Medical Memory Foam Donut Pillows for Tailbone Pain

If you looking for a donut pillow for tailbone pain, hemorrhoids, pregnancy or more, you are in the right place!

The donut pillow owes its name to its shape-the round shape with a hole at the center.
It can alleviate tailbone pain quite effectively and make sitting a whole more comfortable.

Having a few soft and portable donut pillows around your house when you experience things like tailbone pain, coccyx discomfort, hemorrhoids, post-op, pregnancy or any other negative symptoms from sitting, during your pregnancy period would do you good – pain and discomfort will be a thing of the past.

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About Donut Pillows

The donut pillow is a smart way to deal with tailbone pain-pain relief experts can attest to this. Other benefits include improved blood flow, prevention of bed sores, and pain-free long-term sitting.

Sciatica, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and post-surgical patients are among the many people advised to use donut pillows.

You do not need a prescription to use a donut pillow. If you experience pain when sitting just order one from the many outlets online.

There is however a special class of persons who need donut pillows more than others- seniors with mobility issues and people with severe pressure sores.

If you fall and injure your tail bone or coccyx, try using a donut pillow to relieve the pain while the tailbone heal.


They argue that with the pillow shaped like a donut and the hole at the center, there is no cushion for the affected area-this can worsen the pain. To them, donut pillows are not the perfect solution to hemorrhoids.

Benefits Of Using A Donut Pillows

It Acts On Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Even with some hemorrhoid experts discouraging their use, donut pillows are mainly used to relieve hemorrhoid pain.

Hemorrhoid causes inflammation of various tissues and veins around the rectal area and anus. Hemorrhoid patients experience severe pain when sitting the conventional way-this is due to the pressure inflicted on the affected area.

Instead of focusing the pressure on the tailbone, it distributes it evenly across the cross-section. Donut pillows are an excellent pain relief mechanism.

One fact is evident, however; donut pillows do not prevent hemorrhoids but can make the recovery process less painful. These seat cushions are perfect pain relief products.

Regulates Pressure And Improves Blood Flow

Most of our daily activities involve sitting down mainly on the office chair. Long-term sitting can affect the soft tissue-like a seat cushion, the donut pillow reduces the pressure inflicted on this area.

Your body weight can easily affect normal blood circulation, especially in the legs. If you sit for long without moving much, you risk damaging your sacrum and buttocks. Constant compression coupled with limited mobility is a cocktail for trouble.

The donut pillow for example comes with a hole in the middle which helps alleviate pressure from the affected areas and focus it onto the less painful parts of the buttocks.

Offers Relief To Sciatica Patients

The sciatic nerve sometimes suffers from a slight irritation which with time develops into a condition experts call sciatica. You will feel the pain around the thigh, and knee all the way to the back.

Its complexity makes it quite difficult to treat with many opting for the management option. Research however shows that with a proper seat cushion, you can reduce the discomfort tremendously.

A donut pillow will help alleviate the pressure although the results are subjective.

When combined with other worthy and proven treatments, the donut pillow delivers beyond expectations as far as pressure relief is concerned.

Offers Support To Mothers During And After Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, a donut pillow will come in handy in dealing with the pain that comes with all-day immobility. Donut pillows are a best seller solution for mothers.

Sitting for long periods results in discomfort which is even worse when carrying pregnancy weight. The donut pillow is ergonomically built to offer relief where it’s most needed.

Some women after delivery have to deal with perineal tissue tearing, it’s pretty common. The size or severity of the tear might be small but the resulting pain is unbearable.

By relieving pressure from the anal area, the donut pillow creates a less painful environment for recovery after birthing the baby.

If you can, combine this seat cushion with other treatments like sitz baths and more. Ice packs too help speed up the recovery process and reduce the effects of bed sores on your butt.

Improves Posture

For those experiencing issues with their posture balance, a donut pillow is just what they need to properly align their muscles. After a few days of use, you should notice an improvement in blood flow which is important for healthy blood vessels and nerves.

If you recently underwent back surgery, a donut pillow is a must-have for you.

Versatile In Applicability

A donut pillow is so light and compact you can move it from your chair, car, or wheelchair with ease. If you like, you can even use it on your flights; they don’t have restrictions on seat cushions.

One aspect about these cushions that makes them the product of choice is their low prices. Compared to other forms of treatment and pain management solutions, donut pillows are very cheap.

Easy To Clean

The removable covers that come with the cushions are easy to clean (some might even have mesh cover). If you change the pillow covers regularly, your cushion will retain the new look for longer even after using for long periods.

Reduced Herniated Disc Pain

This is pain caused by the constant rotation of the spine. This mostly happens as you try finding a comfortable position. With a donut pillow, you will be comfortable and will not need to constantly shift- the discomfort will be eliminated.

