Cooling Seat Gel Cushion
Cooling Seat Gel Cushion
Cooling Seat Gel Cushion
Cooling Seat Gel Cushion
Cooling Seat Gel Cushion

Cooling Seat Gel Cushion

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Maybe your lower back gets uncomfortable from sitting in a chair, or your bum gets tired while you are driving, working or gaming...

One way or another, it doesn't have to be that way!

Introducing Posturion's...

Premium Gel Seat Cushion 
(For Men & Women)

"I found this gel cushion through an ad on social media. It looked gimmicky, but I figured I'd just return it if it didn't help. I don't drive without it now.", - Sydney.

✅ REDUCE NUMBNESS & TINGLING - soft yet supportive design helps to reduce numbness and tingling from sitting too long!

✅ SIT IN COMFORT LONGER - gel cell pattern almost "holds" your bum making prolonged sitting a lot more comfortable (we all tried the cushion and that's the best way to put it =D)!

✅ IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW - helps to improve blood flow to the legs and feet reducing the chances of getting edema-like swelling!

✅ REDUCE BACK PAIN - provides support to your lower back, improving posture and preventing aches!

STAY COOL & DRY - the honeycomb cell structure of this gel cushion ensures unprecedented level of breathability and airflow - awesome for a hot day!

✅ EASY TO CARE FOR - it only takes a few moments to wash the cushion in warm soapy water to get it clean and like new!

✅ FREE NON-SLIPPERY COVER - every gel cushion comes with a free non-slippery cover that you can use for additional comfort (size is 16.0" X 13.5")!

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - order today and get a FREE World Wide Tracked Shipping. Most orders will arrive within 15-30 business days!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - if something is wrong with your order you can easily get in touch with our customer support (by using Contact page) and and we will solve it for you!

Available Online Only. FREE Worldwide Tracked Shipping Included*!

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What is the size of this gel seat cushion?
16L x 13.5W x 1.5H inches (or 41L x 34W x 4H cm). Please allow for minor discrepancies due to manual measuring.

How much does it weigh?
Around 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg) and it's very easy to carry around because you can scroll it.

Is there a weight limit?
Not really but we don't recommend using it if you are over 300 lbs (136kg).

Anything else I need to know?
We do not recommend leaving the cushion in a car during the summer (or any other hot place) because it can heat up and lose its shape.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions...happy to help!