Posture Corrector for Men & Women
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Posture Corrector for Men & Women

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Maybe you want to stop slouching, get rid of that upper back hump or simply improve your posture and sit with more comfort and less pain…

Now is the time to say “goodbye” to all the discomfort and discover a simple way to sit with more comfort, more confidence and be more productive!

Introducing Posturion’s…


Posture Corrector for Men & Women



My work evolves around sitting all day because I work on computer. I didn’t care about my posture until my back started to hurt. I ordered this posture corrector, tried it and could feel the relief almost immediately. I also feel more confident. I recommend this product! – Tom J.


✅ STOP SLOUCHING – over the shoulder design helps to maintain a good posture while you sit, stand or move around!

✅ REDUCE PAIN – helps to alleviate strain from overworked muscles and poor posture that can contribute to pain while sitting!

✅ IMPROVE BREATHING – length-adjustable straps open up your chest which can reduce shallow breathing improving blood oxygen levels and productivity!

✅ FEEL CALMER – helps to relax tight, strained muscles that are associated with stress and discomfort!

✅ FEEL MORE CONFIDENT – as your posture corrector helps you to improve your posture, you can feel being more confident and relaxed.

✅ BUILD POSTURE AWARENESS – contributes to developing “good posture awareness” that helps to improve posture even when you stop wearing the corrector!

✅ COMFORTABLE FIT – adjustable straps and back length provide maximum comfort for men and women of different heights and sizes!

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE – you can adjust it the shoulder straps on the go and take it anywhere with you!

✅ FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – order today and get a FREE World Wide Tracked Shipping. Most orders will arrive within 15-30 business days!

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – if something is wrong with your order you can easily get in touch with our customer support (by using Contact page) and and we will solve it for you!


How to Start Wearing Posture Corrector?

First, we recommend you only wear the posture corrector for 20-30 minutes per day as you are getting used to the new sensation.

As your body adjusts and the feeling becomes more familiar, you can start gradually increasing that amount of time bringing it to 2+ hours per day.



Does it help with scoliosis?
It depends on the type of the scoliosis you have, its significance and a number of other factors. We recommend you consult a doctor before ordering this posture corrector.

Can I sleep in it?
No, we do