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Leesa Seat Cushion Review

Today we are going to review the Leesa Seat cushion, an orthopedic cushion produced by the US company Leesa, which can be useful for people who spend a lot of time at their desk.

Let’s analyze all the disadvantages and drawbacks of this cushion!

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The manufacturer of this cushion is the company Leesa, which is based in the USA.

Country of Origin

The product was designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.


  • Product dimensions: 18 x 16.25 x 3.75 inches
  • Product Weight: 2 pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Shape: Rectangular


Use of memory foam and high-endurance foam

The use of these two materials combined together on the inside of the cushion provides excellent comfort and support even after many hours of sitting.

This product is specifically designed for people who work a lot at their desk, but can also be used in other contexts.

Removable cover

Another feature of this product is the fact that it is removable, which makes it easy to wash.

Return Policy

If you order directly from the company website you have 100 days to try the product and if it does not meet your needs you can return it.

It is not possible to return the product after 100 days from delivery.


The company Leesa, being also a mattress manufacturer, has a 10-year warranty for its mattresses, but for this pillow there is no long-term warranty.

Leesa guarantees its customers that the products will be delivered undamaged and without any problems, but if your product is damaged, you will have a return and exchange guarantee.

Leesa does not guarantee, in this case, the exchange of the product in case of breakage or damage by the customer.


Leesa ships its products worldwide.

If you order from the USA the average waiting time is approximately 2-8 business days.

If you order your product from the USA the waiting time may be slightly longer.


No assembly is necessary, the product is ready to use upon delivery.

Build Quality

The quality with which this pillow is made is very high.

The choice of memory foam and high-endurance foam is a guarantee of quality materials.

Scope of Users

This pillow can be used in many situations.

The customers’ main use is as a cushion for the office or for the chair on which they spend a lot of time studying.

However, the cushion can be used in any situation you like.

As it is very light, it is easy to carry, which makes it versatile to use.

Seat Cushion Comfort

Comfort is a key element of this product and is ensured by the materials with which this cushion is used.

The comfort is guaranteed even after many hours of using this product so it is perfect for all those people who have a sedentary life.

Color Options

There are no more colors available for this product.

The inside of the cushion is white and light blue, while the outside cover is grey.

What I Like

Product Quality

One of the key elements in favor of this cushion is the high quality of the products used.

Thanks to the combination of these two materials comfort is guaranteed for many hours.

Promotes a Correct Position of the Spine

One of the most important elements when analyzing the characteristics of a seat cushion is certainly the “orthopedic” aspect.

This cushion, thanks to the use of two combined materials, promotes a good posture of the spine: a key element in promoting long-term comfort for all who use this product.

Removable Cover

Another advantage of this cushion is that it is removable and easily washable.

What I Don’t Like

Only One Color Available

A small disadvantage of this cushion is the fact that it is only available in grey.

Zip closure

Although the fact that the cushion is removable is a great advantage, the fact that the zip closure can be a problem.

This is because should the zip break, it would be quite complex to repair.

Bottom Line

The Leesa seat cushion remains an excellent product, suitable for many situations and, in general, for all those who have a sedentary life.

Given its characteristics, this cushion is perfect to use if you work or study for many hours sitting at a desk.

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