Computer Arm Rest Support for Desk & Chair (2020)

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Unfortunately, using mouse and keyboard for prolonged periods of time can strain wrists, arms and neck muscles...

This can lead to several consequences including wrist numbness, neck discomfort, tingling in arm due to nerve entrapment, one-sided headaches (caused by tight overworked muscles) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is when this arm rest support comes in!


"Unexpectedly a quality thing. I bought myself 2 and now I sit like a king. It is not flimsy and doesn't bend under my pretty big hands", - Mike R.


So, what is great about having an arm rest support?

✅ FORGET THE ACHES THROUGHOUT THE DAY - helps the strain...even with prolonged use of mouse/keyboard...relieving tight muscles that cause pain and discomfort.

✅ ANTI CARPAL TUNNEL - helps to relieve arm and wrist muscles contributing to the reduction of carpal tunnel symptoms. 

✅ RELIEVES NECK & SHOULDER PAIN - reduces upper back and neck muscle strain which often leads to neck/shoulder pain and headaches .

✅ DURABLE - surprisingly good quality (even though it's made out of plastic).

✅ EASY TO INSTALL - only takes a few moments to install into onto your desk.

✅ USEFUL FOR GAMING - upgrade your desk into a tireless gaming station and play longer without discomfort!

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