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8 Best Seat Cushions for Home & Office

If you are looking for the best seat cushion for your your office chair or any other type of seat, you are in the right place!

Below you will find the 8 best seat cushions that we picked for you after testing a whole bunch of seat cushions out there.

They come from different categories and you can always find more variants if you follow the links!

Without further ado, let’s get right to our seat cushions…

1. Orthopedic Donut Seat Cushion

One of our very special seat cushions if you are looking to reduce pressure-related symptoms!

It’s good for anyone that:

  • Is managing hemorrhoids symptoms
  • Postpartum
  • Recovering post-op
  • Deals with sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Has prostatitis
  • Manages tailbone pain

The 7-inch hole right in the middle of the cushion unloads the sensible area from any pressure making sure any existing condition doesn’t get aggravated.

The inside…is amazing!

High quality high density memory foam that’s designed to serve you long.

Soft, yet firm, it adjusts to your body shape when you sit on it.

Highly breathable cover helps to reduce any discomfort on hot summer days or when you sit for many hours.

Machine washable removable cover and anti-skid surface make this seat cushion even more comfortable to sit on!


  • Donut design ergonomic seat cushion
  • Easy to wash and breathable cover
  • It weighs only 1.1 lbs. for easy portability
  • Memory foam that adjusts to your body shape
  • Unique contours and indentations for maximum comfort
  • Non-slip surface to prevent the pillow from falling

Overall, the Orthopedic Donut Seat Cushion is comfortable and durable office chair cushion.

It also will help you maintain the correct posture when sitting and eliminate all your back, neck, and shoulder pain.

More seat cushions down below…

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Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion

Next on our seat cushions list – the Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion designed for extended sitting.

It’s one of the best gel seat cushions you can ever get out there because it’s highly breathable and flexible.

It comes in a honeycomb design that works magic in keeping you comfortable all day long.

The honeycomb design allows air to circulate freely, so your butt won’t sweat or feel uncomfortable.

If you feel that other seat cushions get thin quickly, then you should try this gel padding as it bounces back to its shape the moment you stand up.

When you sit for long hours, you may experience numbness and tingling due to insufficient blood flow.

Fortunately, this is one of the seat cushions that solves this issue and let you sit for long hours and get things done.

It’s excellent for driving, as research reveals that gel seat cushions are significantly beneficial for combating chronic LBP common in occupational drivers.

So, if you want to stay comfortable throughout your next ride, grab this premium gel cushion.

This cushion is perfect for blood flow on your butt and other body parts, and allows you to sit with the correct sitting posture to prevent back pains and pressure on the tailbone.

It’s effortless to care for this cushion as you can just wash it in soapy water and leave it to dry. The glossy color won’t change even if you clean it often.

While it may not be the best option for severe cases of hip pain and coccyx pain, Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion reduces the pressure and discomfort you would get without a cushion.

However, you shouldn’t leave it in your car for long periods after using it as it may become hot and lose the desired firmness.


  • Breathable honeycomb design
  • Non-slippery machine washable cover
  • Gel material
  • Soft texture
  • Weighs 1.2 lbs.

Generally, the Premium Cooling Gel Seat Cushion is a versatile and durable pillow that adds comfort to ergonomic chairs.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a breathable and portable seat cushion to help reduce fatigue and discomfort from prolonged sitting.

Time to look at other seat cushions…

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Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Sciatica, Tailbone, Low Back Pain

We tend to look for seat cushions because sitting for long periods might give you a ton of discomfort.

For instance, you might be working in front of a computer all day.

Or perhaps, you find significant distress sitting in long periods when you board the plane or travel in a car for hours.

Now, if you’re looking for a good seat cushion to use while you’re seated for hours, we’ve got you covered.

Because in this review, we’ll be talking about the memory foam seat cushion for sciatica, tailbone, and low back pain.

So, continue reading below to see if this product might do wonders for you!


  • Non-slip rubber bottom: This seat cushion contains small rubber dots so that it doesn’t easily slip from chairs.
  • Designed for your comfort: Ergonomic seat cushion with soft and orthopedic design that easily wraps around your thighs and back areas.
  • In addition, its excellent design and open area in the middle do not add any pressure on your crotch area, which greatly reduces your chance of getting hemorrhoids.
  • It also comes in a removable cover for easy washing.

Now that we know the features of this memory foam seat for sciatica, tailbone, and low back pain, here are its following pros and cons below.


  • Excellent portability: This seat cushion can be easily folded due to its soft design and also comes with a nice handle suited for portability
  • Fits around almost any chair
  • Its softer cushion seating also offers comfort compared to tougher seat cushion products, making it a perfect pick for those suffering from back pain
  • In addition, its open area in the middle lessens the pressure on your crotch and lower back areas, which greatly prevents you from getting hemorrhoids


  • This product might not be suitable for people who weigh heavier
  • Its softer cushion design might not make it as durable compared to other seat cushions
  • Its wrapped design may slightly limit your movement as you’re seated in this seat cushion

Overall, one of the best seat cushions out there!

