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10 Best Seat Cushions for Hemorrhoids

Sitting on hard surfaces for long hours could lead to Hemorrhoids, a dreadful threat to the human body.

In worst-case scenarios, this excruciating condition could lead to a swelling of veins in the rectum.

The discomfort is compared to that of a patient suffering from varicose veins.

Sadly, hemorrhoids have become a prevalent health complication worldwide.

A report by Baltimore Sun confirmed that the condition could affect up to 5% of the general population, particularly adults over 50 years.

The good news, however, is that there is a way out!

If you’re already suffering from the pain, we bring you a solution today: the office chair seat cushion for hemorrhoids!

Best Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

This review outlines the top 10 best cushions for hemorrhoids and includes a brief overview of each pillow, followed by their main benefits.

Read along and discover more!

Deluxe Hemorrhoid Pillow™ For Comfortable All Day Sitting or Driving

  • Weight Limit: 200 LBS / 91 kg
  • Cushion Weight: 1.1 LB / 0.5 kg
  • Cushion Size: 17.3″ x 16″ x 3″ / 44 x 40.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Material: 100% memory foam
  • Softness Level: 8
  • Color Options: Lavender Gray, Admiral Blue

If you were looking for a top quality pillow for hemorrhoids management, then Posturion’s Delxue Hemorrhoid Pillow might be exactly what you need.

Designed out of cushy (yet firm) memory foam, it will carefully redistribute the weight off the painful areas (e.g. anus, tailbone, coccyx).

Unlike many other cushions, this option is made out of top quality memory foam that not only is not covered with mold (that’s standard) but it also doesn’t get flat with time.

In fact, the warranty for it is 2 years!

Highly-breathable machine-washable cover that you can quickly throw in for a wash, as well as anti-skid surface will keep the pillow exactly where you want it to be.

Orthopedic Donut Cushion for Hemorrhoids

  • Weight Limit: 250 LBS / 113 kg
  • Cushion Weight: 1.1 LB / 0.5 kg
  • Cushion Size: 17.3″ x 16″ x 3″ / 44 x 40.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Material: 100% slow rebound memory foam
  • Softness Level: 7
  • Color Options: navy blue, coffee brown, rose pink, lady purple

Give your lower back a treat by allowing it to rest on this orthopedic donut seat cushion for hemorrhoids.  The donut pillow comes ready to offer additional support and relieve any unpleasant discomfort, pain, and pressure. It ranks among the best affordable pain relief pillows.

Coming in at only 1.1lb and an overall dimension of 17.3″ x 16″ x 3″, you’ll love the cushion’s lightweight and portable nature. It’s pain-relief multi-functional characteristics and lets you carry it almost anywhere… office chair, dinner table, car, or on the plane. And so, no need to buy many cushions – one is enough!

The donut cushion boasts a gender-specific ergonomic design. That means it will serve both men and women exactly where it’s needed. Pregnant mothers and post-surgery patients will also find the pillow handy for pain relief.

Its ergonomic design almost effortlessly helps the body to maintain the ideal sitting posture. You will soon forget about the coccyx, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain.

And since it comes in different variants, you can always choose what best suits your needs.

More good news: the cushion is designed with long lasting memory foam. If you’re sitting for many hours, this foam will still look after your back and help with tailbone pain relief. Comfort all day long!

Main Benefits

  • Multi-use pain relief functionality
  • It can be used by both men and women
  • It gives a comfortable and firm support
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Orthopedic Foam Donut Ring Cushion for Sitting

Though this pain relief Hemorrhoid donut Cushion does not come with any fancy looks, its medium firmness comes ready to hold a maximum weight of up to 200 lbs.

It makes any hard surface more comfortable thanks to its generous dimensions of 17’’ by 13.8’’ by 2.8’’.

It is a therapist-endorsed donut pillow, well-designed, and firm.

Therefore, If you’re struggling with sitting for long periods because of disturbing hemorrhoids, accidents, tailbone pain, or post-surgery pain, the donut-shaped cushion will help you put a stop to this discomfort.

The most outstanding feature of the cushion is its innovation and quality construction. This durable pillow is sure to serve you well.

It is light and portable for ultimate convenience. You can now use it in your home office or wheelchair.

Main Benefits

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Medium firmness
  • Therapist-endorsed donut pillow
  • Light and portable for ultimate convenience
  • It offers the perfect balance between support and comfort

Posturion Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Sciatica

Do you suffer from chronic, persistent lower back pain?

