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8 Best Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver, you spend more of your time sitting on the driver seat.

If the seat is not comfortable enough, some conditions like back pain, sciatica, and hip pain can quickly take a toll on you.

Taking breaks is sometimes impossible in this job so…

For this reason, it will be helpful if you invest in a good-quality truck seat cushion that will support your back without compromising comfort.

There are several types of seat cushions with different designs, shapes, and sizes.

And today we are looking at the 7 best seat cushions for truck drivers that were proven to provide pain relief.

Let’s get right to it!

1. High-End Gel Seat Cushion for Long-Hour Driving

The first truck driver cushion on the list is our very own gel seat cushion for long rides!

Unlike all the other typical gel egg sitters, this seat cushion is 2″ longer and wider, which means you are getting more area to sit on and feel more comfortable for longer.

Re-worked 3rd generation honeycomb cell structure provides spring-like shock-absorption effect that significantly tones down the feel of bumpy roads.

As a result, the negative sensations from bouncing on your truck seat don’t bother your lower back pain or any other issues you might be experiencing – tailbone pain, sciatica pain, hip issues, bulging discs and so on.

This truck seat cushion is equipped with anti-slip surface and free machine-washable fabric cover!

Free shipping, 30-day trial and a 2-year warranty all included.

2. Extra Large Premium Gel Seat Cushion

Another gel seat cushion from our trucker seat cushion list!

In essence, it’s very similar to the one above but there are some differences.

Differently-designed honeycomb cell structure provides additional layer of rigidity to the entire cushion, so it feels firmer (which is great on longer rides because any softer would lose its shape).

Larger size and premium quality offer you more comfort for the entire duration of your trip.

This truck seat cushion is naturally breathable because air can easily go through the cells and help you feel fresh.

The massaging effect coming off the cells that I, the one that writes this review, personally love is rediculously great because it improves circulation and blood flow to the part of the body that tires the most – the butt!

All in all, great seat cushion with a 30-day trial period, 2-year warranty, free shipping and no restocking fees, should you want to return it.

3. Posturion Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion

Sitting in the truck driver seat for long periods is the primary cause of back pain and other back-related problems.

Posturion Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion is another seat cushion for truck use that’s infused with a gel material that acts like a spring, instantly relieving pressure from your lower back and reducing body heat.

Numbness and tingling are common complaints among drivers after sitting on the driver’s seat all day long. These conditions are a result of restricted blood flow to the legs by hard or high-density seats.

This truck seat cushion is soft to allow free blood flow and yet give you all the required back support.

Moreover, the honeycomb cell structure uses acupressure to nullify any strain for effortless blood flow. This will give you all the support and comfort you want to work all day without tiring.

Once you start sitting on a Posturion premium memory foam seat cushion, you will not want to sit without it. This gel enhanced seat cushion holds your bum alongside correcting your posture and instant back pain relief.

A hard-to-clean and maintain coccyx seat cushion does not work well for drivers who are always on the move. With just water and soap, you will have your cushion supper clean and shining within a short time. It also does not change its color even with resistant strains like coffee and red wine.

A removable and machine washable mesh cover is included in the package.

The cover is non-slip and adds comfort and a layer of protection to your seat cushion.

Nonetheless, you can use the seat cushion with or without the cover.

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Need an alternative? Check out Purple’s Ultimate seat cushion (full review)

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4. Posturion’s Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair

Sometimes all you need to make a difference in your truck driving is a comfortable and effective coccyx seat cushion.

Coccyx orthopedic comfort memory foam seat cushion instantly alleviates common sitting discomfort like tailbone pain, lower back pain, and hamstrings.

It has a U shaped cutout that not only suspends the coccyx but also facilitates even weight distribution. You can finally say goodbye to disturbing aches and focus more on your work.

No matter the type and size of your truck chair, you are sure this Coccyx orthopedic comfort foam seat cushion will fit nicely.

It is designed to fit a truck driver of almost any shape, size, and gender.

The non slip bottom of this seat cushion is designed with numerous micros for securing the cushion firmly on the chair. This prevents any unnecessary movement when you turn or reach for items.

Also, if you want to carry your cushion wherever you go, you are well covered. Inbuilt convenient carry handle makes carrying and moving with your pillow effortless.

A premium, soft velvet cover included in the package while buying is removable and machine washable. It is essential for keeping your seat cushion safe and clean.  It also adds to your comfort while sitting on it.