We highly recommend it for those who suffer from sciatica, tailbone, and lower back pain.

It offers great support for your thighs, sacrum, and lower back areas.

Let’s check out other seat cushions…

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Orthopedic Foam Donut Ring Cushion for Sitting

If you’re looking for a basic, affordable, lightweight donut seat cushion, then this orthopedic foam donut seat cushion may be just what you’re looking for.

Here’s an overview:


  • Anti-slip cover: Ideal for people who fidget a lot in their seats and for people who find themselves having to sit in slippery chairs, the anti-slip cover will keep this cushion in place
  • Unisex ergonomic design: While some seat cushions take special anatomical considerations, this one is suitable for use by males and females
  • Orthopedic indentations: These indentations help to relieve pressure on the lower back and groin, providing immediate pain relief
  • Lightweight: Made out of lightweight foam, it’s easy to fold this cushion and take it with you wherever you go
  • 200-pound weight capacity


  • The indentations in the cushion help to relieve pressure and reduce back pain. They’re especially helpful for sciatic and tailbone pain
  • If you have hemorrhoids, the donut shape helps to reduce pressure on the sensitive area around your bum
  • The cushion is suitable for people who are postpartum or post-surgery
  • The soft velour cover is easy to remove and fully machine washable
  • The quick rebound foam is bouncy and comfortable to sit on. It’s an ideal choice if you’re not a fan of cushy foam


  • Not suitable for heavier people: Anyone near or over 200 pounds won’t see results from this cushion, as it will flatten when they sit on it
  • No carrying handle: If the cushion is too large to fit in your bag, you may struggle to find a comfortable way to carry it

This donut cushion is the best I’ve tried – it’s comfortable and provides instant pain relief.

Using this cushion has reduced my back pain and greatly improved my quality of life.

On to the other seat cushions…

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Gel Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam

The Gel Orthopedic Memory Cushion Foam is a perfect way to prevent and alleviate various pain conditions associated with prolonged sitting but is it the best seat cushion available?

Now, it is very similar to WAOAW seat cushion (full review) with one big difference – it has this built-in gel layer.

It’s a combination of soft and firm material that you need to maintain a good posture while working, reading newspapers or books, and driving.

You can also use this cushion on your kitchen chair, living room, and dining room chairs, as well as take it with you in places where you’ll need to stay comfortable.

It incorporates a U-shaped cutout to keep your tailbone suspended above your chair for better comfort and good back health.

Ergonomic U-shape design also ensures a blissful sitting experience free of aches, straining, and stiffness.

This seat cushion is resilient to wear and tear. It can withstand heavy weights without losing shape or sacrificing support.

It uses medical-grade gel material and high-quality foam with no additives to ensure consistent results among different users.

Use it for extended sitting periods, and it will still provide the same support and comfort round the clock.

What I found intriguing about this Orthopedic cushion is its innovative gel layer that has a cooling effect. It will keep your butt at the right temperature and prevent sweating.

The non-slip bottom featured in this cushion gives it a better grip to ensure that it doesn’t slip off any surface.

It also comes with a highly durable mesh cover that is removable and washable. This cover makes the cushion to be more breathable and comfier.


  • Innovative gel-layer and high-quality memory foam
  • Breathable and washable mesh cover
  • Non-slip bottom for optimal support on the chair
  • U-shaped cutout to suspend the tailbone
  • Promotes blood circulation

If you are looking for an affordable yet durable and pain-relieving seat cushion, I recommend this model.

Its thickness and rigidity will keep you super comfortable even if you have back problems.

Let’s see more seat cushions…

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Looking for an alternative? Check out ComfiLife’s gel-enhanced seat cushion (full review).

Tsumbay Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Are you suffering from sciatica, tailbone pain, or hip pain? Then this is the seat cushion you’ve been looking for.

It comes with a unique, comfortable design to help you sit for long periods and let you drive more relaxed.

It uses 100% high-quality memory foam compressed and cushioned enough to adequately support your lower back and tailbone.

Alleviate all your driving pain and fatigue with this seat cushion that will also give you well-curve hips after using it for a while.

It comes with an anti-slip PU leather bottom design that prevents it from sliding and dropping from the chair while you sit.

Avoid unnecessary pressure and pain on your lower back, tailbone, and spine with this seat cushion. It provides great support and contouring to ensure maximum comfort.

The Tsumbay Memory Foam Cushion is very durable as you can use it for several years without getting hard.

It has a strong core that can support up to 300 pounds for up to three years without deforming.

The knitting cover used in this cushion allows excellent air circulation and enables you to sit for long without sweating.

Spine alignment is essential for maintaining back health, and that’s what you get with this cushion.

