Gaming Leather Office Chair With Flip-up Arms
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Gaming Leather Office Chair With Flip-up Arms

Original price was: $199.90.Current price is: $164.89.


Finding the best leather chair with flip up arms is a challenge because there are sooo many ergonomic office chairs out there!

This one we stock in Posturion is well less than $200 which also includes it delivered to your doorstep for FREE.

PLUS…you can get this leather chair in different colors and each of those has 1-year warranty attached to it!

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Is gaming for prolonged periods hurting your neck and spine? Disown this pain forever!

Gaming feels better when you feel comfortable; most gamers spend a minimum of 8 to 10 hours each day in front of the computer, sitting in an ordinary chair kills all their productivity and fun. Moreover, it results in back pains and posture-related problems.

“I love this desk chair. It’s comfortable, stylish, and so far, durable. I am using it regularly for the last eight months. Even though I’m a techie and I’m on this chair as much as my couch, still no wear and tear. Great Job! – Rob. “

Meet the new ergonomic office chair with flip up arms! Compete in your favorite games while staying relaxed for prolonged periods.


Provides The Comfort Your Body Requires

The ergonomic office chair is designed with breathable high-quality bonded leather and high-density foam, covering the back and seating region. Moreover, a soft headrest and padded armrest ensure long-term comfort during work.

Designed for Idle Sitting

The lumbar support is provided so that you can push back your chair for relaxation. This gives you a stable position, and it is better for your spine. The chair is designed to raise your knee cap’s height; this technique authorizes your feet to 90degrees. If you have an office-based job and you have to work for a long day, then this fantastic chair could be a great option. This relaxing chair is organized for people who are agonized from spinal issues.

This soft and cushion-based leather office chair is composed to make your hectic day very comfortable. The movable lumber of the chair will give you relief from back pain.  It is a perfect sitting chair while studying, meeting, and many other purposes and provides us with the vibe of an officer. It is designed on different levels like low back, medium back, or high back to adjust according to our ease.

Saves Your Space

Do you lack space in your house? The arms of this chair can be flipped up, helping save a lot of space.

This makes this chair ideal for both, home and office, use. All you need to hide the chair under the table is flip up the arms and it’s good to go right beneath it.

Need to use the chair again? Flip the arms back down, take it from beneath the desk and voila!

Improves Your Posture

This desk office chair is ideal for those who sit for long hours in the office or at home. You will appreciate the bonded leather lumbar support and high back.  Relax your back by sitting in the middle of the seat cushion. Let the chair’s excellent quality backrest with flip-up arms do the rest for you. This computer chair with flip-up arms is highly comfortable at 360 degrees.

The swaying style comes up with the additional modification and with the pelvic domain. The movable and untethered noddle of the sweep gives you relaxation and comfort. You can set it according to your convenience by tightening and loosening the knob of the chair.

Light On the Pocket

This desk office chair provides excellent value for money, allowing you to save while working in comfort. The value you get for the price (given all the adjustable options and the materials used to put it together)

No Danger to Your Health

This chair is made from soft and cozy bonded leather that gives you total relaxation all over your office work and is the most attractive chair. The products and materials used in the chair are not dangerous for your health.

The materials used in this fantastic desk leather chair are safe that do not affect your health. When you open the box of the given material, there is a slight smell of the product, but that’s neither long-lasting nor dangerous. The smell is due to the chemicals used for the product to protect it from rusting. This reliable chair is made up of a combination of wood, metal, leather, wool, and fabric materials to serve you the best.

Fully Adjustable

This adjustable ergonomic desk chair smoothly swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to get the most out of your workspace without exerting too much effort. This chair has a tilt function, adjustable seat, and armrests, and you can rock back or adjust the seat height to achieve your ideal posture.

Easy to Clean

Accidental spills are inevitable. The next time you spill your coffee on the chair, don’t worry as this flip-up arms chair is designed for easy cleaning. This office chair is designed to be easily cleanable, and the stains of food, coffee or tea, etc., are easily removable. The surface of the chair is water-resistant and can easily be cleaned by a wet cloth, or if the stains become stubborn due to long-term spots, it can be cleaned by alcohol.

A Practical Chair

Unlike the other computer office chairs, this ergonomic chair is designed to keep its shape even after long hours of sitting. The materials used are of high quality. So, there is no chance of wobbling. Its weight is about 30 pounds due to dimensional structure and reliability. It has various practical applications like gaming, office use, study room use, standard chair, and much more.

Easy to Assemble

An easy-to-follow instruction guide will help you through the assembly process so you can enjoy the benefits this ergonomic chair brings in no time! No heavy-duty tools are required and everything is included in the package.


All our chairs are covered by a 12-month parts warranty so if anything breaks within that period (and as a consequence of normal use) we got you covered! Reach out to our customer support and we will respond to you within 24 hours to see what’s the best way to assist you is.


If you got any problem related to adjustment or any other fault, you could exchange any of our chairs within 30 days. That can apply to things like the chair sizes, color, fit etc.


Please place your order with our FAST FREE SHIPPING option (US only). The good news is, you can easily track your order too and it arrives within 7 business days.