Although the high-density property prevents this truck driver cushion from deforming even when supporting heavyweights, it may not be ideal for people with very short legs.

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5. Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion

If your truck chair is currently not working for your back pain, you probably think of dumbing it and getting a new one. However, that should not be the case.

The Everlasting Comfort memory foam seat cushion (full review) can fit and work with any type of chair. It’s designed with pure memory foam which uses heat-responsive technology that conforms to your body shape, adding support that your current chair lacks.

Designed with a U shaped cutout, this office coccyx seat cushion suspends your tailbone, which is crucial when you stay behind the wheel for a long period.

All the materials used in the manufacture of the everlasting comfort memory foam seat have been tested and approved by the OEKO-TEX to earn the much-coveted STANDARD 100 label. Besides comfort, you are sure the materials are not posing any danger to you and the surrounding.

Most truck chairs do not allow free flow of air, which can make you sweaty and cause some odors. This seat cushion comes with a breathable cover that will keep everything aerated, preventing any sweat buildups. The covers also have a non-slip bottom, so you remain firm on your chair all the time.

Stay comfortable all the time as well as clean and fresh. Once you notice that dirt has started building up on the cover, you can either hand wash it or toss it into the machine washer.

And as their names suggest, Everlasting Comfort cushion comes with a lifetime replacement policy.  This means if something goes wrong at any point in life, you will get a replacement with no question.

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6. CarQiWireless Car Coccyx Seat Cushion

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable but yet affordable seat cushion for truck driving? Well, this seat is a match for your needs.

It has a durable cushion for relieving back problems and tailbone pressure at a relatively affordable price. Also, this cushion deals with lower back problems, alleviating numbness and sciatica.

AcrQiWireless memory foam cushion is highly versatile, and you can use it almost anywhere, including in your truck, the office, in a plane, at home, and nearly any place you want to sit for long hours.

This memory foam is very thick, with a height of 2.9 inches. Such elevation is excellent for improving driver vision, especially for a short truck driver. It’s one of the best seat cushions for truck drivers who are short. However, you can still enjoy the benefits even if you are very tall.

A breathable, non slip rubber bottom paired with fitting belts prevents the seat cushion from unnecessary movements. The mesh cover is also removable and machine washable.

This cushion is denser to support your weight and does not lose its shape even with extended use.

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7. LARROUS Car Memory Foam Heightening Seat

LARROUS Car Memory Foam Heightening Seat cushion lifts you by 1.77” from the average height giving you a better vision ahead. This makes it ideal for short drivers.

Its ergonomic design conforms to your body shape, relieving tailbone pressure and fatigue, which is super important when driving for long hours.

This car seat cushion is designed with 100% memory foam for optimal support and maximum comfort while driving. It also absorbs bumps and reduces fatigue. The inner core of this seat cushion is made of high-density memory cotton, making it ideal for use in almost any place you may want to sit.

A U-shape cutout relieves pressure from the tailbone and facilitates even weight distribution.

You don’t have to worry anymore about maintenance and sweat management, thanks to the high quality, breathable, and machine washable cover.

The two adjustable straps restrict the seat from moving around while driving. In addition, the anti-slip bottom ensures that it remains in position when you enter and exit the truck.

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8. FOMI Premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion

FOMI has designed a combined coccyx and full back support for unparalleled comfort.

This orthopedic comfort foam seat cushion is manufactured using medical-grade gel material for support when sitting for long.

It also has an advanced column-buckling technology that distributes your bodyweight uniformly, doing away with pressure from uncomfortable pressure points and increasing air circulation.

Since this seat cushion supports both the buttocks and back, it’s great for correcting and maintaining the proper posture.

The back support naturally helps you maintain a proper spine alignment. It’s essential in preventing both upper and lower back health issues.

It’s among the best seat cushions for pain relief among truck drivers who are already experiencing sciatica, degenerative disc disorder, and other types of back problems.

This gel enhanced seat cushion has 3- way fastening straps and a non slip bottom for securing the seat cushion to the chair an inbuilt carry handle for easy carrying.

The 3D waterproof cover offers maximum protection to the cushion and is easy to clean and maintain.

Check out FOMI’s all gel thick seat cushion (full review).

The Benefits of Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers

It Provides Comfort

Nobody wants to sit in the same seat for long hours and several days a week. Things can get much worse if you are already experiencing back pain.

