Why is this orthopedic lower back disc brace for lumbar support is different?

✅ REDUCE LOWER BACK PRESSURE - offers additional support for the lower back with the help of integrated ergonomic ABS plastic, metal posture plates and reinforced memory springs strips.

 GET HELP WITH DEGENERATED DISKS - slipped and degenerated discs benefit from the enhanced protection. Metal pads offer unbeatable support for lower back which reduces pain from sitting AND standing.

 LOWER CHANCES OF RE-INJURY - aluminum stabilizers act together in order to vastly reduce the probability of re-injuries which are fairly common after the active injury.

 ACCELERATE RECOVERY - 12 built-in self-heating magnets provide hot acupuncture-like treatment that helps to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery.

 LESSEN PAIN FROM LORDOSIS - the back brace acts as a posture corrector, keeping abnormal spine curvature in check, reducing any pain and discomfort.

 PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED - easy to take on and off belt comes in 4 different sizes so you can rest assured that it WILL FIT perfectly well.

 EASY TO ADJUST - use the Velcro straps to finetune the lower back brace in order to find the perfect sweet spot for your requirement!

 COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE - the material used is soft and feels nice to wear. Improved breathable mesh guarantees comfortable all-season use.

 FAST, EASY TO WASH - if you feel like the back brace needs a fresh start, throw it into a washing machine for less than 15 minutes and it would be ready to go again once air dried!


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Shipping & Returns

FAST FREE TRACKED SHIPPING – order the back brace today and get it delivered to your doorstep within ~10 business days. All orders are provided with a tracking number free of charge!

30-DAY RETURN POLICY – allows you to return the back brace if you didn’t like it.



Is is visible under clothes?
If whatever you are wearing doesn't have a tight fit, the back brace will not be visible.

Can I use it after umbilical hernia surgery?
You will need to consult your doctor for an answer.

What's the height of the back brace?
It's 9.5" / 24cm.

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