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How to Sit on a Seat Cushion

Human beings spend a more significant portion of their life sitting down. Sitting is crucial for relaxing and taking the weight off your legs, but can be harmful if done too much or in the wrong way.

While sitting, much of your body weight is exerted to the coccyx, hips, and sit bones. This can cause severe problems, including tailbone pain and sciatica. If you usually assume a wrong sitting posture, it can also affect the spine.

Memory foam cushions are designed to relieve pressure and pain, making you comfortable even when sitting all day long.

However, for a seat cushion to be effective, you must use it correctly. This article will discuss how to use seat cushions for the best result.

We will also talk about what makes a good cushion and the common health problems associated with sitting in the wrong way.

Health Problems Caused by Sitting for Long Periods

Tailbone pain

This small bone is put under pressure by all your body weight. It is among the most common problems due to prolonged sitting hours on a flat, hard chair, and with a bad posture.

With a painful or sore tailbone, you will find yourself shuffling around to avoid the pain while sitting.

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sitting for long periods is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids.  And if you are already suffering from this condition, sitting will only make it worse and complicated to heal.

Memory foam orthopedic seat cushions will help distribute your body weight and correct your sitting posture. This will not only ease you of the pain but will also make healing easy.

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This is among the most severe conditions that come as a result of prolonged sitting. It occurs when nerves are exposed to too much pressure. It may start as light tingling and numbness. But if it is not taken care of, it will soon develop into a painful condition that will make sitting very painful. An orthopedic seat cushion is the best for easing pressure from the sciatic nerve, pain relief and healing.

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Poor Blood Circulation

When sitting for a long time, especially on a hard surface, you will soon start feeling numb or getting pins. This is due to the restricted blood flow to the legs and other body parts. Restricted blood circulation can quickly affect the rest of your body, causing symptoms like reduced concentration and tiredness. Such conditions will soon affect your productivity and income.

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Unhealthy Posture

It is very easy to assume a poor posture while working because you concentrate more on your work than a proper position of your back. Poor posture will cause you a lot of trouble that you may want to avoid. By just investing a couple of bucks on a cushion, you will maintain a better posture even when you don’t mean it. This will not only maintain the health of your back but will also boost your productivity and effectiveness.

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Back Pain

Experts have estimated that approximately 80% of people in America will experience back pain during some time in their lives. Also, up to 264 million office workers lose work days due to back pain.

Back pain is caused by sitting on chairs that don’t have good ergonomic support and without using a memory foam seat cushion. If you don’t provide additional support to the lumbar and tailbone, you are more likely to experience pain through your entire back, including the lower back and the neck.

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Why Do You Need a Coccyx Seat Cushion?

Coccyx seat cushions are crucial if you are going to sit for a long time. The following are ways in which cushions will enhance your comfort, boost your productivity and your health while sitting for extended periods.

Improve circulation

sitting for long hours a day will quickly strain your blood circulatory systems. This will restrict free blood flow to your legs and other body parts like the pelvic area and the back.

Restricted blood flow means there is not enough oxygen reaching your muscles and tissues.  You will soon feel tired, sluggish, and other conditions like numbness and tingling.

A good quality memory foam on the seat cushion will prove crucial in such a situation. It will facilitate even weight distribution. This will directly facilitate improved circulation to all body parts, including the pelvis, legs, and back.

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Faster Healing After Injury

The last thing you will ever want is sitting on a hard chair without a cushion underneath with a painful or bruised tailbone. The more you sit, the sore the tailbone will be and the longer it will take to heal.

You can even make the injury complicated if you don’t take caution. This is why it is very crucial to either buy an ergonomic chair or a good-quality memory foam seat cushion for a coccyx injury.

Cushion will remove the pressure from the tailbone alongside improving blood circulation to the affected tissues. This will comfort your tailbone while speeding its recovery.

Quality cushions will also ease pain and hasten the recovery of other types of pain and is, therefore, a must-have after an injury.

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Seat Cushions for Sciatica

Sciatica pain is caused due to an injury to a sciatica nerve. This type of nerve runs from the hip to the thighs.

Whenever you sit, this nerve will be compressed, which will cause sharp pain along your backside or behind your legs. Sitting for long without any memory foam pillow will only worsen the pain.

A cushion will align the spine and the hips reducing sciatic episodes.

Maintaining a better posture while sitting is very helpful when dealing with sciatic pain. Luckily, with good quality and ergonomic cushion, maintaining a healthy posture is never complicated.

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with all the health benefits aside, cushions are very comfortable to sit on. Most office chairs are flat, hard, and never comfortable working on for long hours. A memory foam seat cushion will be an instant upgrade to your chair, and you will finally work with comfort.

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Back Support

If your work involves sitting all day, back support should be your priority if you don’t want to walk home every evening with a stiff arching back.

A memory foam seat cushion is an affordable yet effective way to provide adequate support to your back.

