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How to Choose Seat Cushion

Most office workers find themselves working for up to 8 hours a day, and as you have guessed it, sitting for long hours may cause a lot of problems to your back and the waist.

Because of the problems related to sitting for long hours, most people nowadays have resolved to use quality sitting cushions for enhanced support and comfort.

Whereas most seat cushions are mainly designed to support and comfort, not all are the same. Some are more efficient than others.

If you need help in choosing the perfect seat cushion or if it’s your first time, then we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of what to look for while choosing the perfect seat cushion. Check it out!

How to buy the best seat cushions


Different seat cushions are designed with different materials. The material you choose, be it of the interior or exterior, is very important as it determines the quality and durability of the seat cushion. A cushion made of comfortable yet durable material is the best.

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Interior materials

The interior material of a seat cushion is more important than the exterior material.

Memory foam

Memory foam is the common name you will hear when dealing with seat cushions. A cushion made of memory foam should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a comfortable seat cushion.

Seat cushions designed with memory foam are super comfortable and durable compared with other materials.

Using heat-responsive technology, this seat cushion contours into your body shape. This ensures comfort no matter your body shape and the shape of the surface you are sitting on. It will make you comfortable even if you use it on an old-shaped chair.

Unlike other materials that will flatten after a short period of usage, high-density foam is a comfortable and supportive cushion that will always regain its original shape immediately after you stand from it.

Besides its advantages, memory foam is known to have a few drawbacks. Memory foam sags like a mattress after an extended period of use.

Moreover, since memory foam can trap your body to make you comfortable, it may not be the best when used during the summer.

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Inflatable seat cushions are designed with suede polyester combined with an interior foam lining to resist wear and tear. These seat cushions are inflated with air to provide a soft and comfortable feel.

Such seat cushions are convenient because you can control how hard they feel using the amount of air you inflate into them.

Also, they are very lightweight and portable, which makes them the best for packing and long trips.

Some inflatable pillows may include valves for super easy inflation. Moreover, a convenient pump is included in the package in some seat cushions for a hassle-free fill.

One disadvantage of inflatable pillows is that they are not as durable and comfortable as other materials like memory foam. They are not the best for heavy users either. But you can collapse it within no time for packing.

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Silicone Gel

Silicone gel seat cushions are great for easing pressure points and allowing free air circulation. These seat cushions are lightweight, compact, and flexible, making them convenient for storing and traveling.

Highly versatile, you can use a silicone gel seat cushion almost anywhere you want to sit. Be it at home on the office chairs, wheelchair, car seats, or a stadium seat.

Silicone gel is good for keeping your butt cool and preventing unwanted sweating, even working on a hot summer day. The individual cell of silicone is very effective for reducing pressure from the spine and the entire back.

Just like memory foam seat cushions, silicone gel seat cushions contours into your body shape for easy comfort and extra support. It is also effortless to clean and maintain.

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Liquid Gel

Liquid gel is usually combined with high-density foam to hug your body curves for smooth and soft support.

Cooling gel is also very good at keeping our butt cool all day, keeping off sweat and unwanted odors.

In other cases, a liquid gel is lined with cooling silicone gel and memory foam layers for comfort and relieving pressure from the tailbone.

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Exterior Materials

These materials make up the seat cushion cover.  It is essential that you choose a durable, and supportive pillow material that is comfortable to sit on, breathable, and can safely go into a washing machine.


Suede is largely used in many seat cushion covers and back cushion because it’s strong, durable, and can resist wear and tear. The thick suede polyester feels good to touch and gives a smooth velvety texture feeling when sitting on it.

The bottom of this cover is usually made of a textured base to ensure the seat cushion remains in place even when you turn and reach for things.

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A Nylon cover is water-resistant and can be fitted into different seat cushions to provide a waterproof seal.

Super durable, this seat cushion will keep you perfect all day and prevent any sweat build-up.

It’s also effortless to clean and maintain.


polyester is a popular option for seat cushion covers due to its many benefits.

