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How to Improve Posture While Sitting…Without Doing Much

How to improve your posture while sitting… without doing much?

In this post I cover exactly how you can do it.

But…first things first.

Setting You Up To Succeed

Before I start suggesting different tools you can use to achieve the goal, I want to explain the reasoning behind.

To put it simply, you want to put yourself in the environment that doesn’t let you to NOT succeed with your posture.

In other words, even if you were to try slouching, the environment wouldn’t let you do that.

Sounds cool?

Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Did you know that a proper orthopedic seat cushion can rotate your pelvis in the direction that actually improves your posture right away?

This will be my first advice – get a proper orthopedic seat cushion that does that (here are some of the best and most comfortable ones).

How donut shaped cushion is a good start because it has indentations for both thighs.

This sitting angle promotes a better posture.

See also – 8 Best Most Comfortable Seat Cushions for Home & Office

2. Posture Corrector

Another way to get yourself sitting right without slouching and exerting much effort is by using an over the shoulder posture corrector.

It would literally pull your shoulders back and get you out of slouching (aka upper back hyperkyphosis) while you are sitting.

Using a posture corrector is also a good way to teach your brain (rather than the muscles) the awareness it needs to help you maintain a good posture while you are not wearing a brace.

3. Ergonomic Chair

Unlike the first two options I mentioned above, this is definitely a bigger investment but…it can really be a game changer both, for your posture and the quality of your work!

Upgrading from a simple chair to a proper ergonomic chair is a very good idea for several reasons.

First, lower back support is far superior on any ergonomic chair. This helps to stabilize lower back and reduce any pain you might be getting while using a simple chair.

Second, adjustable armrests will help to reduce the tension you might be experiencing in the upper back area and shoulders.

I remember how even this little adjustment made a big difference to the level of discomfort I was experiencing.

Third, overall body support and adjustability.

On top of that, fancier chairs (like Steelcase and Herman Miller) add a nice feeling of comfort and status which brings the overall level of work.

4. Lift Your Monitor

To get it all the way up to your eye level.
So if you are using a laptop this is particularly important and you might want to consider getting a separate laptop holder with the separate keyboard and mouse.
Having a monitor that’s too low for your height will cause all sorts of issues in your neck and upper back.

Other things to consider…

Make sure you take regular breaks, ideally every 30-40 minutes.

Not only will they help you to get more blood flowing around your body, but will also help with productivity.

Drink water because it helps to maintain a healthy level of electrolytes and prevent your productivity from dipping for longer.

It also reduces sleepiness!

Learn more about tools for emotional wellness and sleep health here.


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