Maybe your sciatica is screaming after a long day at the office, or your tailbone is sore from that recent sports injury.

Did you recently have a baby?

Either way, this memory foam seat cushion from Posturion has your needs covered.

The soft memory foam seat cushion is designed to offer 3D support to guarantee it meets your individual needs.

Along with a clever orthopedic design and slow rebound memory foam for optimal comfort.

This seat cushion has so much to offer, such as…

  • Orthopedic Design: the specially placed opening in the center of the cushion is designed to relieve pressure, while the extra softness aids in instant pain relief.
  • Stable Construction: this cushion truly does hug you. With wrap around technology, you will feel secure, safe, and completely stable while utilizing this cushion. It also features rubber dots on the bottom to keep it secure in any chair.
  • Convenience: the removable and machine washable cover adds unbeatable convenience when it comes time to freshen up your cushion. A handle is attached, and the cushion easily folds in half to make transport and travel effortless.

There are, of course, a few drawbacks…

  • Weight Limit: the softer memory foam does come with a 200lb weight limit, making this cushion less then ideal for a heavier person.
  • Less Firm: due to the lack of firmness from the softer memory foam, the cushion will deflate slightly after longer use in one sitting.

This is a softer memory foam cushion; however, it does bounce back quickly and offers almost instant pain relief.

It has a beautiful design and offers many conveniences, but at the end of the day it will seriously improve your pain and offer amazing support that cannot be beat. Get yours today!

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Posturion Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair. Proven Tailbone, Sciatica, Lower Back Pain Relief

Sitting for long hours needn’t be such a pain in the “ass!” That’s where this orthopedic memory foam comes in. So, what are the unique features of this cushion?

Its contoured U-shaped design gently suspends your tailbone to promote even bodyweight distribution. This, in turn, releases and eliminates pain in your buttocks, tailbone, hips, and spine.

You’ll not just buy a “cushion pillow” but a guarantee to sit in freedom all day long! Furthermore, the firm orthopedic cushion helps you achieve a healthier posture without pain!

Use the cushion in your car, plane, train, or office chair. It comes ready to serve you anywhere, anytime. That means you can carry it anytime you’re stepping out of your house.

Enjoy the comfort of its durable memory foam that enhances your sitting comfort. The foam serves you well, and you can use it repeatedly without sagging or sinking.

The breathable and washable cover’s soft texture and blue color increase its aesthetic appeal. It will be a great addition to your chair or desk.

And cleaning is a breeze – simply remove the cushion’s soft cover, wash it, and the pillow will look lovely again.

Main Benefits

  • It gives a firm and stable support
  • Multi-use functionality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It has a soft washable cover
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

This pillow would be well complemented by the lumbar cushion.

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Posturion Gel Donut Seat Cushion Pillow for Tailbone Pain & Coccyx

Here’s another donut cushion designed to provide butt and spine pain relief. It is ideal for your home, office, car, computer chair, or even wheelchair.

The firm orthopedic construction offers exceptional coccyx support for treating pressure sores, hemorrhoids, sciatica, and coccyx injury.

Enjoy its innovative gel/memory foam layer that gives a contoured and compact feel. The recess in the centre and compacted foam mixture alleviates the pressure in the target area(s), giving you a comfortable posture.

The underside cushion boasts a non-slip material to make the pad stay in place without sliding or shifting. These features make it ideal for pregnant mothers and post-surgery patients.

The pillow comes with a standard size of 17’’ by 14’’ by 2.8’’. It is recommended for weights of up to 350 lbs.

Its machine-washable soft cover makes cleaning very convenient. Wash it at 86°F in your machine, and you’ll be good to go!

Main Benefits

  • Designed from non-toxic materials
  • You can use it almost anywhere
  • Supports a generous weight of up to 350 lbs
  • It is an innovative gel-memory foam hybrid
  • Designed to provide comfort and support to the butt and spine

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DMI Donut Pillow and Seat Cushion

If you’re still looking to reduce the pressure off your tailbone while sitting on hard chairs, the DMI Donut Pillow and Seat Cushion is the right way to go!

This seat cushion boasts a high-density foam that retains the firm shape, even when seating for extended hours. It will perfectly mould your body contours, giving you maximum support and comfort.

Orthopedics recommend the pillow to patients suffering from prostate issues, hemorrhoids, or women experiencing pregnancy-related pains.

Make this supportive donut pillow your everywhere companion. It will serve you wherever you go, from your home, car, office, or even wheelchair. The pain relief donut cushion does not disappoint!

