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Relieve Tailbone Pain with Coccyx Pillow? Here Is How!

Are you struggling with pain at the base of your spine after work?

If this is the case, you may be experiencing tailbone pain.

You can highly benefit by using coccyx pillows to prevent and relieve you of the pain.

Causes of Tailbone Pain and Possible Treatment

Tailbone pain occurs around the coccyx located at the base of your spine.

It may be caused by sitting on a hard surface, poor sitting posture, vaginal birth, or joint changes.

In most cases, tailbone pain will be mild, always experienced when sitting down, standing for long hours, or even after visiting the washroom.

It can also cause discomfort to women during their menstrual periods.

The good news is that a mild tailbone will go away on its own after a few weeks, even without taking any medication.

But two weeks of even the mildest tailbone pain is a long time, and you need to find a way to reduce it if not healing it completely.

The first way to relieve tailbone pain is making the coccyx pillow your friend. Pillows will ease the pressure off the coccyx relieving pain and allowing it to heal quickly.

If you experience pain while sitting, you can lean forward a little to ease the pain.

Also, apply ice (not directly) on the affected area for at least 20 minutes or take Over-the-counter pain-relieving medications.

For chronic tailbone pain that does not seem to go away quickly, consult your doctor for examination.

Chronic tailbone pain is treated using one or a combination of the following;

  • Medication where the doctor injects anesthesia into the tailbone to relieve pain.
  • Surgery is seen as the last resort and involves the total removal of the coccyx.
  • Manipulation involves massaging the tailbone muscles to ease pain in a few weeks.
  • Physical therapy is also another good way aimed at relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

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How Coccyx Pillow Relieve and Prevent Tailbone Pain

The following are ways in which coccyx pillow will treat and heal tailbone pain;

Supports your lower back

The natural curve around the lumbar region should be maintained most of the time. This is not possible due to the sitting positions and support most chairs offer.

A coccyx pillow is meant to solve this problem. It relieves pressure from the tailbone, nicely aligning the spine in its original position.

This reduces pressure from the lower back.

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Enhances your Posture

A good posture is very vital for spine and back health. A bad sitting posture done several times can cause many problems to your tailbone and your entire body systems like digestion.

A coccyx pillow will slightly pulley your hips forward automatically, encouraging a good posture.

If you have tried a coccyx pillow, you will realize that it’s never easy to assume a bad sitting habit like slouching and hunching.

Using such a pillow for a long time will train your body to maintain good posture even without the pillow.

Better Circulation

When sitting for long hours a day, coccyx pillows can be an excellent way to improve circulation.

The memory foam gives your buttock weight without collapsing.

This relieves pressure from blood vessels, especially around the hips.

Blood will flow easily, and the blood vessels around the hip will not be pinched; thus, no blood clots will form.

Allows Injuries to Heal

A coccyx injury will never heal with ease, especially when exposed to pressure from time to time.

The coccyx pillow reduces pressure and allows even a sore tailbone to heal.

Moreover, coccyx pillows will improve circulation, allowing delivery of essential nutrients to affected areas for faster healing.

Comfort and Health

Besides the incredible health benefits that come with the coccyx pillow, you will also be very comfortable while sitting on them.

Therefore, you will be able to work for long hours without the fear of a tailbone pain.

If you are looking for a good quality pillow, Posturion comfy donut pillow will solve your problems. It’s light but very durable.


What kind of Pillow is Good for Tailbone?

For people with hemorrhoids or for relieving postnatal pain, a donut-shaped pillow is a good option.

It’s round with an opening in the center for easing weight from pressure points.

Nevertheless, the U-shaped Coccyx pillow is the most common option for relieving tailbone pain.

It provides excellent support for the spine, back, and the rest of the body while allowing your tailbone to heal.

How Do You Sit on a coccyx Pillow?

Sitting on a coccyx pillow is never complicated. Simply place it on your chair and sit on top.

However, there are a few things to observe to ensure its effectiveness.

Consistency is essential. Whenever you start using it, use it always.

Use it in the car, in your house, and at work.

Remember, coccyx cushions work best when placed directly on the chair. Never put it over other pillows or materials.

Also, cushions will improve your posture, but you will need a chair with proper back support.

If the cushions increase your height, use a footstool or raise the seat height if used in a car.

What is the Quickest Way to Relieve Pain from a Sore Tailbone?

The more you rest, the faster your pain will go away. Thus, avoid any vigorous activity that causes you pain.

Get a good quality coccyx cushion for your tailbone and Sit on it on almost all occasions.

Avoid straining your coccyx by sitting and sleeping on your back. If possible, always sleep on your belly.

If the tailbone is still sore, ice it for up to 20 minutes every hour for two days while awake.

How to Know if My Tailbone Needs Immediate Medical Attention

In most cases, tailbone pain will be mild and can be treated easily at home using over-the-counter drugs.

However, if the tailbone pain is very intense, then it should be a cause for concern.

It can occur when sitting down, standing up, or leaning back on a chair.

Also, if you feel sore whenever using the bathroom, after sex, or during your periods, you should see the doctor.


A coccyx pillow is essential in preventing and healing tailbone pain.

However, you must get a good quality pillow and use it correctly for the best results.

Our seat cushions are very affordable and are worth buying, considering their health benefits.


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