Deluxe Hemorrhoid Pillow™ For Comfortable All Day Sitting or Driving

Deluxe Hemorrhoid Pillow™ For Comfortable All Day Sitting or Driving


Combat hemorrhoids symptoms from sitting with Posturion’s Deluxe Hemorrhoid Donut Pillow™, one of our ergonomic seat cushions designed to provide immediate relief and actually help you sit with joy…again!

  • Unisex – fits females and males
  • Pregnancy and postpartum hemorrhoid treatment support
  • Keeps tailbone pain away
  • Soft yet firm memory foam
  • Doesn’t get flat 2-year warranty
  • Max user weight 200 lbs
  • Hyper breathable machine-washable fabric

Enjoy sitting again for less than $55…FREE Tracked Shipping Included!

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Hemorrhoids Suck But...It Shouldn't Be Embarassing

Did you know that hemorrhoids are very common in both, men and women¹? Here are some stats:

  • Hemorrhoids affect about 1 in 20 Americans²
  • About half of adults older than age 50 have hemorrhoids².
  • According to the Office on Women’s Health (OWH), up to 50% of pregnant women develop hemorrhoids.

Granted, this condition can make sitting intolerable but…it doesn’t have to be that way!

Introducing Posturion’s Deluxe Hemorrhoid Pillow™, a donut pillow for prolonged sitting and driving!

"Why Would This Hemorrhoid Pillow Work For Me?"

Flare-Up Management

Our hemorrhoid pillow is designed to reduce symptoms and reduce flare-ups the moment you sit on it.

Doesn't Move & Stays In Place

The anti-skid layer on the bottom stops the pillow from wiggling around and keeps it where you want it to be.

Perfect for Frequent Use

Use it anywhere you sit – at work, while driving, in restaurants or coffee shops…enjoy lasting quality wherever you go!

2-Year Warranty

Fits Any Sitting Surface

200 LBS Weight Capacity

No Chemical Odor

Hemorrhoid Donut Pillow for Comfortable All-Day Sitting

Manage Piles In a Comfortable Way

Groin & Tailbone Pain Care

Orthopedic cutouts help to reduce pressure on tailbone and groin giving you more comfort and improved circulation.

Keep Things Fresh

Time to freshen things up? Remove the cover and throw it into the washing machine for a quick cycle – it’s that easy!

Easily Transportable

The pillow is made out of highest quality lightweight memory foam and weighs just 1.1 lb so you can bring comfort with you…easily. 

Full Specs & Features

  • Material: Breathable mesh
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs / 500 g
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs
  • Hole: 7″ / 18 cm (L) x 4″ / 10 cm (W)
  • Height: 2.8″ / 7 cm
  • Length: 17.3″ / 44 cm
  • Width: 13.8″ / 35 cm

Enjoy Sitting On Your Foam Donut...For Less Than $55!

Includes FREE Shipping and 30-Day Return (no restocking fees)!

“Even before I got pregnant I had already experienced some hemorrhoids symptoms. During the pregnancy it got worse and this is when I came across this hemorrhoid pillow. I’ve been using the donut pillow now for my second week after having my baby and it’s the only sitting surface that has been the most comfortable for me after my delivery. I take it with me everywhere I go and use it on any seated surface. I’m really pleased by the quality and the sturdiness of the pillow. It’s a lifesaver for postpartum women! I did a lot of research and am really pleased by this pillow. I definitely recommend it.”, – Mary F.

Ultra Fast 10 Business Day Delivery!

+30-Day Money Back Guarantee

+No Restocking Fees!

Our ring foam donut is made out of quality, lasting materials.
If for, whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us to process the return for a full refund.
We don’t charge any restocking fees either.

Frequently Asked Questions

I weigh more than 200 lbs. Will it still help me?
Our foam donut is designed for users up to 200 lbs. If you weigh more than that, you might find it just too soft and there won’t be much benefit from it. Check out our gel donut cushion instead

What kind of foam is it?
We are using a special type of fast rebound foam that quickly returns back to the original state the moment you get up from it. It’s designed to be long-lasting.

Where do you ship?
Globally! And it’s free AND tracked!
You will get your seat cushion in 5-10 business days, depending on the location.

What are the length and width dimensions?
17″ / 43 cm (W) x 14″ / 35 cm (L)

Can I use it in my car?
Yes, sure! It fits any sitting surface and the anti-skid material will help to keep the cushion in place.
See other car seat cushions here.

How long does it take to ship?
Most of our orders arrive within 5-10 business days or less. You can track it using the tracking number once it’s dispatched.

What if it is faulty?
We can replace the item or help you return it an no cost. Please contact us for assistance as soon as possible.

I don’t like the item. Can I still return it?
Yes, you have 30 days to return the chair in case you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit. You will get a full refund but will need to pay for the return. We do NOT have restocking or other nonsense fees. Please contact us for assistance.


[1] Hemorrhoids. MedlinePlus website. www.nlm.nih.gov NIH external link. Updated July 5, 2016. Accessed July 26, 2016.

[2] Fox A, Tietze PH, Ramakrishnan K. Anorectal conditions: hemorrhoids. FP Essentials. 2014;419:11–19.

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