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$10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope: What Else Did Truckers Help To Get Up There?

Only two days ago we got the news about how James Webb, the largest telescope that humanity has put up there, took the most complete image of the Universe (which is equivalent in size to a tiny sand particle that you’d hold at your arm’s length).

Image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

You might be surprised to learn that James Webb, the 10 Billion USD telescope, has, in fact, been transported by a regular truck driver – George Ardelean.

Here is what the process looked like back in 2021, as reported by

George Ardelean, being a badass that he is, commented at the time:

It’s a $10 billion load but it’s just another load

This got me thinking…what else did truckers help put out there for us, mere mortals?

Here is what I got for you…

1. Trucking Rockets


Here is the image of Falcon 9 being transported by a truck.

  • An empty Falcon 9 weighs ~56500 lbs (25,600 kg)
  • 90 million USD


2. Trucking Wind Turbines and Wind Turbine Parts


If you are into renewal energy, you need to know that it’s the trucks that get the job of transportation of wind turbines done!

“For a 1.5-MW turbine, typical blades should measure 110 ft to 124 ft (34m to 38m) in length, weigh 11,500 lb/5,216 kg and cost roughly $100,000 to $125,000 each”, – CompositesWorld.


3. Trucking Nuclear Waste

Energy Solutions

Something I wouldn’t even come near…yet, truckers still do!

“Natural uranium is usually shipped to enrichment plants in Type 48Y cylinders, 48″ / 122 cm diameter and each holding about 27,600 lbs / 12.5 tonnes of uranium hexafluoride”, – World Nuclear Association


4. Trucking Tanks

If a truck can pull away a Falcon, sure enough, a gold old Abrams is out of question, right?

Ha, you’d be surprised that it’s almost 2x heavier than the (empty) rocket!


5. Trucking Planes (and Parts!)

Here is a truck carrying a massive plane wing!

Fun fact:

“The wings of a Boeing 747 weigh about 43,000 kg (95,000 lbs)”, – HowThingsFly

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