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About Posturion

“Posture is always a concern for me while I’m sitting at my PC working from home. I combined it with my interest in digital marketing and that’s how Posturion was born. My goal is to help people sit in more comfort even…when it’s for long hours!”, – Artem K, Posturion CEO.

What We Sell

My original idea was to sell a full spectrum of posture-related products that would cover the entire sitting experience. 

As I am a one-man show it’s pretty hard to do and I need time to build up my inventory all while only getting best quality products for you.

Hence I decided to focus on two types of products for now:

Feel free to check them out and drop me a message if you want to suggest a product OR just say hi!

How We Review

Our goal is to save you time while presenting you with the best options when it comes to price, quality and comfort.

Here is exactly how we review products:

1. Find as many products in a given category

2. Run a check on product quality by analyzing what others said about it – there is nothing better than a collective mind and its our goal to extract every possible bit of information that can be useful for you.

3. Make a list of all the PROs, CONs, vital characteristics, and any other features that are worth mentioning.

4. Provide you with purchasing options, as well as other similar alternative options you might also be interested in.

Our reviews are based on our own in-house tests as well as public feedback we are obtaining.

Who We Are

Posturion is founded by Artem Klimkin that’s been working in digital marketing world for the past 10 years.

Artem has been affected by musculoskeletal issues that took a toll on the quality of his life to a degree that sitting wasn’t just uncomfortable but painful.

After Artem discovered how ergonomic furniture could improve the quality of his life, he decided to combine his long-term interest in digital marketing with correct posture.

This is how Posturion was born.

Artem is a solopreneur that runs Posturion on his own, however, he has hired a specialist team that helps with:

  • Creating top-tier reviews and informational articles
  • Store maintenance and growth
  • Warehousing and customer support

Artem K.

Founder & CEO

Anna D.

Head of Marketing Outreach

Jason C.

Warehousing & Fulfillment


We are in the office furniture business and sell some of the products that we review.

We are also compensated for the sale of other items through our partners (e.g. Amazon).

We put every effort into producing unbiased reviews because we, ultimately, want you to be happy with your purchase.

Where Do We Ship From

Posturion operates in warehouses in, both, China and US.

Our seat cushions are sent out of China so they take longer to arrive.

Our office chairs are stocked in the US and are typically sent with UPS or FedEx so they arrive very quickly.

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