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Gel Vs Memory Foam Seat Cushion: What’s the Difference?

Sitting down- a basic physical action that most humans should be able to do.

However, some people suffer from tailbone pain, hemorrhoids symptoms, hip pain, sciatica, pregnancy-related pain, and other similar discomforts that makes it hard for them to sit.

Orthopedic seat cushions are, therefore, necessary.

So, what’s the difference between gel seat cushions and memory foam cushions?

Lets get right to it!

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What is a Memory Foam Cushion?

Viscoelastic polyurethane, together with a combination of other chemicals, form the foundation for memory foam cushions.

The materials aim at making the cushion more durable, improve its density and promote viscosity.

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NASA developed the first memory foam cushion over a century ago. At the time, the product’s main task was to help cushion both passengers and pilots in case of a crash or accident.

Also known as temper foam, memory foam cushion has materials that can foam bubbles (cells) that remain open to allow air to circulate freely.

As a result, the foam is breathable and improves its cushioning abilities.

Today, memory foam cushions are popular in the healthcare, watercraft, automotive, and radiation industries.

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What is a Gel-Infused Seat Cushion?

A gel-infused cushion is almost similar to a memory foam cushion only that the former has gel infused into it, therefore, making it firmer.

Gel infusion can be achieved in three different ways including swirling liquid gel into the memory foam, adding a layer of gel on top of the cushion, and adding gel microbeads or capsules on the cushion.

The addition of gel to memory foams help make the products cooler, breathable, and comfortable.

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The Benefits of Both Memory Foam and Gel Foam Cushions

Regardless of whether you opt for a memory foam or a gel-infused one, you stand to benefit from the following basic advantages:

Alignment of the Spine

As you go about your daily activities, it is possible that you might assume the wrong posture when driving, sitting at your computer or sleeping in an odd position.

The result of compromising your spine is that it may cause a misalignment.

A misaligned spine can lead to conditions such as arthritis, stenosis, and severe back pain amongst other life-threatening diseases.

Having the perfect foam, whether a memory foam or a gel-infused foam, can help you sit upright and in a comfortable position.

As a result, your spine will remain upright and therefore prevent the problems that come with spine misalignment.

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Pain and Pressure Relief

If you experience pain in your sciatic nerve or coccyx, finding a perfect foam seat is a wise decision.

These products work by cradling your lower body throughout your sitting time while relieving pressure and pain from your back.

It doesn’t matter whether you are working round the clock or driving over long distances, these products have the ability to absorb pressure and make you comfortable.

Looking for something special? Check out Tempur Pedic’s seat cushion (full review).

Suitable for Both Men and Women

Today, it is possible to find a memory foam product that suits both men and women. For pregnant women, the donut pillow provides additional support thereby making them more comfortable and with adequate support.

On the other hand, there is a gender-specific ergonomic design that makes it possible for men to benefit from these products as well.

Easy Portability

Both memory foams and gel-infused foams are easily portable. The manufacturers understand that you will have to move your products every now and then and that is why they have made the foams light and therefore easy to carry around.

Easily Washable

The covers of both memory foams and gel-infused foams are removable and washable. Moreover, the covers are breathable making them free from bacteria and germs.

The Key Differences between Memory and Gel Foams

At the end of the day, both memory foams and gel-infused foams are slightly different. This means that they must vary in some of their features and eventually, how they perform. The Key difference between these products include:

1. Heat Retention

As time passes by, there have been plenty of improvements and innovations that have made memory forms better than they were originally. One of the aspects that has greatly improved is the heat retention abilities.

The older versions of memory foams retained a lot of heat and were uncomfortable. Today, manufacturers have come up with ways to mitigate this effect. For example, there are ventilation holes that make the products more breathable and comfortable.

However, with that said, gel-infused foams are still better when it comes to heat retention. This can be attributed to their microbeads that help them maintain coolness and do away with heat.

2. Density

Again, gel-infused foams beat memory foams on this front. Thanks to the presence of microbeads that gel-infused foams have, they are denser, firmer, and comfortable as compared to the traditional memory foams.

Is Gel or Memory Foam Better for Seat Cushion?

There is no doubt that deciding the right seat cushion is critical in determining your comfort and preventing some health issues. For that reason, we recommend gel-infused seat cushions because they are firmer and more breathable.

We acknowledge that the traditional memory foams have undergone massive improvements ever since their original development over 50 years ago. Manufacturers have continually come up with ways to do away with heat retention and making the foams more comfortable.

However, the traditional memory foams are no match for the gel-infused foams. If you are looking for high-density support, comfort, and a properly-ventilated foam, a gel-infused seat cushion is your perfect option.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Seat Cushion

In as much as we can vouch for gel-infused foams, the decision lies with you.

When out to purchase any of these products, it is critical to consider factors such as your budget, your preferred density support (whether high or low), ventilation/ cooling, resilience, and the areas of your body that you intend to support.

The Key Takeaway

Regardless of whether you opt for a memory foam or gel-infused seat cushion, we all agree that it is necessary to be comfortable when sitting down. Various factors can cause discomfort when someone assumes the position of sitting.

Depending on what the cause for discomfort is, you should be able to find a perfect seat cushion that will boost your comfort and prevent complications.


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