best results.

Our seat cushions are very affordable and are worth buying, considering their health benefits.


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About 5% to 10% of patients suffering from low back pain have sciatica. Its symptoms include radiating leg pain and other related issues.

Even though some sciatica patients usually require surgery, most of them only require secondary care, which includes having seats with special cushions.

Does Sitting on a Seat Cushion Help Sciatica?

Yes, sitting on a seat cushion helps sciatica patients in very many ways. Most seat cushions are circular or U-shaped. This design helps to take off the pressure from the tailbone and the spine, which are usually the most affected areas for sciatica patients.

Donut-shaped seat cushions also help sciatica patients with slightly varying conditions. They are unique and can help relieve strains from the affected areas of the patient’s body.

Different types of seat cushions are now available thanks to the growth of technology and continued innovations in the industry. This calls for the need for patients to find the perfect seat cushions for their needs. Every patient is unique.

See also: sciatica cushion.

What to Look for in a Seat Cushion if You Have Sciatica

Sciatica patients need a lot of cushioning and comfort to reduce the pain and the discomfort that comes with the condition. Consider the factors below:

1. Seat Cushion Type

The most common types of seat cushions include wedge, inflatable, and heated cushions. Each have their advantages and disadvantages as discussed below:

Wedge Seat Cushion

These seat cushions have a design that boosts the inward curvature of the lower back. They improve the patient's seating posture and general comfort. An upright posture together with reduced strain on the joints and ligaments further help in reducing general body strains.

Wedge seat cushions have both memory foam and high-density foam for their making. This gives you more options to pick from depending on your needs.

See also: best seat cushions out there.

Heated Seat Cushions

If you are looking for the latest trends and discovery in the cushion industry, heated seat cushions are your perfect option. As their name suggests, heated seat cushions rely on heat technology such as infrared and moist heat together with electricity to generate heat that is safe for patients to use.

These seat cushions work by improving blood circulation in the affected areas of your body through widening of the blood vessels. A good blood flow means that nutrients circulate through your body perfectly, therefore, improving your healing process and reducing sciatica pain.

Inflatable Seat Cushions

For patients that are always on the move, inflatable seat cushions are perfect. Their versatility means that you can carry them to your office, home, vacation or anywhere that you wish to visit.

The fact that you can inflate these seat cushions to your desired levels also means that you can customize them to your comfort levels.

2. The Functionality of the Seat Cushion

How the seat cushion functions is also a factor to consider. You must be able to answer questions such as; how well can the cushion relieve pain? What are its posture alignment abilities? Is it portable? Can it relieve pain effectively? What are the seat cushions core engagement abilities?

A suitable seat cushion should have some openings or holes in some parts of your body to relieve pressure from the spine or tailbone. Some come in donut-shape or circular to enhance further comfort for the patient.

Cushions with better core engagement helps the patient to sit actively and improves focus levels. Portable cushions are very versatile.

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3. The Materials That Make Up the Cushion

When looking for a seat cushion, never compromise on comfort and durability of the product. One of the best ways to guarantee this is by checking the material used in making the seat cushion. Today, manufacturers use varying materials to manufacture seat cushions. The most common materials include:

Memory Foam

Seat cushions made from memory foam are very popular majorly because they are breathable. They have bubbles that allow air to circulate freely inside the cushion. Memory foam cushions are arguably the best and they have been around for some considerable amount of time.

See also: why use memory foam seat cushion.

Silicone Gel Cushions

These are cushions that have a polymer network or cells with silicone fluids. The fluids make the cushions durable, flexible, and comfortable. Their main purpose, however, is to help relieve pressure from the patient’s body.

High-Density Foam Cushions

For sciatica patients, most of their seat cushions have high-density foam for their making. These cushions are perfect because they help relieve pressure on the exact parts where sciatica patients usually have discomfort- the tailbone.

Air Seat Cushions

Also known as inflatable seat cushions, air seat cushions are lightweight and easily portable. These seat cushions allow patients to fill air to their desired capacities. They allow patients to decide what their level of comfort is.

Air seat cushions are popular because of their easy portability and are easy to maintain as compared to the other available options.