All these problems will ensure you don’t have comfort at all as you drive.

However, the best seat cushions will turn everything around. Your pain will be gone, and you will be comfortable as you drive.

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Protects Your Back

Truck drivers spend a significant portion of their day driving which means sitting almost all the time.

Sitting for long periods is the primary cause of back pain and other related conditions like sciatica.

Since taking breaks and standing may not be possible while driving, a truck driver should use a seat cushion to prevent and alleviate backache.

The seat cushion will ease pressure from your tailbone and improve your posture.

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Lumbar Support

Most truck chairs are not good at supporting the lumbar. This is a big problem since the lack of proper lumbar support is responsible for causing lower back pain among truck drivers.

Moreover, chairs without proper support can worsen an existing pain, thus making healing complicated.

Medical specialists recommend that truck drivers use seat cushions for extra lumbar support.

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Enhance an Old Seat

Every year the truck chairs are enhanced to provide better support to the back alongside general comfort while driving for a long hours.

However, no matter how good a truck seat is, it cannot satisfy all drivers’ needs. Moreover, you may find yourself driving a bit old truck with rigid and outdated ergonomic design truck seats.

This is where seat cushions for truck drivers come in handy. Most of them have heat-responsive technology that can contour using body heat for better support. With a good seat cushion, you don’t need to replace your truck seats.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers


Different seat cushions are designed with a variety of materials. The material is essential because it determines the comfort, performance, and durability of the truck seat cushion.

From memory, leather, or polyester, the material you choose is your personal preference. For instance, you may want a cushion that complements your truck’s interior alongside providing excellent back support.

If you are heavy, you may want denser material that can fully support your weight without flattening.

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Size and Shape

Shape and size are essential whenever choosing best seat cushions for truck drivers.

An extra-large cushion can cause more pressure to your bottom other than alleviating it. Also, too small cushions may not offer enough, thereby not making the required difference.

Some cushions will have a U-shape design cutout good for the tailbone by dispersing pressure to the thighs and sit bones.

Not all seat cushions for truck drivers have a similar shape. Some like memory foam have responsive technology that uses your body heat to contour into the shape of your bottom. Others like the wedge-shaped are good for correcting posture, while the inflatable option can inflate or deflate to suit your needs.

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Best seat cushions come with ergonomic design will conform to your body shape providing more comfort and support.

other features to look at include whether the it has a non slip bottom, u shaped, and whether it has heat responsive technology.

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The driving job involves a lot of seating throughout the day. Thus, the last thing you want is a seat cushion that will flatten after a few days of use.

Always choose a cushion that will withstand a lot of pressure for a long time. This includes material like pure memory that can retain its shape every time you use it.

The cover should be made of tough non-slip fabric that does not tear easily.

Also, a premium memory foam cushion that comes with a lifetime warranty is a good option since the manufacturer will offer a lifetime replacement at any point should something go wrong on your cushion.


The main reason you want to purchase the best seat cushion is for proper back and lumbar support. Good support means reducing pressure on the spinal disks and back muscles.

A driving seat cushion should be soft but support you for long without collapsing on your body weight. Also, u shaped option will over the required support without mounting pressure on your tailbone.

Ease of Cleaning

A seat cushion, especially one for a truck driver, is likely to get dirty within a few months of use. The best seat cushion for truck drivers should have a removable and washable cover. This will make maintenance super easy.

Washing the seat cover once or twice a year is suitable for its durability. Covers can wear out quickly if washed too often.


Besides comfort and proper back support, the best seat cushion for truck drivers should be breathable. It’s essential for cooling your body and preventing too much sweating.

Excessive sweating will make the cushion stick to you. It can be stained and may have an odor.


Cushions come in a range of prices. Competitive options come at even $5, while other expensive options can cost more than $50.

Although most people believe that expensive cushions are the best, they may not suit their needs.

There are affordable options that can suit your needs more than expensive ones. It is all about finding a product that suits your needs but is within your budget.

Final Thoughts

Seat cushions for truck drivers are crucial for supporting the back and ensuring an increased blood flow to the legs. This prevents back problems like sciatica pain and numbness.

A cushion that comes with a lifetime replacement policy can be relied on. It’s more likely to offer durability and comfort.

Finally, before investing in a seat cushion, ensure it meets your need to appreciate it fully. Don’t just look at the price.

We hope this article will guide you in buying a product you will use, knowing you made the right choice.

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