There are hundreds of seat cushion types you will find in the market, but you have to look for the one that works for you.

Orthopedic, gel, and memory foam seat cushions are among the best for supporting your back. Moreover, a pillow that supports your lower back and tailbone is the best as it will work for your spine and back too.

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Reducing Pressure from Parts of Your Body

Sitting relieves pressure from the legs but may pile it on the lower back and the tailbone.

A memory seat cushion will remove some of the pressure from the tailbone and back. When the tailbone and the lower back are well supported, the spine and the back will thank you.

Buying a good seat cushion is a good way of taking care of the back, spine, and general wellbeing.

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Recovering from Postnatal Pain

After giving birth, there’s nothing stressful like staying seated behind a desk chair all day. Your body has already undergone many physical changes, and all you need is the right conditions and time to heal.

But if you must sit, then a sit cushion should be your friend. Cushions, especially gel seat cushions, can be an excellent asset for comfort and support as you recover.

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How to Sit on Seat Cushions

Use Your Cushion Always

The most effective way of using seat cushions is always to use them whenever you want to sit down. Whether in the car seat, office chair, traveling, or wheelchair, always use your cushion for best results.

For this reason, you can opt to buy several pillows or buy a portable one that you can effectively travel with.

Not all seat cushions are suitable for all scenarios. First, evaluate the results you want to achieve using the cushion before buying one. For instance, if you want to relieve coccyx pain, a coccyx pillow will be ideal.

Place the Pillow Directly on The Seat

Using a seat cushion on top of other cushions will only cause more problems than it helps. Extra pillows will make the seating surface uneven, which will, in turn, distribute your extra weight and pressure unevenly on the pressure points

Always place the cushion directly on the chair or on a flat surface for best results. Also, for sufficient back support, you can use a chair with a backrest.

A comfortable seat cushion will help improve posture, and the backrest will help you avoid bad posture and provide support to your back. It will ease strain from the pressure points

Position your Coccyx Correctly

Most seat cushions have a U-shaped notch. While in a seated position, ensure to position your tailbone directly above this notch. This way, your coccyx will be suspended and free from too much pressure and weight.

This is a massive step towards healing and protecting your tailbone injury from further damage and pain.

Keep Your Seat Cushion Clean Always

While buying, choose a product that has a removable cover, with a material that is machine washable. This will make cleaning and maintenance effortless.


Does Coccyx Seat Cushions Work?

Coccyx seat cushions are highly effective when dealing with coccyx pain. It works by relieving pressure from the coccyx while efficiently offering the necessary support to the spine.

Most coccyx cushions are designed with an orthopedic notch that suspends the tailbone with minimum to no pressure from the bottom.

This enables the tailbone to decompress and expand, which acts as a great way of dealing with coccyx pain and comfort.

However, for coccyx cushions to be effective, many factors come into play. This includes the material used, the density, and the general design.

What is a coccyx Seat Cushion?

A coccyx seat cushion is a special cushion designed to offer protection to the tailbone. A tailbone can be painful or inflamed due to several reasons.

One of the main reasons is sitting on a standard flat chair which can ramp up pressure on the coccyx causing pain or making existing pain worse.

Best coccyx pillows will prevent all these problems by suspending the coccyx or correcting your posture.

Most coccyx cushions will have a notch directly on where the coccyx will sit. This will suspend it, alleviating pressure from it in the process.

How does Orthopedic Seat Cushion Work?

Orthopedic seat cushions are mainly designed for people with tailbone affection and those who want to enhance their sitting position.

These cushions have a U shape that ensures the tailbone is not in contact with the sitting surface.

Orthopedic seat cushions are usually designed with memory foam only or combined with cooling gel which is very soft and comfortable to help relieve any discomfort.

Other options include getting a gel seat cushion which is very efficient in cooling your body and prevents sweat.

Memory foam seat cushion also returns to its original shape immediately after you get off from it. Because this cushion also helps you maintain a proper posture, it can be used by almost anybody looking for comfort and pain relief.

However, not all cushions are up to standards. This is why it is advisable to always buy quality memory seat cushions from a trusted manufacturer.

What is The Best Way to Heal Coccyx Pain?

There are a couple of ways that you can use to deal with tailbone pain, back pain and hip pain. These ways include using medication and ice to relieve pain.

Using a seat cushion is the best and natural way to deal with coccyx pain. It will relieve pressure from the tailbone while sitting, making you comfortable and aiding quick recovery.

Even if you take medication and still continue sitting on a hard chair, you make the problem even worse.

You can combine the seat cushion with good practices like maintaining a good posture and taking short breaks.


Sitting too much at work or home can strain your back, neck, and entire spine. It is crucial you switch between standing and sitting to improve the situation.

When you must sit for a long time, the cushion can make you comfortable and offer you extra support.

You should start by choosing a good pillow suitable for your situation and then use it in the correct way to get results.

Always use the pillow directly on the chair with a backrest for best results.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and thank you for stopping by.

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