It allows you to sit upright and feel relaxed even when you have to sit in front of your computer all day.

You can easily wash its removable zippered cover with hot water and soap, then rinse with cold water to keep the cushion clean and new.

With a carry handle, the Tsumbay Memory Foam Cushion is easily portable. It’s also very lightweight, so you can take it wherever you want.


  • 100% high-density memory foam
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Easy transport handle
  • Non-slip PU leather bottom to prevent sliding
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.

The Tsumbay Memory Foam Cushion can be your best gear, especially if you love sitting comfortably anytime, anywhere!

Two more options from our seat cushions list – down below…

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Looking for something special? Check out Tempur Pedic’s seat cushion (full review).

Bod Support Memory Foam Seat Cushion

If you are looking for a pure memory foam seat cushion but still don’t want to spend much, the Bod Support seat cushion is for you.

It comes with high-quality memory foam that provides all the seat cushion benefits, such as relieving back pain and reducing muscle fatigue.

This cushion will eliminate all the pressure and stress placed on your coccyx, hips, and back, giving you unmatched comfort.

You can now sit on your office chair for long hours and get your tasks done without experience any pain or discomfort on your butt. It’s very soft and ergonomic to let you do your work without distractions.

The Bod Support seat cushion comes in a U-shaped rear cutout for preventing and relieving tailbone pain. It ensures that your tailbone remains suspended with reduced pressure while sitting.

Improve your posture and increase your energy level with this heat-responsive seat cushion that molds nicely to your body when you sit on it.

This also ensures ideal support on your lower back and keeps your butt in shape.

While some seat cushions become too hot in summer and too hard in winter, the Bod Support seat cushion is temperature stable to provide reliable support in all seasons.

You can use this versatile memory foam cushion on your office chair, kayak seats, wheelchair, airplane chair, or car and truck seat.

The Bod Support seat cushion uses the healthcare professional recommended wedge design to promote proper body alignment when sitting.

It comes with a removable cover that is machine washable and resistant to stains. The velour cover is also sturdy and will look new for a longer time.


  • Pure medium density memory foam
  • Machine washable and removable velour cover with a durable zipper
  • Heat responsive technology
  • Non-slip beads on the base to avoid sliding from the chair
  • U-Shaped rear cutout
  • Temperature stable
  • Ergonomic wedge design for even weight distribution

If you experience leg tightness and muscle fatigue after working while sitting, you may want to grab the Bod Support seat cushion to avoid such problems.

This cushion is high-rated and can solve your back-pain problems, including lower back pain, spine injury, and upper back pain.

Final variant from our seat cushions list…

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Looking for a special seat cushion? Check out Purple’s Royal seat cushion (full review).

Everlasting Comfort Office Seat Cushion

While most seat cushions are made of cheap memory foam blended with additives, the Everlasting Comfort Office Seat Cushion (full review) is made of 100% pure memory foam.

It’s a perfect option for you if you want a cushion that will take away all your back, coccyx, and tailbone pain.

The pure memory foam cushion Features heat-responsive technology to ensure that it uses your body heat to adapt to your body curves.

It will improve your posture and provide adequate support even when you sit for extended periods.

The soft yet firm design incorporated in this cushion ensures that it molds perfectly to your body contours to give a customized fit all the time.

Say goodbye to hip and leg pain with this ergonomic chair cushion that offers comfort by alleviating pressure on the lower back, waist, hips, and thighs.

The U-shaped seat cushion will also relieve you from your sciatic nerve discomfort and allow you to sit comfortably throughout the day.

Its curved design at the center cradles your butt to reduce pressure and ensure even support distribution.

Maintain a healthy posture and fight fatigue at work with this memory foam cushion. Having the correct posture will improve your blood flow and support your muscles when sitting.

The U-shaped cutout makes it an excellent cushion for eliminating tailbone pressure. It also keeps your coccyx suspended above the hard seating surface, reducing pressure on the sensitive area.

What’s more exciting about this seat cushion is its versatility. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can carry it wherever you want.

The Everlasting Comfort Office Seat Cushion not only suits office chairs, but it’s also ideal for car seats and gaming chairs.


  • Ergonomic U-shaped design to improve posture
  • Curved design at the middle
  • Premium quality memory foam
  • Non-slip bottom for secure fitting on any seat
  • Ultra-soft cover which is machine-washable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heat responsive technology

If you are searching for a versatile seat cushion, you can’t go wrong with this one. You can use it for extra comfort in different types of seats, even on your patio or garden chair.

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Looking for an alternative? Check out Leesa’s memory foam seat cushion (full review).

The Verdict

If you want to buy the best seat cushion, be sure to consider its design and style, durability, and breathability.

The above seat cushions are some of the best seat cushions you can buy online, and we selected them after thorough testing.

So, don’t hesitate to choose any of them if it suits your needs!

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