Its ring-shape design conforms to the body contours to provide natural comfort and optimal support. Its high-density foam will keep its original shape even after repeated use. That means you don’t have to worry about buying more hemorrhoid pillows every month.

You can easily clean the removable polyester cotton. When dirty, remove it and let your washing machine do the remaining job!

Main Benefits

  • Soft, machine washable cover
  • It prevents the build-up of pressure and brings pain relief to the lower extremities
  • The ideal travel companion
  • High-density foam construction
  • It retains its original shape even after repeated use

Aylio Donut Luxury Cushion

Orthopedic doctors consistently recommend the Aylio Donut Luxury Seat Cushion for patients battling hemorrhoids, bed Sores,  body tingling, or general body numbness.

Indeed, there has never been a better way of enjoying hemorrhoid pressure- and pain-free commutes. Here’s an opportunity to upgrade your car seat and be ready for a relaxing drive.

The donut pillow understands best to alleviate pressure from the central area (mainly from the butts and hips), where sitting discomfort is likely to originate.

You’ll appreciate its completely redesigned ergonomic shape that also relieves pressure points and helps you maintain the proper sitting posture.

Meanwhile, its “spacer mesh” surface and high-density memory foam all ensure you get incredible lasting lower back pain relief, support, and comfort. The supportive cushion is firm and comfortable enough to support any weight capacity.

The bonus feature herein is the included carry handle. It comes in handy in transporting the cushion, and you can take it almost anywhere.

What are you still waiting for? Go for Aylio Donut Luxury Seat Cushion and forget about the nagging pressure and chronic pains on your sit bones, lower back, and hamstrings!

Main Benefits

  • Comfortable donut cushion for hemorrhoid pressure and pain relief
  • Innovative design with ergonomic contours
  • High-density memory foam
  • It includes a built-in carry handle
  • It comes with a zippered, washable cover

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Donut Pillow Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion

Does your butt get hot and sweaty when you sit for prolonged hours? It’s time you tried this Donut Pillow Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion and get the appropriate solution.

You’ll be investing in a donut pillow that carries 100% premium quality memory foam. Together with a cooling get layer, this feature keeps your butt cool and relaxed whenever you sit.

The durable gel layer gives it a puffed design and shape that does not flatten out over time. The puffing offers excellent support over a long period, giving you the perfect sitting balance.

But it’s not just designed for long hour driving. The cushion is ideal for everyday use and will suit nearly all desk or seat chairs – train, car, truck, bus, aeroplane, wheelchair, or stadium seat.

Do not worry about your off-road trips. The non-slip base material ensures the donut cushion stays in place without shifting or sliding.

The soft zippered cover is removable and machine washable. It facilitates superior breathability and air circulation.

The supportive cushion comes in a handy carton box. You can take advantage of the nice package box and consider this pillow an excellent gift option for your friend.

Main Benefits

  • Soft, removable, and breathable mesh cover
  • Comfortable for use by both men and women
  • It does not flatten or deflate
  • Superior construction
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Dr. Flink Tailbone Seat Cushion

If you’ve begun feeling stiffness after sitting, do not wait any further! Grab your Dr. Flink Tailbone Cushion immediately and enjoy a healthy sitting posture!

This cushion carries the solution to your tailbone and back pain relief. It will take good care of your tailbone injuries, sciatica, herniated discs, pregnancy back pain, hemorrhoids, hip pain, any other spinal complications resulting from pressure.

Easily take this lightweight and portable cushion with you wherever you go! It is another handy addition to your home, office, or wheelchair.

Its high-quality memory foam will not flatten out even with extended use. Additionally, it features a non-slip bottom that keeps the cushion right in place without sliding or shifting.

Like other lower back pillows on the list, this one also has a revolutionary cooling gel pad to cool your bottom. You can now sit for prolonged hours in one place without getting sweaty or hot.

The convenient zipper easily comes off the black cover. Throw it into your washing machine and get it all clean, fresh, and new!

Main Benefits

  • Soft, removable, and machine-washable cover
  • Cooling gel pad that cools your bottom
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Non-slip sit bottom
  • Instant comfort and hemorrhoid pain relief

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Best hemorrhoid pillows for Hemorrhoids


The main reason for buying a hemorrhoid cushion is to get additional comfort for your back and lower body parts. Confirm that you can sit on the pillow and feel comfortable. The pillow should also have a removable cover that is machine washable. Cleaning makes the pillow more comfortable for use.


