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Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion Review

Today we are going to review the Comfilife gel enhanced ergonomic seat cushion, a very special cushion and suitable for you if you have a sedentary job that forces you to sit for hours at a desk.

We will try to understand what are the characteristics of this product its advantages and disadvantages so as to understand if it can be perfect for you.

Let’s get started!

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2022 Starting Price

The starting price of this product is under $35.

However, the price may increase to under $60 depending on the model.

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The manufacturer of this cushion is ComfiLife, the company that produces some of the best quality seat cushions out there.

Country of Origin

This pillow was produced in the USA.


  • Weight: 1.45 Pounds
  • Size: 17.6 x 13.8 x 2.75 inches
  • Removable cover: yes
  • Color: grey/black/blue


Let’s see now the advantages of this product.

Removable cover

The outside of the cushion has a removable and washable cover

Relieves pressure

Ergonomically designed seat cushion provides maximum support and comfort by reducing pressure on the coccyx/coccyx and promotes a correct posture

Pain relief

Provides relief from lower back pain and sciatica

Promotes good back posture

Thanks to its shape, it promotes the correct position of the spine with all the resulting benefits


The underside of the cushion is non-slip and prevents the cushion from slipping on the base of the chair.

Return Policy

If you order this cushion directly from the ComfiLife website you will have the opportunity to return the product within 60 days of delivery without specifying the reason for return.


ComfiLife guarantees that the products are in perfect condition.

If you receive a damaged product, you can ask for an exchange of the product without further payment.

ComfiLife does not guarantee its products in case of loss or damage by the final consumer.


ComfiLife sells its products all over the world. If you order the pillow from the USA within 3 working days you will receive your product at home.

If you order from a foreign country the delivery time may be longer.

In this case we recommend to contact our service department.


This is not necessary. The product is ready for use.

Build Quality

The quality of the materials is excellent in order to guarantee a unique experience for the consumer.

The material used for this product is memory foam, which is one of the best materials on the market for its characteristics.

Scope of Users

This product is used in multiple contexts and is very versatile.

It is used for people who have to study or work for a long time at their desk, but also for people who have to drive a lot.

This cushion is very versatile and is perfect in many cases like for people who:

Seat Cushion Comfort

Comfort is guaranteed with this product.

Due to the use of memory foam the seat comfort is perfect.

This cushion is also designed for people who have to sit for a long time and its comfort lasts for a long time.

Color Options

There are three color options:

  • dark blue
  • black
  • grey

What I Like


It may seem trivial, but the comfort of this pillow is unparalleled. Thanks to the use of memory foam, the pillow does not deform and adapts to the shape of the body.

Breathable product

The product is breathable and therefore keeps the seat cool even after many hours. It is perfect for people who work in offices and have to sit for long periods of time.


This product is easily transportable, which is a great advantage as it can be used in many contexts.

Promotes good posture

Thanks to its shape, this cushion promotes good posture of the spine. This is a great point in favour of this product as very often when sitting for many hours it is easy to assume incorrect positions.

What I Don’t Like

Zipped liner closure

This is a small disadvantage of this pillow. Since the cushion cover is zipped up, it can happen that the zip breaks and in this case it is very difficult to repair the cushion.

Bottom line

The Comfilife gel enhanced seat cushion remains a beautiful cushion suitable for many situations.

Whether you don’t have back pain or you do, this cushion will provide great seating comfort even after many hours.

Perfect for students or those who lead sedentary lives.

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