Types Of Donut Pillows

Donut pillows come in different types- knowledge about the types will come in handy when selecting the best donut pillow for pressure relief. Below is a quick run-through of some of the most common types of donut pillows available in the market and the much they can do for your tailbone.

Inflatable Donut Pillows

As the name suggests, inflatable donut pillows are filled with air. You will most likely find them made out of rubber or vinyl and must be inflated before sitting on them.

Inflatable donut pillows are the most affordable and are the choice for most first-time buyers.

By adding or reducing air, you can regulate its firmness. Inflated donut pillows are pretty reliable although they are plagued by leaks if used for long periods.

Polyurethane Foam PU

PU donut pillows are slightly similar to the inflatable pillows but better. They come with soft spongy foam which offers comfort, support, and better health all in one-its all we all need.

Memory Foam

On the donut pillows’ list, the memory foam pillows are the perfect depiction of comfort, support, and resilience. They take the body’s shape when in use but spring back to their original shape when relieved. They rarely lose shape even after extended use, they are the most recommended option.

7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Donut Pillow

If you have plans to buy a donut cushion, the list below will help in selecting the best cushion for yourself.


A standard donut cushion is 15 to 20 inches but before you carry one home, ensure it can support your needs.  As you get one that fits your shape, ensure the pillow fits the chair or car seat you plan to use it on. Whether you will use it at work or home, keep the size factor in mind. A well sized dense foam pillow will help lower back pain as you sit.


Donut pillows are available in multiple densities. They could be soft, squishy, firm, or stiff- you will feel them as you sit. Soft pillows are pleasing to use but only in the short term, after extended use, only the high density foam pillow retains its shape. Weak cushions can’t support heavy weight.

Try touching and pressing the pillow to get a feel of its density and make your decision based on your findings. Memory foam cushions a e the most dense.


Some manufacturers build their seat cushions to accommodate cutouts which improves comfort and offer tailbone pain relief . The cutouts benefit tailbone injury patients greatly.

To relieve pressure on the tail bone, the cushions come with coccyx cutouts that make sitting less painful. Other improved versions have contours around the legs to improve blood flow and oxygen circulation. A cushion that reduces coccyx pain and tailbone pain can be helpful.

Removable Covers

Washing the memory foam pillow is near impossible. To keep them clean, manufacturers add a removable cover to the package-it is made out of light fabric. All you need is to regularly wash the cushion cover-a cushion with a washable and removable case is more hygienic.

Method Of Cooling

Sitting for extended periods can result in undue heating on your buttocks and lower body. A donut pillow with adequate airflow will help keep you cool and you won’t need physical therapist to deal with the heat.

The donut seat is equipped with cooling gels and ventilation ducts which help reduce heat retention and make your office time more pleasing.

If you want a memory foam cushion why not get it with all the heat management features in place.

Non Slip Features

Donut pillows are mostly used by people with discomfort or out of surgery, a pillow slipping from underneath them will only make them suffer more.

Before you settle on a donut pillow, ensure its non-slip features are in place so its helpful to the person.


The money factor plays a major role in all purchases especially in the health area. The inflatable low-density pillows might be low on price but the other options don’t come cheap. To get a worthy and durable donut pillow, you will have to fork out a figure.

Cheap foam pillows are good for short-term use but if you plan on using your cushion for long, you’d better get high-quality versions.

Donut Pillows Considerations For Seniors

Seniors are special users, when selecting a donut pillow for them, ensure you get the most suitable beauty might not matter much. There are a few aspects you can employ in selection so you settle on the best quality foam cushion.


The reason they need the foam pillow will aid in selecting the best pillow for them. They could need it to deal with the constant back pain that comes with extended sitting. If this is the case, ensure the pillow is well structured and load-bearing.

If they need it for better sitting, there are multiple options in the market for that particular problem. They are strong and push the body up and keep it upright.

Others just want it for more comfort on the couch or bed side. All donut pillows can serve this purpose but you can get them a more spongy type. A good pillow will help improve their health.


Most of these cushions are lightweight but since we are talking about a senior, we ought to go with the lightest coccyx cushion.

You don’t want your elderly uncle struggling to move their pillow from the couch to the rocking chair. If you can, get them a cushion with a carrying bag so they can take them on flights too.

Weight Bearing

Most seniors are considerably heavy, ensure the pillow you get them can handle the extra load unless you want to grow thin in no time. If not the cushion will soon lose shape and start distributing the load unevenly, they will really feel the discomfort.

Bottom Line

Back pain, hemorrhoid, and sciatica can be painful health conditions. Pain management medication is also expensive but with donut cushions, you can deal with that issue very cheaply.

For only a few dollars you can get yourself a comfortable pillow that will come with all the designs and additions to help alleviate any pressure on your tailbone and coccyx.