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How to Sleep With a Fractured Pelvis?

A pelvis fracture is any form of injury on the bones connecting the spine and the hips.

Doctors will recommend that pelvis fracture patients get enough sleep and avoid lifting heavy objects.

However, unlike sitting on a seat cushion during the day, getting quality sleep with pelvic pains is never easy.

In this article, we have put together ways to get quality sleep even with a fractured pelvis. Check it out!

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Take Medications to Your Advantage

Pain management is very crucial whenever you want to sleep comfortably.

Similarly, when dealing with a pelvis fracture, ensure to take all the prescribed medications before sleep.

Studies have revealed that pain is the main culprit to lack of sleep among bone-injury patients.

Lack of sleep will make you more sensitive to the pain.

After treatment or surgery, your doctor will advise you on the medicine for relieving pain. Ensure to stick to the proper dosage of your prescription to get peaceful nights.

If you are following your doctor’s prescription correctly, but you are experiencing pain, consult your doctor immediately.

There are a whole lot of pain-relieving therapies out there, including hypnosis, acutherapy and acupuncture.

You can try either of them to manage your pain but ensure to talk to your doctor first.

The other type of medication that you can try is sleep-inducing medication.

Such medication is meant to make you sleep even when there is pain.

There is no sufficient proof that sleep medication works well when somebody is in pain.

However, there are a few that seem to work.

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Best for patients who have undergone surgery, this medication effectively alleviates pain and induces extended sleep.

However, never take this medicine before talking to your doctor.


Melatonin is known to regulate sleeping and waking up cycles.

You can find it almost anywhere over the counter in the United States of America. It’s rare to find in the United Kingdom.

This medication is excellent in maintaining the quality of sleep and has reduced side effects.


Zolpidem is very effective in improving the quality of sleep even with severe pain.

However, you should take this medication only if prescribed by the physician and under strict supervision.

This is because Zolpidem can easily lead to addiction.

Sleeping Position is Important 

When it comes to sleeping with a fractured pelvis, your sleeping position means everything.

A good sleeping position will relieve pressure from the pelvis, reducing pain and hastens healing.

Even without a pelvis injury, a good sleeping position is essential for many reasons.

It aligns your spinal cord, reduces tension headaches, eliminates snoring and prevents sinus buildups.

Maintaining a good sleeping position is never an easy task. The following tips will help you out.

Use Pillows appropriately

While struggling with a fractured pelvis, good pillows should be your sleeping companion.

If used in the right way, pillows will minimize movements and increase comfort.

Put one pillow below your knee to elevate them a little. This will help align your spine while easing pressure from the pelvis.

Also, rest your head on another pillow to keep your body balanced.

The quality of the pillows you choose is vital. A hard and huge pillow will tilt your head, causing neck and back pain.

Such pillows are also responsible for loud and unending snoring.

You can get a good quality memory foam donut cushion at a very affordable price and your problems will be solved.

Invest in a Good Mattress

A good mattress is crucial in our day to day lives, not only for comfort but also for proper sleeping positions.

Such mattresses should be medium-firm, not too hard or too soft.

A medium-firm mattress will support neutral spine alignment and ensure even weight distribution.

This will alleviate pressure, allowing your body to relax.

Since there is no pressure accumulating on some body parts than others, you will experience pain relief.

Sleep on Your Back

You should sleep on your back to prevent further damage to the pelvis and other pelvic organs whenever possible.

This sleeping position works by aligning your back, spine and pelvis while supporting the muscles surrounding the pelvis.

A pillow under your knees while sleeping in this position will be more effective.

Improve Room Conditions and Bedtime Routine

Sleeping in good conditions will reduce the need to wake up at night.

For instance, a very hot temperature will make you sweat a lot and may make you wake up at night.

Always maintain a cool temperature in your sleeping room to avoid waking up.

You can do this by sleeping in a well-ventilated room, using fans and air conditioners.

Thick or multiple blankets can also cause discomfort and the need to turn at night. Therefore, you should avoid them.

Developing a bedtime routine is also another way to sleep with Fractured Pelvis.

This involves doing a particular set of activities every day for some time before sleep.

For instance, an hour before sleep, you can switch to all televisions and mobile phones before engaging in a relaxing activity.

This will train your body to know that it’s almost time for sleep.

Relaxing activities include reading your favorite book or listening to meditative music.

Meditative music will improve your sleep quality.

Although the music itself may not induce sleep, concentrating on it will reduce the levels of stress hormone.

High-speed and loud music will disrupt sleep, thus causing more harm than good.

Good sleeping music should be neutral and at low volume. Ensure the temple is almost the same as a relaxing heartbeat to be effective.

If music doesn’t seem to work for you, you can try other options like white noise.

White noise combines sounds with different frequencies meant to nullify other sounds coming from outside.

It is essential if you live in a busy and busy neighborhood. White noise devices are not very expensive and can cost less than 100 dollars.

Slow-wave binaural beats are also another alternative to white noise. You can download some from the internet or stream from Youtube.


Sleeping and resting are essential while recovering from a pelvic fracture.

Take your medication and therapy as advised by your doctor to get a good sleep at night.

In case you still experience difficulty sleeping due to pain, consult your doctor immediately.


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