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4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Posture Corrector

What do you need to take into account before getting yourself a posture corrector?

This is exactly what I’m covering in this post, so let’s get right into it!

1. Your Height

Depending on how tall you are, you might need a posture corrector that can adjust to your height.

Generally speaking, a taller person should only get a brace that has a buckle that controls the length of the corrector’s “back”.

This is important because a simple shoulder brace will not have it and that can put more stress on your armpits as the straps will be going right through them.

On the other side, with the height adjustment feature, you can extend the length of the “back” so that the straps are also lowered and don’t put too much pressure on the under armpit area.

So if you are a taller guy or girl, I recommend you only look at height-adjustable correctors.

2. Whether It’s Working

I know this sounds funny – a posture corrector that doesn’t work – but that happens very frequently.

When we were picking the products to stock we tried a good few models and discovered that quite a few of those “correctors” do absolutely nothing when you out them on.

Like zero. Nada!

From our experience, the correctors that do the job are the ones that you can put on like a backpack.

So they all have straps that go over the shoulders and under the armpits.

The other, often more sophisticated models, didn’t seem to provide any effect (positive or negative) while we tried them on.

3. Ease of Adjustment

Certain models are easy to just only…if you do that while not wearing them.

Other than that, you would actually need someone to help you out while you have it on.

The other models can be adjusted pretty well without taking them off.

Typically all shoulder-like braces are quite easy to adjust on the go so if you look at those you will be fine most of them time.

4. Other Few Things

First, ideally you want the straps that are wider or the ones that come with additional pads under the armpits.

This generally helps to slightly improve the comfort when you are wearing the corrector.

Second, if the straps are perforated, this can also improve their breathability which is a plus if you want to wear the corrector under clothes.

Also make sure the corrector is quality enough for it to be washed!

You will require to wash it but if it’s not well-made, it will not last.

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