4. The Size of the Seat Cushion

Having the right-sized seat cushion is a no-brainer. Not only does this factor affect how your seat cushion fits in your chair but also affects the height and the weight of your entire set up.

5. What Makes the Cushion’s Exteriors?

Seat cushions come with varying exterior finishes. The most common ones are nylon, suede, and polyester. Looking at the exterior of a seat cushion is important because it allows you to pick durable, water resistant, and comfortable products.

Additional features to consider include security straps, lumbar back support packages, and if the product is washable.


There is no doubt that seat cushions can help sciatica patients. They are comfortable and they can relieve pressure from the patient’s affected areas. However, the success of these seat cushions depend on the ability of the patient to find the perfect products.

Before opting for a particular product, consider factors such as functionality, size, exterior material, interior material, and the type of seat cushion. The additional features that come with some of these products can also be beneficial.

The most viable option for sciatica patients is the high-density foam seat cushion. They are very comfortable and have a design that makes it easier for the patients to adjust conveniently while sitting down. That said, the final decision lies with the patient because people are different.


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How to improve your posture while sitting... without doing much?

In this post I cover exactly how you can do it.

But...first things first.

Setting You Up To Succeed

Before I start suggesting different tools you can use to achieve the goal, I want to explain the reasoning behind.

To put it simply, you want to put yourself in the environment that doesn't let you to NOT succeed with your posture.

In other words, even if you were to try slouching, the environment wouldn't let you do that.

Sounds cool?

Here's how to make it happen.

1. Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Did you know that a proper orthopedic seat cushion can rotate your pelvis in the direction that actually improves your posture right away?

This will be my first advice - get a proper orthopedic seat cushion that does that (here are some of the best and most comfortable ones).

How donut shaped cushion is a good start because it has indentations for both thighs.

This sitting angle promotes a better posture.

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2. Posture Corrector

Another way to get yourself sitting right without slouching and exerting much effort is by using an over the shoulder posture corrector.

It would literally pull your shoulders back and get you out of slouching (aka upper back hyperkyphosis) while you are sitting.

Using a posture corrector is also a good way to teach your brain (rather than the muscles) the awareness it needs to help you maintain a good posture while you are not wearing a brace.

3. Ergonomic Chair

Unlike the first two options I mentioned above, this is definitely a bigger investment can really be a game changer both, for your posture and the quality of your work!

Upgrading from a simple chair to a proper ergonomic chair is a very good idea for several reasons.

First, lower back support is far superior on any ergonomic chair. This helps to stabilize lower back and reduce any pain you might be getting while using a simple chair.

Second, adjustable armrests will help to reduce the tension you might be experiencing in the upper back area and shoulders.

I remember how even this little adjustment made a big difference to the level of discomfort I was experiencing.

Third, overall body support and adjustability.

On top of that, fancier chairs (like Steelcase and Herman Miller) add a nice feeling of comfort and status which brings the overall level of work.

4. Lift Your Monitor

To get it all the way up to your eye level.
So if you are using a laptop this is particularly important and you might want to consider getting a separate laptop holder with the separate keyboard and mouse.
Having a monitor that's too low for your height will cause all sorts of issues in your neck and upper back.

Other things to consider...

Make sure you take regular breaks, ideally every 30-40 minutes.

Not only will they help you to get more blood flowing around your body, but will also help with productivity.

Drink water because it helps to maintain a healthy level of electrolytes and prevent your productivity from dipping for longer.

It also reduces sleepiness!

Learn more about tools for emotional wellness and sleep health here.


See also:

You spend more than 6 hours of your day sitting. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the time can be even more as most people work from home.

Sitting for long hours, especially in the wrong posture, comes with potential health problems.

You may not experience any pain now, but that does not rule out any potential risk in the future.

Below are 3 ways you are sitting wrong and how you can fix them.

The Leaner

The Leaner is very common among people who sit for long hours using computers.

People will usually assume this posture whenever they want to feel more comfortable or when receiving a phone call.

It occurs when you tilt the chair backward at an angle, place your hands behind your back and stretch your legs a bit forward away from the chair.

This posture widens the gap between your lower back and the chair, mounting more pressure on the neck and spine.

