Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest
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Ergonomic Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

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Strain injuries of wrists are one of the common repetitive strain injuries (RSI) out there.

While women experience almost 2/3 of all RSI, men are also prone to pain and discomfort that can arise due to long typing sessions and mouse use.

This is when an ergonomic mouse pad (combined with a special arm rest) becomes useful because it helps wrists to spend a lot more time in a resting position which relieves muscles overuse and strain!


My boyfriend suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. He uses his computer extensively so the syndrome doesn’t improve. I purchased this mouse pad for him to use and it’s given him quite a bit of relief.
He has gone forward with one surgery but still needs to surgery on his left wrist.
It’s sad that this simple pad wasn’t out there few years ago…It could have kept the condition from worsening so he wouldn’t need the surgery at all!
If you type a lot, I recommend you get this now. It can really save you time, money and pain.“, – Anna B.


What’s great about this mouse pad?

✅ ACTUALLY HELPS – supports your wrist exactly where it needs reducing the strain and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

✅ NICE FEELING – sponge-like material which looks and feels nice!

✅ QUICK TO ADJUST – the pad quickly takes the shape of your wrist so it becomes comfortable very quickly (there is just a bit of getting used to at the start).

✅ SUPPORTIVE – it’s squishy, yet supports your entire wrist.

✅ EVEN FOR LONG HOURS – this mouse pad helps to relieve muscle spasms and aches even if you are using your mouse all day!

✅ ANTI CARPAL TUNNEL – helps to relieve arm and wrist muscles contributing to the reduction of carpal tunnel symptoms.

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