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Fomi Thick Seat Cushion Review

Today we are going to review the Fomi Thick Seat Cushion: an orthopedic seat cushion that can be used in many cases.

We are going to analyze all the characteristics and advantages of this top rated seat cushion.

Let’s start!

2022 Starting Price

The starting price of this pillow is less than 40 dollars.

Depending on the type and size, the price can increase to under $65.

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The manufacturer of this cushion is the American company FOMI.

Country of Origin

The product we are talking about today was produced in the USA.


  • Dimensions: 18.03 x 16.61 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 5.64 Pounds
  • Color: Black shell, blue/blue interior


Lightweight and portable

This cushion is very light and perfect to carry around. You can use it not only at home but also on many other occasions.

Pain relief

Helps prevent, relieve and treat a variety of pain conditions from coccyx problems, lumbar strain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease and others.

Removable cover

The outer cover is very easy to remove and can be machine washed without any problems.

Distributes weight evenly

Thanks to the technology developed by this company, this pillow distributes the weight evenly, promoting the correct position of the spine.

Return Policy

You can return the product you have purchased within 14 days from the day of delivery. If you accidentally purchase a product from the website, you can cancel your order within 2 hours.


FOMI’s warranty covers problems related to the malfunction of its products or in case of possible factory errors. It does not guarantee the case of breakage or damage of the product by the customer.

Should your product be delivered damaged, you can contact the company directly through their service center to proceed with the product exchange.


FOMI exports its products all over the world. If you live in the USA the average delivery time is about 1 or 2 working days.


It is not necessary to assemble anything. The product is ready to use.

Build Quality

The quality of the materials with which this cushion is made is very high. Attention to the choice of materials is crucial in the production of this pillow as the main objective of this pillow is to ensure maximum comfort for all those with spinal problems.

Scope of Users

The Fomi thick seat cushion is mainly used by all those who:

Seat Cushion Comfort

Comfort is a key element of this product since it is designed with the aim of solving the problems of discomfort due to uncomfortable chairs.

Comfort is also and especially guaranteed for all people with problems related to a sedentary lifestyle (back pain, sciatica, etc.).

Advanced column instability technology disperses body weight evenly, eliminating pressure on uncomfortable pressure points.

Color Options

There are no multiple color options. The inside of the cushion is light blue and the outside cover is black.

What I like


One of the key elements in favor of this cushion is its great versatility, since it can be used at home, when driving, in the office, on the plane or wherever you want.

Easy to carry

Another key point in favor, linked to the previous one, is that this seat cushion is very easy to transport.

Perfect for people in pain

This is probably the biggest advantage of this product, since it was made to solve this problem. Thanks to the technology with which it is made, it is able to distribute the weight evenly, thus solving the pain of excessive sitting.

Different sizes

Another great advantage is that there are various sizes of this product, so that it can be adapted to various situations

What I Don’t Like


A small disadvantage of this pillow is the fact that there is no possibility to choose the colour you prefer.

Bottom Line

The fomi thick seat cushion is the perfect cushion for you if you have a sedentary job or lead a sedentary life. This cushion is perfect for you because it prevents a whole range of ailments resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. If you already suffer from these problems, this cushion is also designed for you, as it relieves back and sciatic nerve pain.

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