Our orders will be delivered within 7 working days so you can start using the chair as soon as possible.


We provide a guaranteed product to our customers, and we will try our best to manage, but if you face any problem, let us know as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist you!



Here are some of the fantastic features this relaxing chair possesses:

Adjustable Height

Everyone on this planet is not of the same height! The height of this ergonomic computer desk chair can be changed according to your height.

It should be set a height that makes it easy to keep your feet on the floor without effort. The height of the chair is 17 inches to 22 inches.

Chair tilt

Seat tilt manages the angle of this ergonomic computer chair. It can be tilted in an upward and backward direction. It helps to reduce the lower back pain, improve blood flow along your feet, and perfect work experience.


The depth of the seat is 2 to inches from the center of the seat to the edge of the chair. More forwarding may cause pain in your knee.

Axis of Chair

It is moveable due to the attached wheels with the axis of this chair. It makes you comfortable to move in to and fro motion while sitting in a leather office chair .

Elevation of Seat

You can set the angle of the back of your seat according to your ease of spine. Using the feature releases stress from your body, reducing the pressure from the spine. You can use this feature while having a rest after work.

Lumbar Support

This gives you support in your back, your spinal, and your pelvis. This is adjustable according to your support system and feels very relaxing. It gives ease to your head and neck, prevents you from any damage, and helps you to enjoy the comfort. It also makes long hours of sitting go far better.


It provides targeted support for your head and neck, which helps to reduce back and neck pain that is far too common from prolonged sitting (especially when computer is involved).

High-Quality Material

The chair and the headrest are made using high-quality and comfortable material. To ensure you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

You will also notice this as you use the chair more and more – it will hold the test of time.


Properly placed and adjusted armrests help to relax your shoulders and other muscles. Comfortable armrests reduce neck and upper body strain which frequently result in headaches and other musculo-skeletal symptoms.

Durable Wheels

Smooth-rolling casters and durable wheels hold up even under heavy use. The gaming chair with flip-up arms comes with 360 degrees mute swivel wheels, nylon casters running smoothly on the floor and protecting your floor. The heavy-duty metal five-star base provides excellent stability and long service time, noise reduction to ensure silence, and brings you a good mood.


Quick Specs

  • Seat Height: 28.35″
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Weight Bear Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight of Chair: 32 lbs.
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, White, Grey


What’s In the Package?

  • 8* sets of chair parts
  • 1* Assembly tool
  • 1* User manual

If any part is missing in the package, then contact us. Our brand focuses on customer hospitality and care; we regularly try to fix our products based entirely on your feedback and complaints. The customers willing to buy a product can order from our website. It will deliver according to your product and shipping address. For more information and details, customers can freely contact us.


Does It Come with a Warranty?


First of all, you have 30 days to try it out and return it if you don’t like it. So, if it doesn’t fit or the color is not exactly appealing, reach out to our customer support and we will organize the return for you (you will need to cover the costs of the return though).

We also have a 12-month limited warranty on parts. So if anything breaks within the 12-month period (as a consequence of normal, warranted use), we will be helping you with a spare part or a compensation. Please note, we might need to verify that the case is covered by the warranty.

Why Does It Weigh More?

Its weight is about 30 pounds. We use best quality material for making this chair.

Additional weight helps to make chairs sturdier so there is a lower risk of getting it tripped over.

How To Tilt My Chair?

Sit on the chair, find the adjusting point. Loosen the knob and adjust the tilt according to your direction. Tighten the knob once you are finished.

You can also try other settings in order to find the best sitting position.

Delivery Time?

We will deliver our product within 7 working days. Slight variation may apply depending on the actual shipping address.

If there is a delay, we will be contacting you with the updates.

For What Ages?

Although there are specialized gaming chairs for kids, no gaming chair is designed for a particular age group. The only factors that categorize a chair are height, weight-bearing capacity. Even if your kids are long, then this gaming chair is a fit for them. It can bear enough weight for both kids and adults.

To paraphrase, this chair will fit anyone provided they feel comfortable sitting in it.

How is This Gaming Chair Better Than an Ordinary Chair?

Our gaming chairs are professionally designed and proven for usage in prolonged periods. Most ordinary chairs are intended for casual 15-20 minutes sitting, but it’s the opposite in our case. Our gaming chair is made with cozy and user-friendly material, so your backbone and spine stay safe. Buying our gaming chair is a win-win situation for you as it eradicates the need for the couch. Now you can relax on this multi-functional chair and watch television.

Will it Enhance My Gameplay?

Although your gameplay depends entirely on your problem-solving skills, an average gamer sitting in a gaming office chair will benefit from enhanced gameplay.

For instance, you are entirely relaxed physically when sitting in a comfy cushioned gaming chair. Due to this, nothing will distract you, and you can focus on the game. But this doesn’t mean that getting hands-on a gaming chair will make you a pro gamer!


You can order this chair and test it for yourself for as long as 30 days. If due for any reason, it doesn’t suit you then you can contact our 24/7 customer service for more support. You can return the item and receive your refund within 30 days (right after the quality check).

Additional information


Blue, White, Red, Black, Grey