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Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion Review

Today we’re going to review and analyze more specifically one of the most popular seat cushions among consumers: the purple ultimate seat cushion.

While being one of the best seat cushions, Purple’s Ultimate has received a rating of almost 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

One of the reasons why this seat cushion is one of the most popular on the market is because of its structure.

Internally, in fact, this cushion is composed of hundreds of air channels where the grid cradles your tailbone while cushioning the rest of your seat.

2022 Starting Price

The Starting Price for this product, as of today, is under $50.

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The manufacturer of this Seat Cushion is Purple, one of the leading companies in the industry of these products for over thirty years.

The goal of this company is to create products that benefit the comfort of its customer.

Purple, in fact, believes that comfort (both mattresses and pillows) is a fundamental element in everyday life and believes it is a key discriminator to “live well” (as they say). (as they say themselves).

Country of Origin

This product was created and manufactured in the USA.


  • Item Weight: 2.49 (punds)
  • Dimensions: 18 x 22 x 2.5 (inches)


Bigger: the purple ultimate seat cushion is bigger (in length and width) than any other seat cushion produced by Purple.

Supports heavier weights: due to its characteristics this seat cushion is able to support heavier weights without deforming

Helps maintain proper posture: the contoured groove on the back of the cushion encourages a straight spine even if you sit for many hours

Stays cool: the system of hundreds of air channels combined with the characteristics of this material keep your seat cool even after hours.

Non-sliphas a grippy bottom that helps the cushion stay in the same position.

Easy to clean: just remove the fabric cover and machine wash it – it’s that easy!

Return Policy

Purple gives you 100 days from delivery to exchange and return your product.

At least 21 days must have passed before you can request an exchange and after 21 days, you can request a product exchange. You can only request a product exchange.


Purple’s limited warranty is 10 years from the purchase of the product.

This limited warranty covers defects due to faulty workmanship or materials as described in this document.

If any of these problems exist, the company will replace the product.


Shipments of this product may vary due to vacations or weather issues that prevent delivery.

However, Purple’s deliveries are very fast and take from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 5 days if the product is to be shipped to the USA or Canada.

If you want to order the product from another state you can contact the support that will give you a more specific answer according to your situation.


The product is ready to use.

Build quality

The quality of this product, as we said at the beginning, is very good and this is confirmed by thousands of positive reviews from customers.

The choice of materials for this seat cushion is very careful and only high quality products are used to ensure the best comfort to the customer.

Scope of Users

This cushion is purchased and sought after by all those people who are forced to sit for many hours and want to limit the problems of sedentariness on the one hand (inflammation of the sciatic nerve, back pain…) and the other side to have a great comfort.

It’s also great if you:

Seat Comfort

This product, as we have already said, is designed and manufactured to ensure the best comfort for any person.

The beauty of this product, unlike many others, is that it maintains its characteristics of comfort even after many hours of use.

This makes it perfect for those who have to sit for many hours during the day.

Color Options

The cover of this cushion is black and the color of the internal structure is purple. No other colors are available.

What I Like

Fantastic Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials with which this product is constructed is unmatched. This great quality is the main reason why this product is so comfortable and guarantees excellent performance.

Multiple formats

It is very positive that there are several formats of this product, adaptable to different seats. This option makes the product even better.

Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean this cushion even if it gets dirty. If you use it very often, it is possible for the fabric cover to get dirty and the fact that it is very easy to clean (since it has a removable cover) is a plus point.

What I Don’t Like

There Are no Color Options

A small flaw in this product is that there is no option to choose your favorite color for this pillow.

High Cost (for some sizes)

One downside is that the price of some sizes is well over $150.

Bottom Line

In conclusion I can say that I like this product.

I think its features are perfect for anyone who has to sit for many hours during the day.

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