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How Does a Donut Seat Cushion Help Hemorrhoids?

Do you have hemorrhoids and are looking for a natural way to treat them?

The hemorrhoid area can become swollen or inflamed for a number of reasons (and in different areas).

It is often easier to resort to the easy fixes in a pinch.

Donut seat cushion and special hemorrhoid pillow are common tools that people use to help them deal with hemorrhoid problems. If you have hemorrhoids, sitting down can be difficult.

These are pillows with a hole in the center that can prevent you from placing your weight directly on the anal area when sitting down.

Yet, the ring-shaped foam-stuffed or plastic inflatable pillows can do more harm than good.

They are designed to reduce pressure on the affected area, but their shape of the pillow can exacerbate hemorrhoid pain.

Hemorrhoid pillows that come in the shape of a doughnut are cost-effective, and you can easily buy them in shops. Many people can use them to cure their inflamed hemorrhoids.

Is Using the Donut Pillows a Good Idea?

Many people who have not used these pillows wonder if they hurt or help hemorrhoids.

These pillows relieve pain and itching temporarily, but they are not exactly a great idea for a majority of individuals.

Due to their shape, they do not offer enough support and can actually worsen the hemorrhoids.

If you decide to use one, it is vital to sit and lean back on a supportive but soft cushioned surface like a couch or bed.

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How Hemorrhoid Seat Cushions Work

The hemorrhoid seat cushions are designed like the letter O or a doughnut. At times, these cushions are referred to as ring pillows due to the way they are shaped.

The theory about them is that people who suffer from hemorrhoids can sit on the cushion to release pressure on swollen tissues.

Due to their shape, the cushions do not press against the affected tissues. Yet, the pillows fail to support the area fully.

Better Alternatives…But Still

Other firms create hemorrhoid cushions in different shapes that appear more like a normal pillow. These kinds of pillows provide the anal area with gentle support.

This, in general, is a better option compared to doughnut-shaped cushions. Yet, they do not offer any advantages on couches, beds, or other soft or supportive surfaces.

A majority of individuals who use ring-shaped pillows experience some temporary relief from itching and pain. This makes them believe that a cushion is helping.

People who struggle from hemorrhoids can do anything that offers them instant relief, even if it is for several minutes.

Some of these pillows are also inflatable, and this allows users to take them anywhere they go. You can fold it into your bag or coat pocket.

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Standard Doughnut Cushions Can Worsen the Condition

According to experts, these basic cushions can worsen the condition. They can provide temporal, superficial relief, which is not worth it if you experience the pain for the long term.

This is especially the case if you have prolapsed hemorrhoids. You need more thorough treatment, or your hemorrhoids may not heal fast enough.

The shape of a toilet is also similar to that of sitting on a doughnut cushion.

This means that the same problem can arise if you spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet. While working to prevent constipation, it is essential not to sit on a toilet longer than usual.

Apart from causing the pain to increase, doughnut pillows can also keep your hemorrhoids from healing.

Many people looking to use them from hemorrhoid treatment have found that their veins, which have already enlarged, protrude and swell further by using the pillows.

They may need thorough treatment, or the hemorrhoids will take longer to heal. Avoid anything that does not offer enough support and improve healing.

Quality Donut Seat Cushion That Works

A properly designed donut seat cushion will have the following benefits:

  • Raise the back of the buttocks for optimal weight relief
  • Provide balance so that tilting does not occur when reaching or rotating (this kind of tilting might cause extra pain)
  • Enhance posture, which can improve blood flow and circulation and encourage healing in the natural body
  • Minimize pressure points in the upper thighs, legs, and back
  • Allow for easy travel when driving, sitting, working, and everywhere in between

Besides that, it would be comfortable and nice to sit on.

Alternative Options for Addressing Hemorrhoids

Prolonged sitting makes hemorrhoids worse and may increase pain.

When sitting, your posture and body weight presses on the anal area and the hemorrhoids swell. The hemorrhoids swell more the longer you sit.

Doctors recommend that patients stand up and move around as much as they can.

Taking a few minutes to walk can help the blood to flow to the inflamed tissues and minimize swelling.

For some individuals, this is not what they wish to hear. Truck drivers and office workers may not have time to get up and take a walk several times an hour. Instead of sitting on a hemorrhoid cushion, you can also use the following alternative treatments:

  • Choosing a rectal and colon surgeon for advice and endorsed diagnosis.
  • Using a warm sitz bath a few times a day.
  • Taking over the counter drugs like witch hazel pads if a doctor has approved them.
  • Take one or two days off work to avoid sitting when the hemorrhoids are their worst.
  • Performing Kegel exercises
  • Taking mild laxatives
  • Using stool softeners
  • Using a cold compress or ice packs
  • Taking fiber supplements
  • Applying witch hazel to external hemorrhoids

Some manufacturers of donut pillows have gotten wise to the issue with these cushions, and they begin creating foam pillows to sit on that offer all-around support.

Should I see a doctor?

If you have enough discomfort and pain that makes it difficult for you to settle down, you need to make an appointment with a competent doctor to discuss treatment options. You might need medical attention like an in-office surgery to help your body heal.

Final Verdict

Prolonged sitting can cause issues if you have prolapsed or inflamed hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid pillows come in various sizes and designs, and they only provide temporary relief from negligible hemorrhoid issues. They do not need hemorrhoids to heal, and they can make them even worse.

Having said that, there is a high quality donut seat that can provide you with the relief.


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