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US Remote Work Statistics (July, 2022)

The percentage of people in the United States who work remotely has been on the rise in recent years, and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. We polled 1,593 US residents in July, 2022, in order to find out how many of them currently work remotely based on gender and age. […]

UK Seat Belt Usage Statistics 2022

Seat belt usage in the United Kingdom has been compulsory since 1983, and there are strict penalties for not wearing one. Despite this, a significant minority of people still do not use seat belts, which can lead to serious injuries or even death in an accident. We conducted a study using a survey of 1,146 […]

US Seat Belt Usage Statistics 2022

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022How many people in the US do actually wear seat belts while driving? What’s the seat belt usage difference between genders and ages? We polled 1501 US residents in order to find that out… In this article we put together the result of our proprietary research for USA seat belt […]

$10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope: What Else Did Truckers Help To Get Up There?

Last updated on July 20th, 2022Only two days ago we got the news about how James Webb, the largest telescope that humanity has put up there, took the most complete image of the Universe (which is equivalent in size to a tiny sand particle that you’d hold at your arm’s length). You might be surprised […]

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are certain professions that make people susceptible to this common condition. There are four main types of hemorrhoids: internal prolapsed external thrombosed hemorrhoids Let’s go into a little more details about every one of them… Internal Hemorrhoids These types are found inside the rectum and could be painless. The hemorrhoids lie deep in the […]

Who is More Susceptible to Hemorrhoids?

There are different types of hemorrhoids but the most susceptible demographic to hemorrhoid development is pregnant women. The condition may occur from hormonal changes and pressure from the fetus, causing the anal vessels and rectal vein walls to expand abnormally. Another major cause of hemorrhoids is sitting for long hours. That means long-haul truck drivers […]

Do Seat Cushions Help Sciatica?

Do you feel pain diverging along the sciatic nerve from the lower back when you sit down? Does one of your legs or both get numb or feel weak from time to time? If you answered yes to these questions, you probably have sciatica. Today, many people have to work while sitting throughout the day. […]

How to Choose Seat Cushion

Most office workers find themselves working for up to 8 hours a day, and as you have guessed it, sitting for long hours may cause a lot of problems to your back and the waist. Because of the problems related to sitting for long hours, most people nowadays have resolved to use quality sitting cushions […]

How to Sit on a Seat Cushion

Human beings spend a more significant portion of their life sitting down. Sitting is crucial for relaxing and taking the weight off your legs, but can be harmful if done too much or in the wrong way. While sitting, much of your body weight is exerted to the coccyx, hips, and sit bones. This can […]

Should You Get a Cushion for Your Office Chair?

Last updated on October 25th, 2021Are you worried about the discomfort your office chair is causing? Should you get a cushion for your office chair, or does it not matter? The truth is that a cushioned seat makes sitting more comfortable and whether you are working at home or in an office, this article will tell […]

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