You are likely to lean frequently if the chair is not supporting you back correctly.

Most people will not stay in this posture for a long time. They regain an upright sitting position after a while.

If you have been doing the learning and still have not experienced any pain, it is not a guarantee that everything is okay.

It will take some time sitting in this posture to experience any effects.

Therefore, it is better to take precautions to prevent future health problems.

Luckily enough, there are a few habits and tips that you can use to train yourself against the learner.

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1. Proper Body Positioning

While you mostly lean unconsciously, ensure to position your body properly to limit you from bending.

Firstly, ensure that your feet are lying flat on the surface.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and knees bent at a perpendicular angle to the ground.

In such a position, you won't be able to lean easily.

To assist with that, you can also use an orthopedic donut cushion, gel cushion or any other seat cushion.

2. Exercises

Sometimes, the shape of your back and the position of the pelvis may determine how often you lean backward.

If you have a flat back, your pelvis is tucked in, and you will frequently lean.

In this case, some exercises will prove super important.

They include all exercises aimed at strengthening the core, rear shoulder, and neck muscles.

You can also try a posture corrector for additional support.

Invest in a Good Pillow and Mattress

Sometimes, leaning frequently goes back to how you sleep at night.

If you sleep in a straining position, your back will be sensitive in some areas.

This sensitivity will induce the need to bend backward and stretch.

Whenever all the above tricks seem not to work, it’s time you invest in a good quality mattress and pillow.

A good quality pillow and mattress will ease the stress off your back by aligning your spine at night.

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The Shoulder Hunch

For this seating posture, the shoulders are rolled forward, forming an unnatural curvature with the spine and neck.

It's common among people with a weak upper back, whiplash, spine, or neck injuries.

You will also hunch your shoulders if your upper body is overweight compared to the lower back.

Hunching is considered a dangerous sitting position as it can limit the body’s functionality if done repeatedly.

As you tilt your shoulders forward, you exert a lot of pressure on the lungs, limiting how much they can expand.

This will decrease the lung's capacity, significantly affecting the heart and respiratory functioning.

Also, if you don't stop hunching as soon as you realize it, it will quickly become a habit. You will find yourself hunching even when you are standing.

Nowadays, hunching is a common posture in offices and homes whenever people receive calls.

Although you may feel lighter and comfortable when your head bends forward, it strains the neck and lower back.

To maintain a healthy posture at your workplace or home, you should avoid hunching at all costs.

The following tips will help train you on the correct posture;

Always press your shoulder blades on the upper part of the chair, ensuring your spine maintains its natural shape.

With the chin always at a perpendicular angle to the chest, relax your shoulders back while working.

Don’t try overcorrecting this mistake by sticking your chest and belly forward.

Instead, relax them by assuming a more natural and upright position.

The Padder

Nobody wants to sit on a hard chair for long hours.

It's effortless to grab a pillow and place it on the chair, sit on it to be more comfortable.

However, sitting on a pillow placed on other objects over the chair will do more harm than good.

Softer material will sink your buttocks, forcing your pelvis to tilt backward.

Your back will work harder to keep your body upright.

Moreover, with the pillow under you, your overall body height will be higher than it usually is. This will completely mess with your sitting position and ergonomics.

Instead of using a pillow, or some material, you can fix your chair if it's broken or get a more comfortable one.

Wondering how to go around the Padder?

Here are fixes to try;

In case you must support your chair, purchase a memory foam lumbar roll instead of regular pillows. Such pillows are meant for sitting and will not have effects on your spine and back.

This positions your body evenly, allowing free blood flow and muscle relaxation.

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In the modern workspace, most people are forced to sit during work hours which can be catastrophic to their health.

However, you may improve your health even with prolonged sitting hours by adjusting your sitting posture.

Many sitting postures may be just okay. But this may change rapidly when doing some task within your office.

For instance, many people will change their position while picking calls, typing, or writing.

Such changes in posture always happen within a short time, and you can barely notice them.

They can cause a substantial problem if not attended to immediately.

Don't continue sitting on an uncomfortable chair.

Request your manager for a new one to ensure you remain healthy and effective in your work.

Also, at your home, get good seat cushions, pillows, and mattresses to get better results.


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