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3 Things To Take Into Account Before Buying an Orthopedic Seat Cushion

In this post I want to share the most important things you better take into account if you want to get the best orthopedic chair seat cushion that actually does the job.

Let’s dive right into it.

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When it comes to seat cushions, size matters.

A typical cushion’s length is around 16” (or 40.6 cm) and that’s the good to start with size.

It would typically “cover” an average user…so to speak.

However, if you are a bigger guy or girl, you might want to look for something that would fit you better.

Even though there are definitely less options available out there.

You should also take into account the height of the cushion or its thickness.
A typical gel seat cushion is, at least, 1.5” (4cm) in thickness.

That may not sound like a lot but once you sit down on it, you immediately feel taller.

This means that your chair’s back might all of a sudden be a lot shorter than you had it originally.

That’s particularly important for taller people because that can affect their posture in a negative way.\

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Mainly there are only two types of materials that the cushions are made of.

  • Gel
  • Memory foam

Yes, they can vary depending on their quality and other features (e.g. softness, shape etc).

However, you can expect memory foam cushions to be corrective rather than adjusting like gel cushions.

In other words, a memory foam cushion has a predetermined shape that it would try to maintain while you sit on it in order for you to benefit from using it.

For example, a memory foam donut cushion would have a contoured sitting area that is there for a certain reason – remove pressure from coccyx and rotate your pelvis so you are sitting in the right position.

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Gel cushions, on average, do not have a pre-built shape as they are rather adjusting to the user which doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

They are maybe more applicable for different scenarios like driving a car or when travelling as you wouldn’t be able to use a proper memory foam cushion on the road.

But, again, these are not strict rules but are simple pointers.

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Transportability & Ease of Care

Flexible gel cushions are very easy to transport because you can literally roll them together and put them in the bag.

The ones we stock weigh around 1.3 lbs (~ 0.6kg) so weight-wise they are very easy to bring with you.

Gel cushions are also very easy to care for – washing them with some warm soapy water is all you really need.

Memory foam cushions are trickier to transport because, as I said previously, they do maintain a specific share (hence memory foam) which means that placing it inside a bag (or a handbag) is probably a little trickier.

Weight-wise they are about the same weighing approximately 1.2lbs (0.5kg).
However, memory foam is generally not washable but the cover that comes right on it – is.

I recommend washing the cover every once in a while using a hand wash setting in your washing machine.

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