It has a waterproof seat, is durable, easy to clean, and spill-resistant.

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2. Size

Many people don’t think that size is essential when buying a pillow until they buy a pillow that can never fit into their chair.

You want to buy a cushion that will fit into your chair perfectly for maximum comfort.

Therefore, before you head into the market, ensure you get a cushion the same size as your office chair, desk chair.

Also, know the height of your table and ensure the seat cushion you buy will not make the chair taller than the table.

To be on the safe side, you may want to buy a universal fit pillow that you can use on different sizes of chairs or opt for a custom-made seat cushion that can fit even to an odd shaped chair.

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3. Shape, Design, and Ergonomics

The seat cushion comes in different forms that include flat and contoured options. A flat seat cushion will only make your sitting surface comfortable but will not add more to your back and tailbone. An ergonomic seat cushion on the other end will hug your body shape snugly.

Contoured designs that have a u-shaped cutout are standard in coccyx pillows. They simply suspend the coccyx, thus easing pressure and dispersing it to other parts like the thighs and sit bones.

Moreover, it ensures a proper posture and facilitates even weight distribution. This is very important for your back health. It will make you comfortable and facilitate free blood flow so you can work all day long without tiring.

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Not all pillows are suitable for all situations. Some are good in some functions compared to others. Therefore, it is good you understand what you want to achieve with the pillow before heading into the market.

Here are some functions of different Seat Cushions.

Core Engagement

Core engagement seat cushions are used to ensure the core muscles work while sitting to remain active and focused.

An excellent example of a core engagement cushion is the wobble cushion. Some people may use it for comfort, but it is integral for remaining focused while working for more than an hour.

An adjustable elastic strap is crucial for fastening the cushion to avoid unwanted movements.

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Coccyx Pain Relief

Coccyx pain relief pillows are used to ease pressure and pain from the coccyx.  Most of them have an opening on which the tailbone is suspended while sitting.

A donut cushion is an excellent example of such seat cushions. It has a circular hole to ease strain from the pressure points.

They are ideal for people suffering from tailbone pain and hemorrhoids. It instantly eases pain and hastens the recovery process.

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If you want to use your seat cushion while traveling long distances, a compact size and lightweight option is ideal.

The inflatable cushion is filled with air to be hard when you want to sit but can be collapsed easily to fit into a travel bag. It’s, therefore, the most ideal when it comes to traveling and backpacking.

Other options included the liquid gel seat cushion, microbead, and memory foam cushion filling.

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Pressure Relieve

Pressure relief Pillows are ideal when used to absorb shock from sensitive areas of your body when sitting for long hours.

Because these pillows offer extra support, they are ideal for people suffering from back pain, sciatica pain, lower back pain, and coccyx pain.

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Alignment cushions on the other end are designed to help your body maintain a correct posture and a neutral spine during prolonged sitting.

An excellent example of an alignment pillow is the lumbar support pillow for a healthy posture.


Portability is vital if you plan to use your seat cushion for traveling or use it in almost any place you want to sit.

In this case, a lightweight and compact shape cushion will be your best option.

An excellent example of a travel seat cushion is the inflatable option.  You can simply deflate it and fit them into your bag.

But if you don’t want to move with your cushion, it is best to invest in a more substantial and robust option, such as high-density memory foam cushions or gel back cushion.

This will provide more support even for heavy people without flattening. It will also remain in place by preventing sliding around.


If you want to buy a seat cushion, you of course want to know how much they cost.

Most people assume that cushions with a high price tag are the best, but this is not true. You can get a good seat cushion that suits your style without having to break the bank.

Some cushions cost as low as $5, while other premium options may cost more than $50

All you have to do is find the best quality cushion that suits your needs and is within your budget.


As you have observed from the above text, there are many things to look for in the perfect seat cushion.

Whether you are looking for a cushion for comfort, alignment, coccyx pain, or any other purpose, you should look for a pillow that best suits your needs and budget.

We wish you all the best as you buy your cushion, and we hope that you get your hands on a product that will serve your specific needs.

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