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Budget-Friendly High Back Office Chair Review

Nothing does your body better than a well-designed office chair.

Sitting for over six hours on a poorly built chair can have negative effects on your spine-you might not feel it in the short term but in due time the pain will catch up with you.

Posturion-your comfort partner has gone to all lengths to create just the right chair for you, the budget-friendly high back office chair under $300.

This piece of office furniture is the perfect embodiment of class and convenience at its best. The quality material and high-strength mesh for only $199 is value for money.

Budget-Friendly High Back Office Chair Under $200 Review Snapshot


  • Increased comfort
  • Easy assembly
  • Good for back pain patients
  • Strong build
  • Well priced
  • Swift delivery
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh
  • 250 lbs
  • 12- Limited Warranty


  • The seat could use some more cushion
  • Limited 250 lbs


The budget-friendly high back office chair under $200 is a product of the posturion product development team.

With years of experience backed by extensive consultation, posturion produces some of the best office chairs the market has to offer.

Country Of Origin

Posturion is an established brand in the United States of America.

The chair is manufactured in PRC.


  • Material: metallic, mesh, and fabric
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Item weight: 25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26.97″ x 23.45″ x 44.69″-48.42″ (L x W x H)
  • Height: 44.69”-48.42”
  • Floor to floor seat height: 17.52-21.26”
  • Backrest Dimensions: 20.07″ x 27.56″ (W x H)
  • Seat width: 19.29”


  • 2D- headrest that is adjustable and inclinable upwards and downwards
  • Sophisticated designs in the armrests and high-quality padding
  • The tilt rock mode can do up to 120 degrees
  • Soft and strongly built memory foam seat
  • The back is built out of breathable mesh
  • The casters can do 360-degrees swiveling
  • Easy and user-friendly height adjustment
  • Stability improved by sturdy 5-claw frame
  • A coat hanger is added on the back for convenience
  • The casters are heavy duty but still carpet friendly

2022 Starting Price

For only $199, you can have this piece of modern sophist action in your office. The price is set to reflect the many comfort features that come with the product. The long-term benefits of having this chair on your premises are endless.

If you are looking for a chair that will not hurt both your account and spine, go for the budget-friendly high back office chair under $200 from posturion.

All this comes accompanied by a 30-day return policy and a 12-month warranty to ease your fears.

Return Policy

Even with all the assurance of efficiency in the shipping protocols, the consumer needs some sought of guarantee that their money is safe.

Posturion understands your fears and has offered you a 30 –day period within which you can return the chair if it fails to match your expectations.

If the chair reaches you while damaged, posturion is ready to ship you the affected parts or replace the damaged duct-this depends on the extent of the damage.


The chair comes with a full 12-month limited warranty. You can buy your chair without any fears of damages-12 months are enough to get a feel of the product.

If the product develops issues during this period, posturion takes full responsibility-they will send you a replacement at no extra cost.


Once your order is processed, you can expect your chair to reach you within 7-business days. Posturion sends you a package with 1 office chair, a set of assembly tools, and a user’s manual.


For easy and safe shipping, the chair is delivered in parts. Posturion throws in a set of assembly tools and a user’s manual although the latter is of no use- the parts are pretty direct.

Verified buyers talked about 12 minutes’ assembly time, this is quick enough for any assembly.

Build Quality

Posturion left nothing out, the quality present in this product is just impeccable. The mere design is to die for and quite hard to come by.

The well-set armrest with added padding is only available in high-end luxury chairs but posturion chose to offer us a taste of the finer things.

The seat and back support are all built from high-quality material-some things one needs to feel in order to comprehend.

Scope of Users

The seat’s dimensions have set this product’s scope of users pretty wide. The up to 48.42 seat height and 250 pounds weight capacity accommodate the average person adequately.

The aesthetics are also worth the price-the seat fits well in any well-to-do office.

Seat Comfort

The seat is made out of engineered memory foam and high-quality mesh fabric which is pretty elastic and durable.

Back Support

Features like the lumbar support and adjustable headrest make the chair as comfortable as you would ever want it.

The mesh in the back support allows for adequate aeration to reduce sweating and discomfort during the summer.

Armrest Comfort

The armrests are built strong and firmly attached to the seat and backrest. They are also padded to reduce discomfort during long sitting hours.

Ergonomic Adjustments

To make the seat more comfortable, the head rest was made adjustable and the backrest was made to tilt up to 120 degrees. The height adjustments and the 360-degree swivel are a few more ergonomic additions.

Color Options

Posturion offers the chair in multiple colors but the most common are black and gray.

Caster Wheels

This chair utilizes the best castor wheels the world has ever seen. These rollers are both strong and at the same time easy on carpets. You can cruise around your office with minimal fears.

What I Like

The Detachable Headrest

We all like the headrest; it provides a soft spot to lay our heads as we fantasize about past escapades. There is however a special class of people –me included that sometimes wish the headrest was just not there.

Posturion heard our cries and made the headrest on the budget-friendly high back office chair removable.

The Mesh Back Support And Lumbar Cushioning

Our backs are pretty sensitive and a few weeks of poor alignment can have painful repercussions. To safeguard us, posturion added lumbar support to the budget-friendly high back office chair under $200.

The mesh self aligns with our backs to eliminate any gaps and at the same time allows for free flow of air.

The Memory Foam Seats

Most chair seats tend to lose shape after a few months of intensive use but not the budget-friendly high back office chair under $200. The memory foam utilized in making the seats is both strong and long-lasting- you can never go wrong with well-engineered memory foam.

What I Don’t Like

The Need For Assembly

The shipping in parts is justified but not all of us like to buy a product and still have to take to fix it up. I would appreciate it more if I got my chair ready to use.

The Seat Needs More Cushion

The seat is well built but a little more cushioning would go a long way. The memory foam might not lose shape but with time it starts to get hard and might cause blisters.

Bottom Line

The budget friendly high back office chair is in all aspects a worthy piece of furniture. The design and build are truly a work of art.

The headrest comes with a coat hanger to add to the styling. The lumbar support on the back support ensures your back is safe-sitting all day can hurt your back if the chair is not well built.

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