What’s the point of buying a good pillow that is not durable? If the memory foam and gel cooling layer can give durable satisfactory service, go for it! Also, confirm if the dealer offers a warranty or coverage on the cushion.


Support comes from a cushion with a curved shape or ergonomic design. These hemorrhoid pillows will go further in providing additional anatomical support.


The ideal seat hemorrhoid pillow may cost higher. Only be sure the price does not compromise on the cushion’s quality.


Types of Hemorrhoids

There are three main types of Hemorrhoids, internal, prolapsed, external, and thrombosed hemorrhoids;

Internal Hemorrhoids

These types are found inside the rectum and could be painless.

The hemorrhoids lie deep in the anus and tend to be visible.

While they aren’t painful, they do cause internal bleeding, for which you ought to consult your physician immediately.

The common symptoms include pain, discomfort, burning, itching, and noticeable lumps near the anus.

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Prolapsed Hemorrhoid

A more severe form of internal hemorrhoid.

They occur when internal hemorrhoids stick out of the anus and appear like swollen red bumps. You can see the swellings in your mirror.

The hemorrhoid does not have any other symptom than protrusion, pain, discomfort, burning, or itchiness.

You still need to see your orthopedic doctor on this, and he/she will recommend a diagnosis to check how far it has stuck out.

External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are very painful and also occur on the anus, just where the bowel movements come out.

They’re also not very visible but can be seen as lumps on the anal surface.

Like internal hemorrhoids, these aren’t usually serious medical issues, but you’ll still need to see an orthopedic if they interrupt the quality of your daily life.

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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

They contain blood clots within the hemorrhoid tissue and appear as swellings around the anus.

This condition mainly occurs with the formation of a blood clot.

The main symptoms are excessive swelling and redness, intense itchiness and pain, and bluish colour around the hemorrhoid.

The hemorrhoids need immediate medical attention to prevent further complications to the rectal or anal tissues and muscles.

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Who is More Susceptible to Hemorrhoids?

The most susceptible persons to hemorrhoid development are pregnant women. The condition may occur from hormonal changes and pressure from the fetus, causing the anal vessels and rectal vein walls to expand abnormally.

Another major cause of hemorrhoids is sitting for long hours. That means long-haul drivers or people who sit while working for extended periods are also prone to developing hemorrhoid. This group also includes receptionists, secretaries, data entry clerks, and office clerks.

People living a sedentary lifestyle or those who eat low-fibre diets and experience chronic constipation are also likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

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Remedies of Hemorrhoids

If you’re already a patient of hemorrhoids, the following are the most common remedies:

  • Use the ideal seat cushion for hemorrhoids – Using a hemorrhoid pillow offers the simplest yet effective way to relieve pain and heal hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoid cushions provide additional support and comfort to the low extremities, significantly reducing hemorrhoid pain. The cushions are made to serve users almost anywhere: car, truck, plane, office, home, and even wheelchair.
  • Use topical treatments – It’s advisable to first seek medical attention before taking any medications. Your doctor will diagnose the extent of the condition and advise on the most appropriate drugs. You can also apply a doctor-recommended over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream on the painful area. Doctors also recommend the use of suppositories containing hydrocortisone or witch hazel pads.
  • Eat high-fibre veggies, foods, and fruits – Add fibre-rich meals to your daily diet, and with time, the pain will reduce significantly.

Note: Using hemorrhoid cushions is the most common treatment of the condition. Whether you have the condition or not, the cushions will help distribute your body weight evenly and rid the anal area from pressure accumulation.

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Features of the Best Hemorrhoid Pillow

Orthopedics recommend Hemorrhoids patients to look for seat cushions with the following features:

  • Memory foam or foam fill infused with gel cooling properties.
  • Contoured or donut shaped.
  • Breathable, removable, and washable cover
  • A fixture system that can fit on any seat
  • Long lasting design that suits any chair and seat type
  • Quality and firm construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A comfortable ergonomic design

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The discomforts from hemorrhoid are unbearable and may adversely affect the quality of your life, making sitting a painful affair. And so, why not invest in one of these units and reduce the risk of spending lots of bucks healing hemorrhoids while in their advanced stages? The pain relief hemorrhoids pillows will be your ideal healing solution, making sitting on a hard surface bearable.

Also, if you have a friend suffering from hemorrhoid, you can make their life better by purchasing one of these pillows. We hope that this best seat cushion for hemorrhoids review was helpful.

All the best in purchasing your hemorrhoid pillow!

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