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High Back Ergonomic Office Chair With Headrest Review

Most of our time in the office is spent in the office chair.

Having a quality ergonomic office chair is a blessing to any professional out there.

Your seat’s comfort can affect your performance and your mood at the workplace.

To expound further and offer more insight into the subject, we introduce one of the most sought after and well-designed office chairs in the market, the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest, which is one of the best office chairs under 300 USD.


  • High-quality build
  • Multiple ergonomic adjustables
  • Excellent seat comfort
  • Swift arm adjustments
  • Up to 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Excellent warranty terms
  • Easy assembly
  • Very good pricing


  • Unsuitable for 6’4” and above persons
  • Price is suspiciously low


This magnificent piece of office furniture is the brainchild of a long-time comfort champion-posturion. The company has been in the industry long enough to understand consumer needs to the core.

The team behind this brand is more than dedicated to offering superb quality to customers and everyone who comes into contact with their products.

Country Of Origin

Posturion is a recognized brand in America. The chair is manufactured in PRC.


  • Item weight: 45 lbs

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Chair height: 45.08” to 48.82”
  • Sitting area width: 20.9”
  • Sitting area depth: 17.8”
  • Backrest height: 29”
  • Shipping box size: 29.53” x 13.39” x 20.87” (W x D x H)


  • 2D adjustable headrest
  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • The mesh back is adequately tall and breathable
  • The tilt locking can do a whooping 120°
  • The back support is designed to self adjust
  • Can handle up to 300lbs of weight
  • 12 months of warranty
  • 30 days return policy
  • 7-business days shipping with free tracking
  • Restocking fee exemptions on all returned products

2022 Starting Price

Posturion is a reputable brand in this production line, so you can worry less about quality. Considering the expertise and research put into developing the posturion high back ergonomic chair with headrest, we believe the $294.55 price tag is worth it.

Coming across an office chair of such caliber with an asking price below $300 is seldom. Posturion sought to create a worthy product for the less generous spenders. This chair offers a superb user experience coupled with exceptional long-term benefits.

Return Policy

Not all products turn out as we expect; in fact, some impulse shoppers do not even read product descriptions when buying. Posturion understands this and has put measures to ensure that such buyers are not punished for their rather irresponsible buying habits.

As far as this product is concerned, Posturion allows for up to 30 days return policy. This is more than enough time for you to test the various features of the product and decide whether to keep it.

Unlike other sellers who make sure such buyers get a pinch when they return previously bought items, Posturion does not charge you restocking or other nonsensical fees.

You can add your high back ergonomic office chair with headrest to your cart with no fears.


Most buyers never buy unwarranted products for obvious reasons. Even as manufacturers strive to make the best products the best way, there are bound to be some defects.

If the buyer is unaware, these defects might cost them big even though the factory team is the real culprit.

Posturion has taken product defects into consideration and set a 12-month warranty on the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest.

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects and cushions the buyer from any unforeseen losses.


For every purchase of the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest, Posturion will deliver it to you in the shortest time possible.

To smoothen operations, the delivery is split into two key elements.

Processing time: Your order is received, verified, and tailored to your liking. After quality assurance protocols, all orders are cleared for dispatch. All this happens in two days at the most.

Shipping time: This is simply the time the product is en route. After leaving the company warehouse, the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest should be at your place within 2-4 weeks, depending on the distance from the warehouse and other factors.


The high back ergonomic office chair with headrest from Posturion comes with its own assemble tools. It should take you around 30 minutes to get it up and running.

Build Quality

One thing Posturion never compromises on its quality. Don’t let the price tag fool you. This chair is made from the best material this budget could buy.

The breathable mesh material is the most outstanding aspect of this product-it takes office time to a whole new level.

Scope Of Users

The design and build were aimed at accommodating as many users as possible. The only restriction might be on weight and height-the chair cannot hold more than 300lbs or accommodate a user taller than 6.4 comfortably”.

Seat Comfort

I might not be sure what you are looking for, but the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest is built to offer the sitting experience of a lifetime.

The thick seat ensures maximum comfort, and the mesh on the backrest reduces sweating during hot afternoon meetings.

Back Support

How your back lines with the back support will affect your final opinion of the chair and its build. The high back ergonomic office chair with headrest is designed to perfectly align itself to your back and support every bone in its place. This goes a long way in ensuring comfort.

Armrest Comfort

Unknown to many, the wrong placing of arms at the desk can cause pain-it might not even take the whole day for the pain to take a toll on you.

The high back ergonomic office chair with headrest comes with adjustable armrests to place your arms as you fathom the complexity of the projects at hand.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Get the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest if you long for comfort and ergonomic safety.

The chair comes with 3D adjustable armrests, a 2D adjustable headrest, while the back support is fully self-adjustable.

The tilt lock can do 120° easily and rock you to dreamland on those quiet afternoons.

Color Options

Posturion avails the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest in 4 different colors, black, blue, red, and dark grey.

Caster Wheels

The caster wheels on the high back ergonomic office chair with a headrest are built with your precious carpet in mind. The rollers are well designed to roll on most surfaces without leaving marks or causing noticeable damage.

What I Like

High-quality build

The materials and expertise employed in developing the high back ergonomic office chair with headrest ensure long-term efficiency and usability.

The mesh in the back support is strong and can withstand strain on multiple levels. The seat is thick enough to handle up to 300 lbs of weight without caving in or losing shape.

Multiple Ergonomic Adjustments

From the armrests, the headrest, and the back support, these parts are either adjustable or self-adjusting, making the chair quite accommodating.

Being able to alter a chair to suit your body needs is a great advantage.

Easy Assembly

Once the chair reaches your premises, the next step is usually to piece the items together to get the entire piece up and running.

Posturion has made this step pretty easy by greatly reducing the parts, adding a user’s manual, and including the necessary assembly tools in the delivery box.

Fair Pricing

With all these features, most buyers would expect a high price tag but posturion chose to surprise them. The $294.55 is more than fair.

What I Don’t Like

The Limited Height

The chair is very comfortable except for users taller than 6.4”.

Need For Assembly

I understand the need to ship the chair in parts for easy handling, but most users prefer their chairs ready to use.

Bottom Line

My honest opinion is in favor of the high back ergonomic office chair with a headrest from posturion. I call it a good deal because of the ridiculously low pricing and the high-quality features.

I am more than ready to make this piece my chair of choice. The adjustments are very accommodating, while the seat and back support perfectly serve their purposes.

For a price tag below $300, the high back ergonomic office chair with a headrest is in every aspect worth your while.

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